Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now it's Christmastime :)

Ciao tutti! Merry Christmas! Hahaha, it's after Thanksgiving, so clearly it's Christmas time now! :) Have y'all gotten/decorated a Christmas tree yet? Pictures! Sorry I don't send a lot of pictures, but I just don't take a whole lot! We're only supposed to on p-day, so not a ton of pictures get taken. Ha. But, thanks for the pictures from Thanksgiving! And, mamma mia, Jher-bear came to Thanksgiving? Agh, how fun! And, wow, sorry I was a complete whiner in my last email! Thanksgiving day came and went, and I didn't worry much about it.

Oh, so about the Christmas tree, here in Italy there's a Holiday... the official start of Christmas is 8 Dec. I really dunno the exact meaning of that Holiday, but I just know school's out, and it's when Christmas time officialy has begun, and everyone puts up their Christmas trees on that day... and it's a big thing. We were invited to one of our less-actives for the setting up of the tree. Super exciting. Hope we can go! And, Courtney, you said Carla's getting married on that day? Ah, I'll keep her in my thoughts :) Oh Carla, love that girl :) Haha.

Okay, alcune (some) things I wanted to say!
So, I just realized that David Frey is in the MTC! But, he get to the MTC a while ago, so will he be in the field soon? Mamma mia, time flies! Speaking Armenian... pazzo! Have fun/good luck to Elder Frey!

Oh, I mentioned that I was giving a talk on Jacob's birthday (11th), and my favorite older gentleman came! "Beppe". He's the best. Except that he doesn't want to learn, or talk much about the gospel. He loves to chiachiarrare (? I think I spelled it right - it means chit chat). He loves to just talk to us, and he's super sweet, but he's super set in his religion. Managia (darn it)! Oh well.

Oh, and I had this really yummy food the other day... it's not Italian. It's called Kebap. It's super yummy and delish, but apparently it's not healthy (because the meat sits out all day... just hanging... I dunno exactly), and I think it's illegal in the U.S.? I've heard. But I loved it.

Um, okay, so everyone EVERYONE thinks we're Jehovah's Witnesses. It stinks. People usually do all that they can to avoid us at all costs. Ugh.

Oh, and about a Christmas package, unless it's something that I can't really buy here, you don't really need to send stuff. President told me that people send packages of candy and what-not that costs $10, or qualcosa (something), but with customs we would have to pay $40 (euro). So, only if they're things that I really can't buy here. And, I guess, the only thing I really need, that I said earlier, is music. Cds. EFY. MoTab. Christmas (church christmas). You know. Haha.

Oh! And, so this is the first time this happened to me! I haven't had anything really crazy happen to me in Collegno, yet, but the other day, we still had a little bit of time left to do some "finding", so we went to this one palazzo (apartment building) to knock doors, and we always start at the top. So, this one guy let us in, and we went up to that floor (10th), and he was there, waiting for us. And he said, "Y'all don't need to be doing this at this hour. It's too late. It's time for you to go.", and we resisted a bit, but he was super tall and kinda scary. And, it was kinda late - the time when people usually eat dinner. So, we started walking down the stairs... and he did, too! He walked with us down 5 flights of stairs before he stopped following us (to make sure we left the building, and didn't talk to anyone else)! Ma, dai (come on)! So, S.lla Mancuso said we definitaly have to go back to that building, because there's someone elect there! :) Ha.

We had Stake Conference last Sunday, and that was so good! One of our investigators came! He's so great. I wish he would pick a baptism date, though. Ugh. Haha.

What's going on at home, eh? I'll try to email y'all back ASAP! So, I was just thinking about Michelle Bajalia the other day, and I havn't talked to her in a good while... I don't even know if she knows I'm on a mission! So, if someone could tell her I said hello, and I love her! :) Ha.

Um... I'm trying to think of what else to say. We're talking to people, and setting up appointments, and teaching more and more! I feel like I can't speak a lick of Italian still, but when I look at where I was when I was in the MTC, I can see the improvement. So, I just need to take it easy on myself.

We're gonna set up our Christmas tree soon, so I'll send y'all a picture of that/us probably next week!
Jeez, time flies when you're on the internet. I wish I had enough time to write and respond to everything!
Kelsey Lyn Ross, hello! Grazie mille per the email! So wonderful :) Ha.

But, I need to write a letter to mission president. I looooove y'all! Be good! I will not whine to y'all for Christmas... sorry I did that for Thanksgiving! It's so great to hear all the things happening at home! :) Thanks for everything! Y'all are the best family in the whole whole wide wide world! :)

Sorry it's kinda short this week, but today was kinda crazy.
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi! Okay, so much to write today!

Okay, first of all, I have a new companion! But, remember how I said, last week, it was Sorella Loffley (?)... it's not. President told us the wrong name on the phone the other day - I think he just got us mixed up with the other Sorelle in our district. My new companion is Sorella Mancuso! She was with me in the MTC - what?! Ha, she was in the older group who left after I was there for 3 weeks, but still. Basically, she's only one transfer ahead of me. Basically, we're probably the youngest companionship in the mission. I have two and she has three transfers. Mamma mia! But, it's great. She's spectacular, and talks to everyone, and loves to work - she's the perfect missionary! So, I'm gonna learn a lot this transfer, I'm sure!

