Saturday, November 30, 2013

In which Sara explains her favorite pizza!

Slave a tutti!Aw, you guys sent me a Christmas package! Y'all are so cute! :) Hahaha.

Well, I have a lot of little things to say this week! Nothing crazy, just tons of little things! :) Haha.

Well, first of all, did you know that tomorrow's Thanksgiving?! Happy Thanksgiving! :) :) Have fun camping without me. No worries, I'll be camping with y'all next year! And, it's okay. We had a mini Thanksgiving today! Honestly, this is one of the happiest days of my mission! Just super fun, and relaxing... (I don't know if I've ever had a relaxing p-day, but today was just so good...!). Basically, 3 of our Senior Couples here at Verona (there are 4 couples, but 1 is constantly out of town) made us a Thanksgiving lunch today! And, can I tell you HOW MUCH FUN it was? Basically, we ate the yummiest lunch, with the yummiest stuffing ever! Then afterwards we listened to the piano (Anz. Sanacuore... remember, he's a BOSS at the piano), and just chilled for a sec, then we went and cleaned up everything, then we all sang a couple Christmas songs from the hymn book, then we all took the happiest Thanksgiving Eve Day picture EVER! :) Honestly, I can't explain how happy I am! It was like just being with my brothers again! Just eating Thanksgiving lunch with a bunch of Anziani (2 companionships from Verona 2, and 2 companionship from Verona 1), and some of the greatest senior couples ever! ilovethemallsomuch!

Oh my gosh, do you want to hear the funniest story!? Okay, so there's this awesome super in gamba senior couple called the Savoldi's (they're from Georgia, I love them! Yay for the South!). Well, Sorella Gross and I (during a scambio) went over to visit them for a second, and we got talking a little bit, and they realized that I was from Florida... Jacksonville, specifically. Well, she proceeds to tell me that she has a grandson who just moved to Jax for work! Hahaha! Basically, she wants me to marry him. THEN, fast forward to today, all of the Senior Couples were walking around taking pictures, because, duh, it's the happiest day ever, and we all want to remember it... well, I got my pie, sit down, then Sorella Savoldi says, "Sorella, stand up for a second, let me take a picture of you with your pie!"... so I get the picture taken... then right after she says, "Perfect, that's going to my grandson." HA! Oh my lanta, I about died... so funny.

Other random things to talk about? I love cherry tomatoes SO much. I basically eat them everyday... I just pop them in my mouth. Remember when I was little and I used to hate tomatoes? Yeah, the mission's really changed me! :) Ha. Also, I made an omlet this morning, and I put zucchini in it, on purpose! And it was the yummiest! Do you know how much I love so many foods, now? So much :) Ha. Also, basically I want to learn really really bad how to cook with artichokes... because, I looove them! My favorite pizza? Let me just tell you. Artichokes, olives, red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms (and sometimes zucchini). Yummiest ever? Yes.

Also, basically I bought a pomegranate this past week. Basically it's super yummy. But, as I eat it, I always remember Betty LaFontaine! Haha, I dunno why. I don't know if it happened once, or if it happens every year, but I just had a very vivid memory of her eating a pomegranate while we were camping for Thanksgiving. Just know, I'm thinking of y'all :) Haha.

And, we were hoping Sorella Gross would still be here for Christmas, so that when we do our Christmas skype calls, y'all could call Betty over, and she and Betty could speak Navajo together! ...BUT, that can't happen :( Sorella Gross is getting transferred. And, Sorella Lyman and I are staying together! At least for 3 more weeks... there are 3 sister missionaries who are going home in the middle of this transfer (for school/holidays), so basically it's very likely that I could get transferred... because they are all 3 in Sister Training Leader positions!

Also, during the Sorella Gross scambio, basically, it was death. Hahaha, the scambio was great, and I love Sorella Gross, BUT as the day weaned on, it got colder... and rainier... so basically, we were soaked from head to toe, riding our bikes in 10 degrees celsius, and we're on bikes, so the wind makes it even colder! I may have gotten a little sick the next day. Haha. Then, the other day we were biking, and it was 0 degrees celsius! It's getting so cold! I dunno how I'm gonna do it on the bikes! Because, it gets freezing, because your getting wind blown straight on you, but at the same time, you're exercising, so you eventually get super hot! It's so hard trying to figure out what to wear... coat.. jacket...? How many layers, because I'll just want to take off tons of the layers anyway, after the bike ride! Haha, crazy.

Oh, also, I'm pretty sure I'll get glasses when I get home. I really don't need them, but they would serve me. Example: at Zone Conferences it's kinda hard for me to see what's being displayed by the projector. Or, getting our kebap the other day (ilovekebap!), I could not read the menu... I'm becoming near-sighted... dang it! I need to eat more carrots!

Also, read Mosiah 23:27! I just love it! Alma's so cool! I liked it better in italian, because it says he put himself in the middle of them, and I just had a really cool movie play out in my head, but he's just the greatest! He's just a normal guy, trying to do his best to encourage, and inspire, and help the others to remember the Lord! Wouldn't that be great if we were all like that? If we just lifted up, and encouraged everyone! So happy :) Let's all be like Alma. And Moroni. And Ammon. And all of the prophets!

