Saturday, October 19, 2013

In which Sara meets one of the 3 Nephites! ;)

Email: 9/25/2013

I love all the different people I meet, and all the cultures I get to know! I just love Italy so so much :)

So, first things first. I ALMOST DIED. Haha, not really, but kinda really. Ha :) So, we were riding our bikes to church on sunday... and, I chose to wear long skirt... well, other long skirts work fine on bikes, but the one that I chose that day... is not a bike skirt! Ha. So, basically, I was just riding, my skirt got caught in the wheel of the bike, within 0.5 seconds... it happened SO fast! And, my bike just stopped INSTANTLY. It came to a complete halt. Sorella Gomez was ahead of me, and she didn't even hear me yell "Sorella", but she said she did hear a loud "CLUNK". (my skirt just blocking the bike). Well, as we were riding we were passing and being passed by this little old man the whole time, and when my skirt got stuck, he was behind us at the time. And, let me just tell you, it all happened so fast! So this little adorable old man rides up behind me and says, "Do you need a hand?", and honestly I had no idea, because it had happened 2 seconds before, so I didn't know if I could pull my skirt out or not... but he just started helping, anyway. Turns out, I couldn't pull me skirt out, and he couldn't either! It was SO stuck, it never would have been able to come out... It was wrapped like 7 times around the wheel... and I couldn't rip it either! Luckily, the amazing old man had tools on the back of his bike, so he pulls apart my bike, takes the wheel off, pulls me skirt out, then puts my bike back together! We ask him what we can do to thank him, and he says (along the lines of) "We're here to serve and help each other...", and rides off on his bike. Sorella Gomez and I stood in shock after that, just of everything, and how quickly everything went. Honestly, it's like what i imagine a car accident to be like... haha, but less traumatic. I got stuck, there was a little old man/angel to the rescue, he fixed everything, then he was gone in an instant. He was very much so an angel the Lord put in our path. We're also convinced he was one of the 3 nephites :)

Honestly, I feel like my story telling ability doesn't describe what happened. It was amazing. I love that little old man :)

But, in other news... I just love it here in Verona... with Sorella Gomez. It's sad, I've never "killed" a companion before (she finishes her mission at the end of this transfer), and it's sad knowing that she's leaving, and I WILL begetting a new companion. It's not sad, I love all the other Sorelle, but it's just sad knowing she won't be my companion anymore. She's the best :) But, do you know how fun it is to read the BOM in Italian? Or, in another language, in general? There's so much I'm learning from the BOM just because I get to read it in another language, and the way things are worded I had never noticed certain things before... but now, the simplest phrase that I've read 60x in english has a new meaning to me! I love it! :)

Oh, also, so we were on the train the ohter day coming home from a scambio, and there were these 2 little older ladies sitting kind of accross from us... so, eventually we started talking to them... and they were both from North Carolilna (Charolotte)! I loved them instantly, because we heard them talking, and they had Southern accents :) Haha. But, one of them, after talking to her for a bit, said she lived in Florida for a while - Jacksonville, even! I think she said her husband is from Jax. How wonderufl! I just loooove them :) Then, when we got off the train, they just gave us the happiest hug and kiss... I felt like I was in the south again :)
Oh, and remember how my last district we had 3 missionaries from FL (including myself)? Well, coming out here to Verona, my district leader is from Florida! His name is Anziano Reeve. He might be from West Palm Beach? I dunno, I might have made that up off the top of my head! He told me where, but I forgot... haha. Whoops! I love the amount of missionaries we have from FL in this mission :) I know of at least (including myself) SIX :) How happy :)

Oh, and we had the greatest lesson the other day with a lady named Marina. Honestly, she's the cutest person in the world. She wants to come to church with her husband, and she wants to see a baptism, too! Keep her in your prayers? Grazie :)

Also, we went to see one of our less actives in the hosptal/home the other day, and she said something that I just loved. We were talking about faith, and she said, "My strength is my faith." How wonderful is that? Some people think physically, their strength is the muscles, and their body. Others may think their strength is knowdledge, and how much they know. But for this member her strength was her FAITH. Which is more powerful and which is stronger than ALL other things that we could put our "strength" in. What a good example, eh? :)

Well, I'm gonna try to send some fotos! :)
Vi voglio bene! :)

Sorella Willis

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