Okay, alcune cose voglio dire (some things I wanna say). First, I hate the time change we had just recently. It gets dark, like night time dark, at 5:30pm. FIVE THIRTY! How can we do missionray work, when 3-4 hours of our day are filled with darkness? It stinks, but we just need to fill in that time with appointments! It's hard, here in Collegno, to get appointments. And then when we do, they don't always follow through. But, I guess that's not Collegno, that's just missionary life. It's rough. Ha, but we work through it!

Ah, managia (darn it)! so, I had a list of things I wanted to tell y'all, and they were written in my planner, and they were some things from last week, but that was last transfer... it's a new transfer now, and I have a new planner! So, half the things I wanted to say, I don't remember! Managia. Oh well. I'll try and use that thing called my brain. Haha. Well, I was just wondering how everyone was - Ashlee and John Paul? Lyndzie and Matt Alvarez? How are they all doing? Tell them I said hey! :)

Oh, and this is a special hello to all my EFY kids - I dunno if any of them read the blog, or whatevs, but I want them to know that I still love them, and miss them! And, for the my boys from On The Heart - what's going on with mission stuff? All of y'all can probably work on mission papers, with the age change, now! Ah! So, y'all (ALL of my EFY kids) I would love to hear from you guys!

So, it's Wednesday. It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Yesterday was the day usually where we prepped all the food for Thanksgiving, while listening to Christmas music... today, y'all head out to GoldHead... tomorrow is Thanksgiving... then Friday it becomes CHRISTMAS time! Basically, if I think about it - that I'm not there, in Florida, with my family, for the Holidays, doing our usual Holiday things - I almost start to cry. Like now. It's really hard for me to be away from y'all for the Holidays. I've never missed the Holidays with y'all! So, I just need to not think about home... at all! And, just work work work. I think that's the only thing that will keep my mind off of it. Ha. But, y'all take lots of pictures! Of camping, of Thanksgiving, of the Christmas tree, of everything and everyone!

Ma, grazie for the emails, babbo! That's so cute, Abby whispering away. Haha. She's probably grown so much. Both her and India. And, Tanner! Ah, my little babies!

Oh, okay, I remember something I wanted to say! Okay, so the package you want to send for Christmas. I dunno, it was really really stressed for us not to get packages, because it's just expensive and stressful and a hassle... I dunno. I really don't know what all has to happen, but if y'all really really want to send something, I would suggest talking to the Mission Office (do y'all have that information? Email mission president, or the mission office or something. I think you can find that info online, but if not, ask me, and I'll send it to you). I don't really need anything... okay scratch that, I do really need one thing. That's music! But, I dunno if I want cd's, or if y'all can put a zillion songs on a thumb drive, and that will work. There's an elder I talked to who said he has a bunch of songs on a thumb drive... I dunno how he listens to them - maybe through our little DVD player. Ma, I'll send that in a letter to y'all. But yes, if I can get stuff, just lots of good music - especially Christmas music! Mamma mia, if that can get here in a time, and we figure out if I should use a thumb drive or cds. Haha.

But, the missionary work, our investigators are good. We don't have many progressing, they're kinda just doing their own thing... it stinks. They love the gospel, and the LDM (libro di mormon), but I don't think they understand the importance of it all.

Um, I think that's all. I have boots and leggings. I wear all these weird things that I've never worn before. Hahaha. But, Italy is great! I love everyone here! We have a less active we try to go see, and she's so sweet, I love her. Her name is Vanessa, and she's 20. Her mom's not a member, but she comes to our English class every week, so we're tight with their family. And, we asked them if there was anything if we could do for the them the other day, and she said, "Yes! You can come to our house for dinner, the night before Christmas." We're not realy supposed to eat dinner - it's not in our schedule, cause Italian's eat such big lunches, we just eat lunch, work through dinner, and forse snack something when we come home for the evening - so, I dunno if we are techincally allowed to go there for dinner, but still, I'm just super happy that they invited us :) I love them.

Um, I think there's more that I wanted to say, but I'll have to look at my old planner for that. But I gotta go. Love you all! Vi voglio bene! Have a fun, happy, safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Sorella Willis

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a quick hello!

Okay, oggi, veramente, I don't have a lot of time. Ma, I must say, thanks for the letters and the emails!