The work's been kinda slow. We're working on it. We're gonna pick it up! We're still working with our most wonderful Romanian investigator... I love her, and her tiny little family! They're totes gonna get baptized... we hope! :) Best Christmas present EVER! Ha.

Well, I should probably run. I love y'all oodles and oodles! Super excited to talk to y'all for Christmas! And, thanks again for the Christmas package!

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!
Sorella Sara Willis

Happiest Thanksgiving in Italy EVER! :)
Some of the greatest senior couples ever! :)
Sorella Lyman and I found the HAPPIEST yellow-leaved tree!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

In which Sara is in a Christmasy mood :)

Ciao! How are y'all? We're just doing dandy, over here in Verona :)

Babbo, thanks for the emails, glad everything's going super duper :)

Basically, I just listened to Manheimm Steamroller the other day. Yes, I broke my rule of not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but in my defence, there's really no Thanksgiving here in Italy, so I have no way to gauge when it's actually Christmas time! Haha. Also, we've been listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack, a lot. I looooove it! Super adorbs :) Haha.

Well, first of all, remember my mission parents, the Capece's, back in Siena? They finished their mission back in October. Can someone please tell them hello, and I love them and miss them, and hope things are going super great for them back home!? Thanks :)

Also, dear Courtney, remember how one time, for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or something, we tried to make something with Persimmins (I dunno if they're spelled like that... haha)? And, they weren't ripe, and we tried eating them, and they tasted like chalk? Basically, those fruit are ALL over Italy. They're called Kaki :) And, Sorella Mackay (mission parents #2) made a little persimmin pudding/cake for us today. It was delish! You should make it :) (ps, they have to be ripe to the point that they're so squishy, you want to barf, and you think they're going bad... but they're not.) Haha.

Also, dear Lyndzie Frey/NOT Frey, I had a dream the other day that I was taking pregnancy photos of you. Crazy! I can't wait to take pictures of y'all at the Temple one day, okay :) Haha.

Also, basically, we had TWO zone trainings the other day! So, as sister training leaders, we sometimes travel. There aren't sister training leaders in every zone. SO, we were able to go to the Verone Zone Training, and the Bergamo Zone Training! And PRESENT a training (on Adjusting to Missionary Life - this awesome new booklet we have, it's adorbs, and I love it). Remember me, how I'm super shy, and hate being in front of people? Well I'm slightly like that, but not really anymore. Haha. I still kinda get a little nervous right before I get in front of people. but doing all these presentations/trainings is actually really fun :)

Basically, I looove zone meetings! I love just seeing other missionaries, and talking with them! I have so much love for them all, honestly. It makes me so happy seeing a big group of missionaries... just brings a giant smile to my face, seeing a big missionary force. Then I remember I'm a part of that force, and feel super blessed/cool :) Hahaha.

Well, I'm basically out of ALL time today, sorry our time was cut short today, but I love y'all OODLES, and I'll see you soon at Christmas time! :)

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: Sorry, it's a lame-ly short email! :(

Sometimes I sleep on really tiny beds when we do exchanges :)

Some of my besties! Okay, not really, I love them oodles, but it's whatevs. Haha. Basically, they're all dying/going home at the end of this transfer. Anz. Collins has been in every single one of my zones with me (he's basically been in half of my mission). Then Anz. Sanacuore and Modugno are both Italian, and I got to know them these past 2 trasnfers, and I love them too! Such good people :)
One time I went to the Bergamo Zone Training and found my DAUGHTER! I love her oooooodles! :) Sorella Seare and I :)

Okay, but really, some of my besties! :) Haha. Anziano Howell and Sloan - I love them oodles! They're like little fratellini! :)

Best little District ever :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

In which Sara has some reunions :)


So this week hasn't been super crazy.

Oh, first of all, TANTI AUGURI GIACOBBE! :) (Happy Birthday Jacob!) He's the cutest, isn't he? :) Haha.

Also, the other day I bought new boots. Because the zippers were tired, and died on my old boots... BUT, these boots were only €18,00! And they're the cutest brown you ever did see, AND they have a tiny little heel! And my shoes "clack" whenever I walk now! Do you know how much I've missed hearing that clacking sound? Remember how I had never worn flats until my mission, and how much I love high heels? Yeah, I'm content with these boots :) Haha.

Also, silly/random question. How do you know what kind of toothbrush you're supposed to use? Basically, my old toothbrush was a SUPER hard bristled one. And, I just opened up a new toothbrush the other day and it was the softest bristles I have ever brushed my teeth with! How in the world can I figure out which type of bristles works best with my teeth/gums? I dunno if these soft bristles are what my little mouth needs!

