Thursday, August 29, 2013

In which Sara becomes a train jumper! ;)

Babbo! First of all, thanks for all the pictures! Tanners adorbs, and obviously India and Abby are still adorable - I have the most adorable nieces and nephew ever, no? Sì. Hahah.

Well, this week hasn't been too crazy. Oh, silly thought, though. Remmeber me? I don't really get tired during the day. At all. Doesn't matter what time I wake up or go to bed. During the day I'm fine until I go to sleep for the night. Well, you know how they say missions make you tired? Well, it's true. It's now wearing on me, and I'm now tired all the time! Haha, no just kidding, not all the time. But, good golly, a lot of the time I am just pooped!

So, what's been going on with y'all lately? Any Luke update? Haha, I love the story of Uncle Darren - so good!

And, that's so crazy! So, I may or may not know who you're talking about - Stewarts family. So, I met a Sorella Stewarts in the MTC (she was a transfer behind me), and we've seen each other during the mission a little bit, too! I know she has a Brother in an Italian speaking mission, but I forget if it was Rome or Milan, because I've never seen him. That's crazy! Did they just move there? They're permanantly moved to Jax? That's crazy, so Sorella Stewart and I will return home to the same ward in OP2? My mind is slightly boggled! I hope I see her soon, and talk to her Abou it :)

So, last p-day was fun. We went to Firenze and saw the Davide - I might have send you a picture of the Davide that I've seen, maybe 5 transfers back - well, that was a copy (I was unaware of this). Last p-day, we went and saw the original! So, I've never really been crazy into art, sculpture like things, but I was very impressed by it. Funny story? We almost missed our train, going to Firenze, so we jumped on, without stamping our ticket (you have to stamp it, to validate the time and date you use it), with the hopes of finding a worker before the train ride got too long, to tell him we didn't have time to stamp it. Well, 30 minutes pass, and he doesn't show up. And, if he does show up, and we haven't stamped, we have to pay €50 fine. Well, luckily we were able to get off at the next stop, run out of the train and stamp the ticket, and run back onto the train before it took off again. Shortly after we did that, the man came around and checked our ticket. Tender mercy? Yes! Hahaha, it was so crazy. Super fun :)

We've had a lot of good lezioni this week. Nothing crazy out of the blue happened. We were able to explain why "the Sabbath" is now Sunday instead of Saturday, how it used to be in the past. First time I've had to do that!

We also taught some great lezioni on Sunday. One specifically with Chaira. You know, Chiara Gori? I just love her to bits and pieces! She's seriously one of the greatest people in the Whole wide world! Gah.
Also, we had a scambio (trade-off?) Yesterday with Sorella Padula and Mancuso (my old comp., Sorella Mancuso!)! I was with Sorella Padula, for the 3rd time for a scambio. I just love her so so much. You know, Sorella Padula from Argentina? Yeah, she's great. She finishes her mission next week. Che sad! And, I was her very last scambio, ever. Mamma mia, che privilegio! I look up to her oodles, she's one of the greatest sister missionaries in the world. She wrote Elisabeth a little note in Spanish, that I'll hopefully send out soon :) Haha.

Also, remember the greatest person, Barbara from China? We just taught her this morning for the last time, ever (probably)! She's moving to Milano. So, unless either of us get transferred to Milano, that would be the last time. Ha, but who knows!

Anziano Capece said something the other day in district meeting that I loved. "Volere è potere." Che true! I need to live by that.

Oh, PS, I'm getting my haircut today! Hahah, not a lot, just a trim. The great Bianka is doing it :) (I've seen her cut Sorella Bush's hair, so I just know she's gonna do a great job) :)

Well, I gotta run. Sorry, there's nothing really of importance or significance in this email. But, pictures are coming! Haha.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

In the train - our un-stamped ticket - whoops!

What I eat almost every night! Tomato and mozzarella ball, sliced up, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar - delish! I could just eat that for the rest of my life :) I'm sure you've been dying for this picture, no? Haha.

My wonderful district!

Me and Lina, English class student! She won't be here next week (which I'm pretty sure will be my last day in Siena), so we took got a happy little foto together :)

Barbara, Sorella Baird and I, this morning! Our last time teaching her, and seeing her :( She's the greatest, I just love her so so much!

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