Thursday, January 31, 2013

In which Sara reaches her 6 month mark!!! :D

Ciaooo tuttiiiii! :)

Haha, if you wanna send me a Seminoles shirt, that's fine, but I haven't worn regular clothes, since... the MTC. So, I might not wear it too often. Haha. About the cash, they didn't ask for anything for the package, so I dunno. I haven't exchanged the money yet, but I don't really need to, right now. I'm fine with cash, and it would just take time away from us... but, if/when I need to exchange money, I have it, so thanks! :) It's great to hear the cruise went well! Mom told me they met an Italian lady on the cruise, from Milan - so cool! :) Haha, that stinks that Elisabeth's papers aren't in yet. Oh well, they'll get in eventually! :) Patience, patience. :)

Okay, random things - who wants to get scared? Especially mom? My backs been hurting me this past week. Ha, but it's probably nothing to worry about. Just cause my purse died, so I bought a little backpack. When I don't wear it on my back (just carry it) my back doesn't hurt, so it's just the little ziano (backpack). But, Courtney, can you send me some of your stretches? To help me un-kink my back? Grazie! :)

Um, we made a yummy, delish broccoli cheese soup this week, that lasted for... the whole week! It was great. I can totally make it when I get home, for y'all :)

Jacob, I have a question for you! Did you meet/teach a lot of Rasta's on your mission? We talked to a kid the other day, and he was Rasta, and he said in that religion, they believe that every church, or spiritual way, will lead you back to God, just as long as your at peace with yourself. did you teach them? Advice, thoughts? Grazie!

Also, let me just tell you. We have bikes here at Collegno, but we never used them, because the tires were flat, and we just took the bus, anyway. But, we got them fixed the other day! And, we decided to take them out that afternoon! Oh my word, let me tell you, that was a rough day. One of the bikes is stupid, and it's super hard (aka, troppo easy) to pedal (peddle?). And, we were going up this evil hill for 10 minutes? Yeah, rough. When I get to a bike city, where I have to use the bike, I'm sure I'll die (aka, gain a great love for biking).

Haha, yes, mom and Courtney, 1 Febbraio is my 6 month mark! Crazy, huh? I definitely cannot believe I've been out almost 6 months.

Also, quick miracle! Sorella Mancuso and I were talking, and had said we wanted to find a family to teach, because neither of us have taught a family. So, that night, we were doing casa, and about halfway down the palazzo we knocked a door - a little girl answered. We asked if we could talk to her mom, and the mom came over. We talked to the mom for a bit, and she said she knew a good bit about the Mormon's, because she had met with the missionaries before! She has another daughter (that we saw - ha 11ish anni, and the other daughter 8ish). We talked, and she said we could come back Thursday! We don't know if there's a husband, but they're just a beautiful little family, and we're so excited to go back tomorrow! :) 

Okay, well today is pretty sure, but I gotta go. Y'all are the best! Thanks for all the emails!

Love you! Vi voglio bene!

Friday, January 25, 2013

In which Sara goes to Zone Conference!


Okay, y'all are so boss. Dad, thanks for all the crusie updates, and the info about Adam! That's super cute, how he proposed... what a punk :) Haha. And, dad, thanks for the picture of the Frey family (why did Danni give all her hair to Brian? (Danni's hair is adorable, by the way!) And, who's the girl with Brian?)! They're adorabs :) I didn't know Matt & Lyndzie were headed to the Temple THIS WEEK! Ah, y'all kill me. Haha. That's so great! Pictures, pictures, per favore!

So, things to say about this week! Okay, okay, okay...