Also, on a different note, MOM, remember how you and Chiara Gori are best friends, and y'all talk on facebook? Can you please tell her I said hi, and I love them, and could you tell her that I tried to write them a couple months back, but I don't think it sent, seeing as how I never got a response (maybe I got the email address written wrong?). Grazie :)

Also, basically we did the greatest little exchange the other day, where we exchanged with Sorella Smart and Sorella SEARE! Yeah, remember my daughter, Sorella Seare? She's near our zone, and we're her Sister Training Leaders! So good :) But, I went with Sorella Smart, who is insanely amazing! I honestly honestly love her like a little sister, she's the sweetest person ever! :)

Also, crazy miracle story? Okay. Sorella Lyman's mom served a mission in Italy about 30 years ago. She also happened to serve here in Verona! So, she basically gave us a bunch of referrals the other day, and we've been trying to go around and find them, but we've had little success. Well, she gave us the name of this one person, and her address, but no phone number. So, we just had to go with the hopes of finding SOMEONE there. Well, we went, we rang her citofono, and she asked who was there, and we said, "Siamo le sorella missioanrie dalla Chiesa di Gesù Cristo... oppure, la chiesa Mormone..?", to which she replied, "Avanti, terzo piano!" (which is like, "come on in, 3rd floor!") She's super cute, and we were able to teach a great lesson with her! Her husband died a little while ago, and her little family is so so important for her. Che miracolo! It was insane! We were on cloud 9.

Well, that's about it for now. Sorry, it's kinda short this week. Courtney mentioned something to me about instead of Skype this year, doing a Google Chat thing... we should plan that soon, so that when Christmas comes around we missionaries won't be scrambling around.

Sorry, I feel like this is a lame email, but I'm out of time!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

Sorella Smart and I - I just love her soo so much! :)

Elder and Sister Teixeira and I :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

In which Sara gets interviewed by a General Authority!

Whoa! Okay, Tanner is a giant! He's a toddler, he's not even a baby anymore! Remember when I left, and he was 1 MONTH old? Yeah. Me too.

Basically, how are y'all doing? Things are doing super good here at Verona! Lots and lots of little miracles!

Let see, first of all, we had a Zone Conference yesterday! So good! Anziano Teixeira, of the Seventy, came and talked to us! The bomb? Yes :) Afterwards I guess he interviewed the missionaries serving in the Verona city (because that's where we had the Conference), and guess what? I'm serving here! So, before I knew it, I was being pulled into an office for an interview with Anziano Teixeira! Basically, it was super fun. He's the greatest! He's just full of the spirit, and the love of God, he just made me feel so GOOD! He talked to me about my family (I talk about y'all ALL the time, btdubs), and he asked me what I'm doing after the mission, seeing as how I'm finishing soon. I told him all of my "maybes", and I mentioned accounting, and babbo, how you're a CPA, and he said that's a great course to take, and that he's also a CPA :) Haha. Then he asked me if I had any questions, because it's not everyday that you get interviewed by a General Authority... and I didn't! I had 0 questions! I was pulled in for the interview last second, so I had no idea I was being interviewed until that moment, and I had 0 questions in mind! So sad. Then, he told me to thank my parents, especially (you guys have been doubly thanked this past few weeks! People just love you two!), and to tell you two he says hello :)

Oh, also, can someone send me some Adam and Morganne wedding pictures? I've only seen the cell phone fotos y'all took the day of, but the photographer has to have finished with the fotos by now, SO I'd love to see the professional ones! Not all, just a couple! :)

Also, miracles from the last few days? Okay.

1. Go to teach our less active and her family (whose husband is not a member). He typically leaves the house, or goes to another room when the missionaries come over, BUT this day, HE grabbed a chair, and brought it in the room to be with us, and no one told him to do it! Then during the lesson, he just asked a bunch of questions about our church, and everything! It was super wonderful :) I could see, he was more open to listening, he had a light about him this time :)

2. We went to pass by a potential who didn't seem super interested when we talked to her on the street (didn't give us her number or anything)... well, when we met her, she was pregnant, and when we passed by (a few weeks after the fact) she had had her baby, and she was so much different! We had a great lesson, got 2 new investigators (her and her husband), and they both said that in the past they weren't super believing, but now that they have a little baby they believe much much more! Che perfetto! :)

3. Go to teach our other less actives - we set up the appointment, but they were running late. Well, we sat and talked to/taught their son (SO good, he has so many questions about religion and life... he's 15!), and uncle (he's exactly where Joseph Smith was - seeing all the confusion in religion these days...)! It was amazing! The family came home too late, we had to leave to catch our bus, BUT they invited us back over immediately! They were sad we couldn't stay, they said, "Come back again, whenever you want!".

Aren't miracles the best? :) Well, I'll leave it there, I guess. Try to send y'all some pictures :)

Happy belated Halloween! I totally forgot to say that last week - whoops! Haha! Can you belive Thanksgiving is coming up? Basically, transfers are on Thanksgiving! But, Sorella Lyman and I think we're staying together for 2 transfers. We'll see! :)

Well, vi voglio un mondo, e un eternità, di bene! :)
Sorella Willis

(I dunno if I ever sent this one) Sorella Gomez and I on top of Verona! I've been on top of every single one of my cities so far :)

Sometimes we wrap up our members like mummies for Halloween :)

Sorella Lyman and I by Juliet's balcony! :)

I'm on a bike. And I'm in Italy. And I'm a missionary. Che divertente, no?! :)