Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In which Sara does NOT get transfered! :)

Babbo! The pictures are Amazing, and wonderful! Thanks so much! :)

Well, if you'd like to know what's going on, we had a really weird giovedì the other day. So, there was this person that was supposed to come to clean our water heater (some law. They have to be cleaned every year). So, we had set that up to happen Thursday morning. Well, they didn't come and the scheduled time, so we went out, and did some work. While we were out, we got a call - a man, who said they stopped by to clean, and we weren't home. He said they would be there in 30 min. Okay, so we just headed home. We were almost home, when we got another phone call - a lady, who said, she was sorry the man who was supposed to clean our water heater didn't come, but they needed to reschedule the time - for 2:30 that same day. We told her we just got a call from the man, and that he said he would be there in 30 min. Well, she said he was not part of their company. So, after talking it out with Sorella Baird, and thinking it out, we felt 100% more sure about the phone call from the woman than the man. We called Anz. Capece (the Senior couple here), and he said there have been scams going around with the missionaries, and that it was probably a scam. So, we ignored the creepy scam phone calls that afternoon, and eventually at 2:30, the man from the company came. And, everything is all great now :) Haha. The Lord protects his missionaries! It was a miracle that the woman called us not even 20 mintues after the scam man called us. If she hadn't, we would have gotten home, and let the other man into our house! Che benedizione! :)

Also, I was wondering, can y'all maybe find me Zebra pen refills? (Zebra F-402). Also, as soon as anyone gets their hands on an EFY 2013 CD, I would love that ASAP! :)

Well, would you like to hear what's going on with transfers? I'M STAYING IN SIENA! For 5 tranfers! It's so crazy, I never thought I would stay here this long! I got here in February! It's almost August (and I'll stay until mid-Sept!), but I am not complaining! I looove Siena! :)

Although, sad stuff has been/will be happening. You know my favorite Emily from England? Well, she's moving back to England! She Leaves Friday. She's the best, I love her. But, she needs to leave Italy, so that's what she's gotta do. Also, last night was super sad! So, we have an English class, and we invited Antony (our recent convert) to come, since English isn't his first Language, and we could help him learn to read, and whatnot. Well, after class, he pulled us aside, and said he needed to talk to us about something. Well, he has to move to Napoli. Today! (Wednesday). With it being really hard to have work, he is moving to Napoli to go stay with a friend. He was super down. You could tell. He said he wanted to stay at least 1 more Sunday, so that he could go to Church with us, but he couldn't wait anymore. He had to leave. I was so sad! I didn't expect it, either! It was just a miracle that we were able to teach him, that he was able to be baptized, and that his life has been changed! He told us, about a month ago, that he might have to go to Napoli soon to look for work, but it was never for sure. And, the Lord blessed us with enough time to teach him, and see him be baptized, and to help him along a little bit. He's so great, can y'all keep him in your prayers? He needs them. 

But, also, this emails kinda sad... of course, there's Always happy things that happen! We had found a Young couple with a little child on a scambio about 4-5 weeks back. Well, we had tried to call them, but they were out of town, and things like that. So, we decided to go stop by their house one day! We did, the woman was outside with her little boy, and we asked her if we could explain a little about our message right then. She said of course, and as we talked, we came to find out she and her husband are from Albania (and, miracle? We have to of the greatest members in the WORLD here in Siena, from Albania). We taught her, she was really excited to see that we had pamphlets in her Language, and that we had the BOM in her langauge. We asked if we could come back to give them the BOM, and asked when we could come back with her and her husband home, and they said within a couple of days. We set up that appointment, then came back, and they were expecting us! (which is such a great miracle!) They had both read the pamphlet we left, and they had a couple questions about the BOM, and Joseph Smith. They're Amazing! He accepted a baptismal invite (without a date), her not yet. But, the first time we had seen her (without the husband) we invited her to come to Church, and she said she would like to, but it was kinda far away for them. Well, we invited them both to Church again, and they really seem like they want to come! Before we even mentioned it, she said she's sorry that she couldn't make it to Church, but that she really wants to come and see how our Church is. They're wonderful! We feel great about them, and are so so excited to be working with them! :) A future eternal family, here :)

The work is going great. Sorella Baird and I are staying together for another transfer, and I'm super happy about that! I Always think change will be good and fun, but for this transfer I'm SO glad to be with Sorella Baird again! I've learned so so much from her, and I'm just gonna keep Learning and becoming better with her!

