Saturday, October 19, 2013

In which Sara gets transferred - to VERONA!

Email: 9/4/2013

 Hi, funny story. Babbo, I went to type your email in the "To:" section, and I typically write "ray..." and it pulls up your email, but for some reason I initially started typing "babbo..." today... and nothing came up! Weird. Hahahaha.

Anyway, crazy story this time. Remember how there are transfers this week? Yeah. I'm getting transferred. Sad. To where? To Verona! Awesome. I have no idea what Verona's like. Super excited :) My companion is going to be Sorella Gomez. She's adrobs, and I already know her and love her. She's from Mexico. You want to hear the craziest part? Oh mamma, it's the craziest. Well, I'm going to be her companion, and be a Sister Training Leader with her. What?! Do you know what that is? Let me explain. It's basically a Zone Leader for sister missionaries. AGH! Is that a joke? I am NOT ready to be a sister ZL! Ha. I had this crazy feeling this past transfer that I would be called to be a STL super soon, maybe this transfer, maybe the next... I knew it was coming, but I just didn't realize it would be THIS COMING TRANSFER! Mamma mia. So, basically I go around, and do scambi (trade-offs?) with the sisters in my zone, teach and train them (Say what? I have this problem where I'm totally humble enough to learn from others, cause I KNOW I can learn so much from Others, then I forget all the time that I have things to offer, things that Others can learn from me! Whoops), and we do teach trainings at Zone Conferences, too (if I'm not mistaken... that's the major part of what we do). So, I'm kinda not super worried, cause obviously whom the Lord calls, He qualifies, but still... the fact that I don't think I have a lot to offer is my wishy-washy spot right now. But, I'll get over that and learn quickly, eh!? :) Ha. When we got the call about transfers from President on Monday, we were doing Language study. Allora, after we got off the call, I went back to my langauge study... I was reading the LDM, and I was in Ether 12... hello, perfect, no? So, I read verses 27-29. Tender mercy, reading those verses! Then also, verse 38: "And now I, [Sorella Willis], bid farewell unto the [Senesi(? Siena people)], yea, and also unto my brethren [& sisteren] whom I love, until we shall meet..." Dai, che perfetto, how these verses applied to me in that very moment!

I've said goodbye to a couple people. I'll send you pictures. I'll say goodbye to a couple more. Honestly, I just love this little city so much. We went to see the Gori's last nigh. I might have cried a little bit. Hahaha.
Also, I'm having a problem packing all of my stuff into my luggage... I might by myself another suitcase... maybe not, I'm not sure. But, I was just trying to fit everything today... and, it just wasn't working. Hahaha. Whoops!

Siena's great. I love it, I'll miss it oodles, but I'm excited to get out to Verona, and see work I need to do there! :)

I'll send pictures.
Fun, story, on Monday we taught all people from Africa! All of the lessons were in English. I love African's, they're so funy to talk to. They're so passionate about what they believe! Sometimes it's hard teaching in English, then trying to switch back to Italian. Haha. Hopefully in Verona I'll have ALL Italian ALL the time! That would help me better my Language :)

OH! BABBO! I had a "the holy ghost descended upon Him in the form of a grapefruit" moment! I've been wanting to have a moment like that my Whole mission. Basically, I was talking about muffins, and explaining to a member the type of muffins Sorella Capece had made... and they were brown sugar. Allora, in Italian brown sugar is "zucchero di canna". What I ended up saying was "zucchero di cane"... aka, "dog sugar". Ha! I might have died. It was hilarious.

Also, I have a best friend in Mexico named Consuelo. She's the greatest! She met our member in an airport, and she recognized she spoke spanish, so they helped each other out. Then they kept talking, and became super awesome great friends, then our member invited her to Church... and she came! And, she came about 4 weeks in a row (until she had to leave). Did you know she had to wake up at 5am on Sundays to come to Church (with the bus systems, and everything). I love her oodles. She headed back to Mexico this week. We gave her a BOM, and taught her a little bit about it. She said she is going to find the Church in Mexico, and start going, and take her mom... and, she knows exactly where it is, too! She said she Always saw the Church sign, but never learned anything about the Church. AGH. What wonderful people. Seriously, I've just been blessed to meet the most Amazing people!

Well, I'm gonna finish up, and send y'all some pictures. Next week will be crazy! Babbo, I still dunno if I'm gonna buy another bag of luggage or not... so, just be on the lookout for that.
Well, I'm gonna run.

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!

Sorella Willis

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