First of all, again, y'all are so boss! I got your Christmas package last week, at Zone Conference! Thanks so much for the letters, and little things, and especially for the mini PMG! That's gonna be so useful :) Grazie mille! And, so, let me just tell you, last Wednesday was like the greatest Wednesday ever! Zone Conference = amazing! (It may or may not have gone a little longer than usual... aka, our whole day was shot (because we had to take a train 1 hour to get out there, then 1 hour back)... so, it was like a 5-6 hour conference. But, it was wooonderful! :) Then, we got the mail, I got the package, some letters (Thanks Adam, and Chelsea Wiser! I love y'all! And, to all my other EFY kids, I love y'all oodles, and would LOVE to hear from y'all!). Then, I got home, and I had 3 letters waiting in our mailbox! 2 from Sam Buhler (she's serving a mission now, elsewhere. But, I love her SO much!), and one from mom and Jacob! Ahhh! Jaaaaacob! :) Hahaha, it was basically the greatest Wednesday ever :)

Oh, and thanks for the CD's! davvero, they're sooo wonderful! Especially the EFY cds. I may or may not be super stoked for EFY 2014, gia (already)! :)

Oh, and, domanda: in the mini PMG there was a sticky note, with Elisabeth's name, and SS number... any reason why? Haha, do y'all just want me to shred it?

Also, I wanted to tell you! In the Liahona/Ensign, there's a picture, pg. 19 (I think) of some missionaries in the Milan Mission! And, there's an Elder, front line, blue tie... his name's Anziano Pitt. That's my ZL! Super boss :)

Also, I have no need for it now, but if y'all can find this book (I think it's a book...?), called "The Italian Mission" by Lorenzo Snow. Grazie :)

And, Sunday was great. Would you believe me if I said we taught Principi Evangelici (gospel principles) on Sunday, and I still don't feel super comfortable with the language? Yeah... hahaha. I feel way much more super comfortable, than I did, say... 3 months ago. Haha. I can speak okay, now, but there's so many words I don't know, so much vocab... so much! I just want to learn everything, so that I can speak better! Ah.

Also, dad, you would be proud. Haha. I was getting dressed the other day, and the only things I had in my closet, clean, was an orange shirt, and a blue cardigan... needless to say, I did not wear them, together. I couldn't bring myself to do it (blue and orange, together)! It's like going against everything I learned growing up! Seminoles :) Hahaha.

Also, thanks adorable grandparents for the letter! They also sent me a picture of mom when she had 3 years :) SO cute! :)

also, I dunno if I ever told y'all this, but you know how there are those yummy things called  Arrancini? Well, I ate one the other day... but, with nutella! It was just a fried rice ball, with nutella in the middle. It was strangely good :) Haha.

So, my miracle for this week is the same man from the miracle last week (si chiama Umberto)! We had a lezione with him, then set up a return appointment (new investigator!). But, he called us on Saturday (miracle - no one calls us!), telling us he couldn't do our appointment the next time, but that he was free that day (miracle!), and he also called to confirm with us that he was coming to church the next day (miracle!). So, we called everyone , to try to get a member present/female, but no one was available. Then, we had the thought to call one of our less actives/new converts, who has a strong testimony of the Gospel, but just doesn't come to church (ha 20 anni - she's great, I love her). We called her, and she said she could come with us (miracle!)! Then, the lesson went well, we gave him a bapt. date, but he declined. But, he came to church the next day, and during one of the talks, he said he almost cried (good tears). I feel like he is SO prepared, and so ready! We're gonna keep working hard with him, I'm so excited for him :) I loooove him! He's like my little Italian grandpa :) Haha.

Um, basically y'all are amazing, and I don't really have enough time today to respond to all/any of the emails today, because y'all all sent so many/such great emails this week! So... write little emails this week, then I'll respond to them all next week! Hahaha :)

Grazie grazie mille! Y'all are the bestest family in the world.

Courtney, thanks for all the pictures of Ashlee & John's wedding! They're beautiful, adorable! Ah, I love it! :) Also, hello Sherry, she's super beautiful, too (as always). Why are my friends so beautiful? Ah.
The cruise sounds like tons of fun. Have fun, be good, and... keep growing, and bettering yourselves! We gotta do that forever and ever, never stop! :)

Love y'all! Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In which Sara is temporarily abandoned by her companion

Ciaaaooo tutti! :)
What's happening? It's all great here! Haha.

