Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In which Sara gets a new companion!

Ciao y'all,
so this week hasn't been crazy busy, BUT let me just let you know what's going on :)
First of all, I LOVED the picutres of Luke's Eagle Scout Court of Honor! How adorable! So cute, my little brothers are :)

So, last week Sorella Gomez went home - so sad/weird! I "killed" one of my companions! It was weird seeing a mission come to an end... it made me realize that MISSIONS COME TO AN END! Ma che!? Well, my new companion is Sorella Lyman. She's 1 transfer behind me (I knew her for a little bit in the MTC), and she's adorable, I just love her :) She's from North Carlina (East Coast!), and SHE WORKED AT DISNEY WORLD! Did we just become super good friends? Yes, yes indeed. Ha. We're super similar in a lot of ways.

The work has been going pretty slowly, lately. This last transfer, but specifically this past week, it's been particularly slow... but, we're gonna pick it up! We're super excited :) We're working with the Anziani in our ward to try to contact ALL of the less-actives (at least, the ones who are contactable).

Well, here's a little study bit - so, I'm studying Matt, Mark, Luke, John, and 3 Nefi, and I'm studying all the questions that Christ asked, and thinking more about the questions that I ask, in lezioni, and whatnot. So, I was reading the other day, and I'm in Luke right now, and I read Luke 7:40,

"40 And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on."
Jesus said, "I have something to say unto you." And Simon was 100% willing to listen, ready for whatever the Lord wanted to tell him. As I read that I thought of just how WILLING he was to listen to the Lord, whatever he said. How often does the Lord say to us, "Sara, I have somewhat to say unto thee.", and Sara saith, "Okay... give me 10 minutes, then I'll be ready to listen..." Sometimes the Lord is ready, is TRYING to tell us something, but we put it off, thinking that we'll be able to listen when the time is good for us. But, truth is, the Lord's time is the right time. When he wants to speak to us in a certain moment, he want so speak to us in that moment! Not in 10 minutes! In 10 minutes that opportunity may very well be lost! We should learn from Simon, and say, "Master, say on.", ready and willing to actively listen!
Anyway, that's just a little tidbit from my studies.

On a completely pointless note, since I've moved to Verona I've developed this habit where I have to shine my spoons before I use them. I dunno why I'm just noticing it here, but there's always water build-up on the spoons, so I must shine them EVERY time before I use one. Also, dad do you know what widgets are? Now, I do too! :) Ha, we talked about them in a meeting. The missions just prepping me for my studies post-mission life! Hahaha.

Also, lets see, um, ADAM BRANSON LIVES IN ITALY! That's so crazy! I don't know if I could see him on the mission... I'd want to give him the giantest hug! Hahaha. Wow, that's so crazy!

Also, I didn't know Heather Moss was going on a mission! Gah, so many changes! I'm so out of the loop! Hahaha. Heather, congrats on the call! Isn't he Temple great? :)

I can't belive Luke's heading out soon! I tell everyone about my little baby siblings serving missions. Do you know how much I love telling people about my family? "Yeah, he served a mission in... and she served in... and she's currently serving in.... and my parents both served in..." For reals, y'all are the cutest family in the world! Everyone loves you guys :) Hahaha. Also, whenever I show people a picture of my family, they always ask... "Which ones are your parents?" You guys are just too young looking! :) Haha.

Well, I'm gonna go ahead and end this here, so that I can EMAIL y'all some pictures! Finally!

Vi voglio tanto - anzi, troppo bene! :)
Sorella Sara Willis

One time, about 4 weeks ago, my skirt got stuck in my bike. Agh!
Biking in the rain. Super fun! :)

Just cute little Italy :)

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