Saturday, October 19, 2013

In which Sara ships off her companion back home!

Email: 10/16/2013


I will try to write you ALL back next week. But, seeing as how today is Sorella Gomez's last day (pretty much) we're cutting our email short today, so that she can get everything done that she needs. She's great, I love her, I'm so sad she's leaving, but she's was such a good example for me of how to finish my mission strong, and to just LOVE everyone! Honestly, one of the greatest things I've learned from her is to LOVE! She is full of love for everyone. Sometimes I'm too much the Martha and not the Mary, but I'm working on balancing that out :)

Let's see what I can tell you all in just a few minutes.

Well, it's FALL here! I love it so so so so so so so so much. Do you know how much I would just love to take pictures of everything? I would. But I don't. But, I can't wait to eventually get married/take engagement pictures in the fall! Hahahah (because I control when that happens, of course... ha).

Well, lets see... the Dema family is the cutest, still. We had a little goodbye thing for Sorella Gomez last night with the Dema family and some members, and we played a game called Animali (animals) - funnest game ever! It's basically like "Fatty fatty" and "Big Booty", except with animals! Each person is an animal and has to have a sound and a gesture of the animal... and if someone messes up, people move a seat, and you take their animal... it gets SO confusing, and so so fun! :) We'll play when I get home :)

Also, I really want to cut my hair these days. A lot. A little more than a trim (maybe 1-2 inches off), and my bangs have grown out into the rest of my hair, so I might get those trimmed up a little bit shorter! But, I'm just torn with who I need to go to. There are zillions of sister missionaries who know how to cut hair, who went to hair school and whatnot, BUT last week in the Pronto Soccorso (not emergency room, but likeunto it...? Anyway...) we were there for 9 hours (long story, I'm completely fine, it was Sorella Gomez, who likewise is completely fine) and we met the cutest little family, and THEY HAVE A HAIR SALON! I dunno if that's a sign or a temptation... but I'm debating on going to them... I just dunno if a) they would do a crazy job, and b) if it would be expensive. We'll see.

Also, I was talking to Sorella Acerson (we live with another companionship, like y'all know) and I just love her so much! She's just so GOOD! And, we were talking about life and school and everything, and she may or may not have confirmed my want to study Accounting. Okay... she did not confirm it, but she made me want to do it more! Ha, but I'm still undecided. She said she wants to be a CPA (just like you dad! Aw :) haha), and just talking with her was super fun. We did a scambio the other day together, and it was soo good! We taught a bunch of lessons, and she's such a good example for me - even if she's younger than me in life AND in mission life, she's so good, and such a good example! Super driven and in gamba (, on the ball).

Also, do you know how much I want to study Isaiah when I get home? So MUCH! Apparently there's a class you can take a BYU on Isaiah, and I just want to take it oodles! I'm reading the BOM again, and I'm noticing EVERYWHERE where it makes reference to him and his writings, and how much they studied the words of Isaiah to understand even MORE the mysteries of God. Funny right? Isaiah clearning up stuff? I cant't wait :) Hahaha.

Also, we went to the Lake the other day (just to look, of course). It was so great! I may have felt a little too much at home (just FINALLY seeing a big body of water again), and... I may have gotten home sick for 5 minutes. But don't worry, it passed :) Ha.

Well, I gotta finish up. I'm still not finished saying everything that I wanted to, but NEXT WEEK I will FOR SURE update y'all on everything, and send so so many pictures! Sorry, I haven't sent hardly any this transfer! Whoops!

Oh! So, my new companion will be Sorella Lyman! I don't know her super super well, but she was in the MTC with me (the group behind me), so I'm super excited to work with her :)

Vi voglio bene! Thanks for all the emails and updates about everything and everyone!
Sorella Willis

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