Well, I gotta run, but vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Willis

Friday, July 19, 2013

In which Sara has another baptism!! :D

Babbo! And everyone! Ciao :)

So, remember how we had a baptism last week? So good! Antony, he's such a good guy :) Pictures to follow! And, what made me even happier? Sandro (the dad of the Gori family) gave the talk on the Holy Ghost! He did SO well, I just love that man so much! Antony brough 4 friends to his baptism - yeah! Also, one of our members brought a friend! Afterwards we talked to our members friend, and she said how she had never seen a baptism like this before, and how she felt something inside of her, she felt peace and happiness. Then, after talking a bit with her and her friend (the member), and explaining a little bit about the BOM, and the church, we had told her that we have the BOM in her language (Spanish), also. She turned to her friend (the member) and said, "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!" She's wonderful, and we can't wait to teach her! :) She also has a sister who I've taught before (she's just always super busy), and who is just as amazing! Oh, wonderful people her at Siena :)

Also, can I just say how much I love Sorella Baird? We're very different, but very similar in a lot of ways too, particularly in our work ethic! We just love to work, and get things done! So, as a result, a) We've had the highest numbers Siena's had for a looong time. b) These are the highest weekly numbers I've ever had in my whole mission! She's so great, I feel bad at how much I'm learning from her, cause I should know all this stuff already! But, I guess I'm not perfect! Ha. 

Also, so on Sunday we had visitors! An ex-missionario (they don't say RM here, they just say ex, haha) who I knew! He was my ZL for my first transfer! Good guy (Anz. Lendhart... it may or may not be spelled that way, ha). He also served in Siena (and found/taught some of the greatest new convert/members in the world!). So, he came back with his family to visit! So, I translated in Primary for his little sister and brother, and their mom came in, too. Well, after Primary I sat and talked with his mom for a bit... and, she's a photographer! I was so excited to hear that! I haven't thought a whole lot about photography lately, but talking to her really sparked it up in me again :) We got to  talking about a few different things, then she said I could contact he after I get home from the mission! Do you know how happy that made me? So very happy! :) There's so much I don't know, I need opinions/thoughts/advice, and she said I could get in contact with her! Hello, super felice, sono io :) She took a picture of Sorella Baird and I, and said she would send it to y'all (I gave her dad's number) and contact y'all. There's been a few people who said they would do that (members, who when they see missionaries, contact their family, and tell them that they saw them) - have y'all been contacted by anyone who said they met me? Haha.

Also, so quick question. Isn' the FJM (FL Jax Mission)'s theme 3 Nefi 5:13? Our new mission presidente had us all recite that the other day (and our ZL's had us memorize it), so I dunno if that's gonna become a IMM (Italy Milan Mission) thing, but that would be so happy! A little connection between IMM and FJM :) 

Also, mamma mia, it's such a tiny world! So, basically, remember how there are 2 Floridians in my district (not including me), and I have mutual friends with both of them? Well, I found out another connection! So, I was talking about how Elisabeth is going to Provo-Spanish speaking soon, and this Anziano says he has a friend serving there now. Because we're both from Florida, I ask what his name is, in case I happen to know him. He says, "Toren Guthrie". Do you know who that is? One of my EFY kids! Although, I also heard from another one of my EFY kids that he's serving SLC-Spanish speaking. So, maybe someone was mistaken. Either way, a) he knows another one of my EFY kids! b) Elisabeth, you might be serving with one of my EFY kids! If you ever seen an Elder Guthrie, give him a good handshake for me, and tell him I said hi :)

Well, I think that's about all. Transfers next week! Agh! I love little Siena!

Also, do you want to know basically my new favorite name in the world (I might have told you already, but my love for this name has been rekindled lately)? Ludovico (Italian for Ludwig)! I just love it! If a child doesn't get that name, or a dog or a pet sure will! :) Hahaha.

Okay, I'll finish up. I expect the lack of emails is due to the fact that Elisabeth's sta per andare al MTC (getting ready to go to the MTC)! No worries :) Take oodles of pictures! 
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

 Us, the Capeces, Antony and Simone!

Us and Antony!

Our beautiful, giant district (with 3 Floridians!) I love them :)

Anz. Ibba! He's Italian (almost... hahaha. Okay, it's a joke, but he really is Italian) He's one of my very favorite people!

So, a couple weeks a go, we had a friday night activity. The Gori's brought a 7 year old girl who they sometimes babysit (and, because she's sometimes at thier house, I already knew her). Anyway, I just talked to her, and played some games with her that night (hangman, connect the dots, tick-tack-toe), and then on Sunday the Gori's gave us these! Claudia (7 yr old girl) made us these little hair clips! (she glued a clip to the back). Isn't it/she he cutest?! I'll try to get a picture with her before I ever leave Siena!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In which Sara goes to a horse race! :)

Ah! Glad all the wedding-ness, and honeymoon stuffs went well! :)

Ooh, Navajo tacos at the LaFontaines? Yum. But, I'm confused. You said they're driving to Ohio and Michigan where Adam's job is - he's working in 2 different states at the same time?

Ah, and Ben and Jess will get sealed soon! That's so awesome! :) Make sure, whenever that is, I get oodles of pictures from that, too :) That's so so so wonderful!