Alrighty, Sorella Willis' week in an email! Numero uno, last week (last p-day) I had to take this culture class (to remain in Italy, kinda). I dunno why, some missionaries have to take it, but a lot haven't. I've only talked to one other missionary who's had to go to it. But, I went to it last p-day. It was kinda pointless. I had to sit, and watch 5 videos, 45 minutes long, back to back (aka, 4 hours of videos). I didn't have to take a test, or anything at the end. I just had to watch them. They got my Permesso to be sure that I went to the class, but I just had to watch the films. It was... weird. Cause, Sorella Mancuso couldn't come in with me. So, I was a solo sister for a while... in a room, with 10 other guys! And, Sorella Mancuso was out on the street, in Italy, all alone! Ah! Ma, tutto ben  (all is well) :) Haha. And, after that, we found a burger place! It was pretty good. Not amazing, but very very good. Fresh. They make the buns themselves :) Ha.

Mom, I think I've already thanked you, but let me just do it again! Thanks! ...for buying those index cards for me! I can't even forget, we were out doing mission shopping, and you suggested that I buy index cards, and I was weirdly persistent about not buying any... I didn't need them. But, you snuck them in the cart, we bought them, and now I use them all the time! Hahaha, thanks! :)

So, would you all like to hear something insane? Well, let me just tell you. With the missionary age change, lots of missionaries will be coming in... and, soon! We have 28 Sorelle in the missione right now. But, we were told within the next couple of transfers, we'll have about 60 Sorelle! Aka... we'll be doubling le Sorelle. Aka, all le Sorelle in the missione right now will be training someone in 1-2 transfers! ...and, by everyone, I mean me! I haven't heard "Hey, Sorella Willis, you're gonna be training", yet, but it's kinda inevitable... so, uh... whaaat?! Ha. Crazy.

Other things. Random fact: I have never baked so often, in my life (cookies, brownies, muffins, etc.) - members, church acitivies, potentials, etc. Other random fact: I have never had so little time to bake in my life! Hahaha. Who has time to bake? Definitely not missionaries! Haha, it's a crazy life, the life of a missionary.

Also, so I've been a little stuffy lately, I might have a little cold. It's probably because of my obnoxious intake amount of nutella... aka, too much sugar = my immune system is not at it's best. But, get this, for Christmas, our Relief Society gave us 4-5 boxes/bags of food! And, in almost every single one, was a thing of nutella! So, we got about 5 jars of nutella! Silly.

Oh! And, remember that scary man who escorted us out of that palazzo? Remember that story? And, how we gave him cookies? Well, we saw him the other day! We stopped and talked for a second - he said the cookies were great, he was super nice, we were all smiles - including him! Yay! We're on friendly terms! I hope he gets baptized one day! He's great. It'll be an Ensign story.  "When I first met the missionaries, I threw them out of the appartment..." :) Hahaha. 

Then, okay, yesterday! Miracle story time! We were doing casa, after a long day of finding (we had 0 appointments), and were finishing up. Then, just before we were finished, we knocked a door, and this wonderful old man came to the door! We talked about prayer, and he said he hadn't prayed since his wife passed away (10 years +/-). We talked to him about the families being sealed together in the Temple for time and all eternity, and Sorella Mancuso had this wonderful, amazing card about the Rome Italy Temple (it's the size of our scriptures, so we can carry it, and it's lamanated, and is just super cute), and we got a return appointment! We are SO excited to teach him, and talk to him about the Piano di Salvezza! Ahhh! :)

Oh, also, so I'm doing email today... it's not Wednesday. No, I'm not apostate! Ha. We have a Conference tomorrow, so we had to change p-day.

Oh, and, so we taught one of my favorite investigators (/one of our only investigators, who hasn't dropped us) the other day. He's been meeting with the missionaries for 1+ year, and we talk about baptism almost every lezione. Well, we talked about it this time, and he said he just isn't sure with school and all (he'll be going out of town - aka, out towards Rome, or something - for study, soon. So, he doesn't want to plan his baptism, and then have to change it last minute (he won't know when he leaves until last minute). BUT, he said he DOES want to get baptized (because, we asked him if he wanted to be), and he said he will do it in March! Also, because his birthday is in March (March 14, Kelsey Lyn Ross!) :) I'm just sad that I won't be there for it, probably. I don't care about the number, I just want to be there to witness it! Ahh. But, who knows where I'll be in March, and if I'll be able to come back. But, anyway. I gotta go. I love y'all!

