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In which Sara calls dad stupid in Italian ;)

Email: 9/18/2013

Babbo! Thanks for the little email, then the giant email!

True story, you know how they only say Babbo in Tuscany? Yeah. Only in Tuscany. I need to learn to say "Papa" more. Haha. One of our ZL's is Italian, and he's form Sicily, and down South "Babbo" means "stupid"... dang it. So, basically, I can only use "Babbo" in Tuscany! Which is a bummer, because it's become a real habit to use! Hahaha.

Well, let's see. Fun fact: I've been the 4th Sister Missionary in every single city that I've served in! (Collegno was opened by Sorella Eaton and Laratro, then Eaton with another whose name escapes me, then Eaton with me! Siena was opened with Sorella Soh and Nilson, then Nilson and Bush, then Bush and me! Verona 2 was opened with Sorella Bush and Gomez, then Gomez and Beus, then Gomez and me!). Now, what does this mean about me...? Ha. I'll figure it out later.

Oh, dad, I met that Anziano Stewart that you were telling me about! He said his brother does live in Jacksonville! Crazy! Small, tiny little world!

Also, Verona is amazing! First of all, it's an adorable beautiful place, I love it! Second, the members are AMAZING! So so amazing. I can't even explain. They're adorabs. We're working with one of the most beautiful families who are getting baptized soon (the dad THIS SATURDAY, and the mom and daughter within 2 weeks)... they're so amazing. It reminds me of the Gori situation. How the Gori's were this amazing family, member referral, about to get baptized, and I get transferred in, and take the blessings of some other missionary. Obviously, it's all one work, it's not like it's MY baptism, and whatnot, but just that there are other people who deserve to see these moments, and I just feel bad being plopped right into blessings... ha, is that weird? I just got here. I need to WORK more for blessings like these. Honestly, I already love this little family so much. I hope to be as good of a missionary as those who were before me who worked with them (because, they were some pretty great missionaries who worked with them!). They have a little 6 year old son, who is my best friend, I love him to death! His name's Adam. We ate some pizza with them a couple days ago, after a lesson of course, and I was sitting by their daughter Michela, and Adam says, "Mom, I want to sit beside HER!" pointing to me. It made me so so happy :) There was not primary/nursery at Siena, and at Collegno it was pretty small, but here in Verona it's pretty big! Well, big for what I'm used to! And, I love it, having all these little kids running around church! So fun. Sunday there was a baptism of an 8 year old boy. His parents are from Peru. And, all of their non-member family came! It was wonderful! I talked to a bunch of them! Courtney, the nonno (grandpa) spoke at the baptism... and after we got to talking, he told me that he was from Texas! He's been living there for about 10-13 years! I dunno if he lived in any area where you served or not... he named off where he was from, and it sounded kinda familiar, but I wasn't sure if you had served there or not. I also don't remember what the city was called, or his name... haha, whoops! But, I can maybe find out his name on Sunday... haha. Sorry, I know that's a super big help.

Oh, remember my best friend Anziano from Sicily (just kidding, we're not really best friends, he's actually a super quiet person)? Well, he kills me. He plays the piano. Like a boss. Like, way better than me! He plays these beautiful little classical songs, and things like "Mi mancherai" or from "Cinema Paradiso"... and I can sometimes just sit and listen to him play for forever! Fun fact? He's only been playing the piano for about 3 years! Mamma mia, he kills me. Well, it's never to late to try something new! Haha.

Hm. The actual work work (street contacting, casa, etc.) I'm not super familiar with here at Verona, yet. We haven't done a lot of it. But, I love Verona so much, already!

Oh yeah, I'm on a bike! Finally! Neither at Siena or Collegno did I have a bike. Now that I'm over a year in my mission, I get to experience the soreness that comes from being on a bike! It's fun, I'm not even that sore anymore. Sorella Gomez said she was pretty sore for 2 weeks. I'm pretty fine now. Meno male.

Also, we're living in 4! I haven't had to live in 4 (2 sets of sister missionaries) in my whole mission, until now, either. But, with so many new sisters, a lot of people are living in 4 now. So, it's just all new experiences for me now! Living in 4, being on bikes, being a Sister Training Leader... no getting comfy for me! Ha.

Well, I'll send you some pictures from leaving Siena and hello to Verona (okay... there's only one hello to Verona). You know how my companion is Sorella Gomez now? I just love her so much. She's probably the cutest person in the world. Our ward is going to have a little Mexican FHE this monday to celebrate the Mexican independance day, and guess what we're doing..? MAKING A Pinata! I' excited. So when I come home from my misison to Italy, I'll be able to show you all how to make a pinata! :) Haha.

Well, now I should run. But, I love y'all oodles!
Vi voglio so much bene!
Sorella Willis

In response to reading about Luke's new mission call:

Holy cannoli, how amazing! Luke's going to Argentina! That's so so so so so wonderful! :) And, 5 weeks? My word, that's fast! I remember I had 5 MONTHS to prepare! Haha. Crazy. I'm so excited for him :) Is he super excited/stoked? Better yet, LUKE EMAIL ME, and tell me how you're feeling/thinking/everything! :) So good :)

Well, just to inform y'all on what's going on over here lately. This week has been insane. We have been running around like crazy. We were getting ready for a baptism, then we had Ward Conference, then we had a FHE for the ward that we were in charge of (just for that night).

Let's start with the baptism. It was SO good! It's the most adorable family in the world, Eduart (he's Albanian!) was baptized. He has the cutest wife (Ilenia) and the two cutest kids in the world (Michela and Adam). The baptism was great, a lot of both of their families came (grandparents, brothers and sisters and what not). It was soo good! :) I'll send pictures! :)

Then, we had our FHE on Monday! So... because sorella Gomez is Mexican, she happened to know when the Mexican Independance day is... it was this past Sunday and Monday! So, we did a Mexican Fiesta for FHE! It was so much fun, we were making our pinata for weeks! And, it came out wonderfully (we made a yellow M&M - pictures to follow!). Also, the anziani in our ward made one (we have 2 sets of anziani in our ward), and our ward mission leader made one (although his kinda died, so it's really funny looking, I love it). It was super super fun! We made guacamole and piccos de gallos (?), and the anziani made Orchatta (Ben, have you ever had that? It made me think of him as soon as I tasted it. It's like rice pudding, but in liquid form. It was delish!) And, Sorella Gomez taught us the song you sing when you have a turn hitting the pinata (did you know there was a song? I didn't know! Haha). If I remember correctly, it goes like this,
"Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino. Porque si lo pierdas, pierda el camino. Ya le diste una, ya le diste dos, ya le diste tres, y tu tiempo se acabo!" I dunno if I misspelled any of that, but I love the little song! Haha :)
And, one of our investigators (who I had not met until that night) CAME! Because, a member invited her! Oh mamma, missionary work goes so much better when it's done with the members! We gave her a church tour afterwards, and she really enjoyed it. When we showed her the baptismal font, she was really interested! She loved it. We told her there would be a baptism soon (of a little boy), and she said she'd love to come! :) It was wonderful :)
Other random fact, one of the sorelle who we live with, Sorella Gross, is an adorabel red-head convert, who grew up on the reservation, and speaks Navajoo! She's cute :)

Well, if I want to send pictures, I should probably finish up.
Vi voglio bene!

Have Luke, and Jacob, and Ben, and EVERYONE email me! :)
Vi voglio tanto bene!

Sorella Willis

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