Seriously. Okay, I got your letter yesterday, 13 Nov., so I guess it takes about 2 weeks to get here?
a) I can't believe I've been here 6 weeks - a transfer already! 
b) companion/TRAINER is getting transferred! Che triste. 
Okay, usually the trainer is with the trainee for 12 weeks - 2 transfers. But, nope. So, basically I'm super nervous, and kinda excited. But mostly nervous. Cause, my new companion (S.lla Loffly ?) will obviously be the Sr. Comp, but I have the responsibility of knowing the city, the bus stops, the streets, the members, the investigators... everything! Super nervous. But, I know this is what I need to help me step it up. Obviously, it's what I need - the Mission Pres. does what he's directed to do by the spirit, but what I mean is, I think I can understand, at least a little bit, of how this change will help me already. 
Ma, devo andare, veramente (I really gotta go), today is crazy, since Sorella Eaton's leaving tomorrow. 
I will write much more un altro giorno (another day). Ma, mamma mia, the photo y'all sent... KALEB'S AS TALL AS COURTNEY! What in the world? Y'all are wonderful. Keep being wonderful :)
I feel terrible that I can't write more, but I gotta go.
Vi voglio bene! Ciao!

- Sorella Willis

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Come é Novembre, gia (how is it already november)?! Where in the world does time go? Mamma mia!

Okay, boo that Obama won! Managia (dang it)! I'll pray for America for the next forever. Or, at least the next 4 years. How close was it? Babbo, thanks for the picture of the Jack-o-lantern, it was super cute. Made me think of something Elisabeth would design (la faccia - the face). Haha.

Funny- no, not funny fact. Remember how I asked for the choc. chip pumpkin cookie recipe? Yeah, they don't have canned pumpkin here. Super triste. Ha. We hadn't even thought about that. Of course, we could buy pumpkins, and cook those, but we just don't have the time for that. So, we made choc., choc. chip, zucchini muffins - like zucchini bread, but chocolate-y and muffin-y (Sorella Eaton makes them all the time, they're  yum). We've made a batch almost every week, now. Haha. And, oh my, yesterday we dropped them off at my favorite two old men! Remember my favorite two old men (fruit tree and saxophone house)? Yeah, I love them. We made some muffins, and dropped them off at the two houses, and invited them to come to my talk on Sunday! And, one of them said that he very very well may come! He said he tried to come to the Halloween party, but he couldn't find the church. He said he isn't promising anything, but that he may very well come - he said something like, '...I don't promise anything, but now I'm interested.'... tipo, in the church! In our meetings! I'm so excited. He's a doll.

Okay, ma, okay! Last Thursday we did a blitz! Not a scambio (I can't even think of the word in English, but when missionaries switch companions, and go to each others cities - trade off? Non lo so), but instead of going to each other's cities, we were all 4 in 1 city - Torino! In the city of the other sorelle. It was so much fun. a) I was with Sorella Santoro - she's Italian. Super spectacular. Also... we were on bikes! It was so much fun! Ah, I loved it. I hope I go to a bike area later in my mission. Oh, and I talked to one of the YW in their ward (we stopped by the church), and turns out, she has a friend... in Florida... in Jacksonville! (and, she's not a member of the church). Mariella Aguilara-Baca - okay, y'all go find her, now :) Haha. But, not, blitz was super fun.

Last week we taught our/my favorite, Isaac! He's so super. He's had most of the lessons. Okay, he's had basically all the lessons. We taught him Tithing/Fasting this past week. He's a baller, he's so great. He said he wants to get baptized, but there's ONE thing in his life he wants to fix, first. Ah! He's going to fast this week for a date to be baptized. Because, he's had a date before, and didn't follow through. And, he hasn't committed to a date, since. He knows it's important, but I guess there's something he has to do, first. Pray for Isaac! He's so fun, he speaks French (he's not Italian, I think French is his first language - he speaks English and Spanish, too), and he was trying to teach us some French the other day. Elisabeth & Jacob, he reminds me of Jher-bear. Ha, not really, maybe just the French part, I guess. I dunno.

Oh, and the other day we had our last normal district meeting for this transfer. Ah! Dude, missions are hard. I don't want my district to change :( I love district meeting, it's like being with my brothers! I'll send a picture! They're fun :)

Oh, and let me just say, I love the Raimondi family! They're this wonderful little family, the mom is less-active, so we visit her about once a week. She's spectacular, she's so fun/funny. And, something that Sorella Eaton pointed out, that I think is giusto (right), is that I speak best with Sorella Raimondi. I dunno why, but I'm most comfortable around her. She's like my mom, here. Besides those things, that's about it. Forse. I dunno what to say for a Christmas package. I don't really need anything. Or, that I can think of right now.

Oh, and I'm opening my mouth, more! Yay! Not tons, I'm not perfect, but I'm improving. Both me and my companion. Yay!

Grazie per being the super best famiglia, ever! I love y'all!
Jacob, Happy Birthday on Sunday! I won't be able to email on Sunday, so here it is, a bit early :)

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: I'm preparing my talk for Sunday on a General Conference talk... 'What Thinks Christ if Me?'. Boom, killer talk. It's spectacular!Y'all check it out :)

Me and my companion, Sorella Eaton, and the Mission President and his wife, Pres. and Sorella Wolfgramm. They're spectacular, I love them.

At the top of the tower I talked about (last email, it's a film museum in Torino). Con mi collega and Sorella Hoppe (I was in the MTC with her I looove her!) and her companion (whose name I always forget, but she's Italian).

My district :) they're so fun, I love them!!