Oh, read Hebrews 12:7. It's just a great little verse, I love it! :)
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

So, all of Italy his this genius invention of having a drying rack over the kitchen sink... since, we're building a new kitchen right now, I figured, it would be nice to show y'all this! Incase, we wanna try it out? Who knows, I just think it's a great idea :)

I have never been so messy in my life! hello, life of the missionary.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In which Sara holds a python :)

Dad, you're a boss! :) Thanks for everything! For the story, especially, that was wonderful! It actually helped me out different than how you probably intended. Cause, it's kinda rough, here. Don't get me wrong, it's great :) and I love it, but it's hard to see people (really hard, like, number of lessons are super low), and I've been here at Collegno for 2+ transfers, and we still haven't had a baptism. But, with your story, you helped me remember, what I do right now, the little things every day, there is a reason for it. Maybe I won't see the fruits of my labors right now, that's not important. Just as long as I'm working, and putting forth the effort :)

But, that's awesome! Y'all are going on a cruise? Che divertente (how fun)! I've never been on a cruise, either! Y'all gotta take pictures, and let me know how it is! :) Give everyone my love and hugs and kisses (yes, kisses), and tell Uncle Telford to brush up on some good Italian cooking... and then I'll learn some here, too! :) Haha.

Okay, lets see, a couple things I wanted to say this week.
Elisabeth and Luke, and whoever else watched it... remember Lazy Town? Yeah, we have an investigator, with a 2 year old daughter, and she was watching it the other day. Lazy Town in Italian! Hahaha.

Oh, tell the Hines I said hi, and I love them! (Sherrryyyy!) I dunno, I was just thinking about them the other day :)

Oh! Thanks Pa Echols and the Orrocks for the Christmas cards! I'll write y'all back soon, but holy cannoli, Amanda a) you're adorable! b) McKay and Eliza are SO big! Jeez!

Some food things... I love bell peppers, now! I could just eat them forever and ever. We cook them with chicken/beef sometimes, or we'll just snack on them raw. Who knew I liked bell peppers?! Hahaha. Also, Italians eat eggs for lunch and dinner, and think it's funny that we eat them for breakfast. It's silly :)

Also also, Kaycie Foster (EFY!), so your friend from dance (? Sorella Forbes) is now in my Zone! She showed me a cute picture of y'all the other day! Small world, eh? :)

Also also... so, I've been wanting to cut my hair, as of late. A lot! Like, super short. Like, a pixie or something, short. But, I'm way too much of a chicken to do it. But, I just keep seeing a bunch of people with cute hair cuts, and I love it! It's just a hassle, hair. It just gets everywhere... scarves make it static-y. But, I probably won't cut it... yet. We'll see what happens in the summer time... apparently, it gets deathly hot! Haha.

Miracle for the week! So, we've been trying to see a riferimento for a long time, but we couldn't see him, cause he lives so far away, and no one from our ward was ever available (we need a woman). After 3-4 weeks of trying, we finally got an appointment set up, with a member! Then, when we got there, turns out, the member knows our riferimento! He went to school with her son for years, and she's friends with his mom. It was a miracle, having her at the lezione, she was just what he needed. Also, he accepted a soft bapt. invite! :)

Also, so if y'all go to PMG, chapter 11, in the back at the personal study part, there's a part that says "Have your family write letters of their testimonies on certain subjects (i.e. word of wisdom, BOM, Joseph Smith, prayer, etc.) - could y'all do that for me?! That would be wonderful! (INCLUDING JACOB, LUKE, KALEB, BEN & JESS!) Like, a FHE or something, that would be wonderful :) Thanks!
I think that's all for now, y'all are great :) Y'all are boss. Love you guys!

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

We had pranzo (lunch) with a member the other day, and... they have snakes! They have 7 snakes - I think the one I was holding was a python :)

Also, we found this adorable Disney carousel at Torino the other day!