Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catching up on Sara's pictures!


Luigi. We buy cheese from him every week. I love him!

Gianni (Johnny)! He's my other best friend. We buy Kabap from him all the time. He's from Turkey. Speaks a Language called Zaza. Awesome, no? Haha :)

Saying goodbye to the Gori's! Mamma mia, che sad! :(

Chiara's basically my sister, and I love her to Death :)
Good bye Siena, my best friends Lorena and Redi! (they're married. So cute, no?) :)

Sorella Baird and I - cookie monster! (at the end of the transfer thing. It's terrible/delicious)


Sorella Gomez and I making our piñata! :)
Our piñata!

Our Anziani's piñata!

Me in front of a happy colosseum

Eduart's baptism!

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