And, mamma mia, I'm sure glad y'all are safe too! The Lord sure does answer prayers :)

Oh! Okay, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND LUKE for the 8 luglio! Also, Happy Anniversary mom and dad for 6 luglio (giusto?). Also, Happy 4th of July, which I had actually forgotten about (I wore YELLOW that day! Dang it.) Because, we had a Blitz that day! Sorella Padulla and Sorella Lofely came as our Sister Training Leaders, and blitzed us! And, let me just tell you, it was amazing! We had about 4 lessons planned for that day. Well, a couple of those cancelled... but, with lots of work, by the end of the day we we had each gotten 5 lessons - 10 lessons in 1 day! It was a miracle, especially for us here at Siena! Then, these past couple weeks we've continued to find a lot of unplanned lessons, and find a lot of new investigators (so, there's a bunch of people from all over, here in Siena. We've recently taught a man from Croatia, a guy from Santo Domingo, a lady from Ukraine, also Romanian, also Russia... just people from all the over the place! It's the best)! The work in Siena seems to really be picking up! We're so excited for it! There's gonna be a bunch of baptisms here in the next few months, for sure :)

Oh, did I mention we're having a baptism in 3 days? Yeah! We're so excited! His name is Antony. I'll be sure to get y'all pictures next week :)

Oh, and Michael and Emma Gisclair (whoa! That's both of their last name now!), AUGURI! Oh, mamma, vi voglio tanto bene! Conratulations! :)

So, lets see. Sorella Baird is amazing! I'm 97% sure the work is picking up because of her. She's so obedient, and so organized, everything's just coming together! I'm honestly not training her, she's training me. I love her! 

Oh, also... I went to the Palio last week! Remember that? It was super fun! Okay, so we stood outside, walking around the city (with literally zillions of other people), there were all of the contrade (teams, basically) going around town, and parading around... then, we went inside the Campo, where we stood and waiting for another couple hours for them to continue/finish parading. Then, with about 8 false starts (look up how the Palio works, with rules, etc.) the race finally started! ...and it finished about 3 minutes later! Haha, they only do 3 laps around, then they've finished the race. So, we stood about 5 hours on our feet for 3 minutes. It was great, I'll send you a bunch of stuff :)

Well, keep Siena in our prayers! This little branch/area needs prayers! They've been a tiny branch for years and years, but they need to grow and become a ward! So, let's all pray for them - they're the greatest, they deserve it! :)

Okay, well I gotta run.

Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Willis


These are the horses. They're racing.

All of the Contrade (there are 17! not all 17 race every year)

Sorella Baird and I, at the Campo, waiting for the race to start!

One of my favorite things about Siena: the city cleaner people sweep with witches brooms! :)
I don't think I sent this last week, but I love how giant the slices of pizza are :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In which Sara prepares for another baptism! :)

Babbo! Thanks so much for the emails, and the stories, and everything! Y'all are the greatest! I can't believe Adam's married! Everything looks like it went wonderfully, though! 

So, today is 2 luglio... and we had to switch our p-day to today, because today is the Palio (the life and breath of Siena)! And, we got permission to go! I'm super excited, I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for y'all! :)
Okay, happy miracles for y'all.

27 giugno, President Wolfgramm had challenged us to place 1 BOM in the morning, in remembrance of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and their martyrdom. Well, that day we had our mind set, ready for miracles! Our plans had fallen through the night before, so we ended up having a day of finding. That morning we found, taught, and set up a return appointment with a lady at a park (and, we've seen her since then), who said she would read and pray with her whole heart to know for herself if it was true (as we left she said maybe she came to the park to eat her lunch that day to meet us). Then, that evening we talked to a younger man - didn't teach him, but set up a return appoinment (we've since taught him, and he hasn't accepted the bapt. invitation yet, but he sincerely listened to our message, and said he would read and pray [his mom passed away some time ago - Piano di Salvezza!]), and we also found, taught, and set up a return appointment with another lady at a park! It was a day full of miracles. 

Also, we're having a baptism next week! His name is Antony, he's from Ghana, and he's the greatest! I'll be sure to get y'all pictures next week! Of the Palio, of the baptism, and of the past few weeks! :)

We also switched our p-day today because of the Palio, and we did our missionary hours this morning, and we weren't exactly sure what was going to happen, if it would be a very successful morning, but we were able to find a man in a park, and teach him a lesson! It was amazing! :)

Well, I'm actually out of time, cause we gotta head out for the Palio, but I'll make sure to get a good email next week! :)
Auguri Adam and Morganne! 
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

Sorella Durfee, Sorella Hoppe and I! (we were all together in the MTC) I looove them! Sorella Hoppe and I see each other pretty normally throughout the mission, but we were just talking about the other day how we NEVER see Sorella Durfee! And then we saw her the other day! It made us terribly happy :)

Hi Courtney. That just happened (Sorella Pond - one of Courtney's friends from Cali!).

Two of my favorite Anziani from the MTC! (they were in the group after me) Anz. Locklear and Anz. Johnson