Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In which Sara gets a new mission President!

Babbo! Thanks for the email, and all! The picture of Luke and Ricardo? Adorable :) Hahaha. Adam's getting married? Not really. That's all just a joke. Haha, golly gee, I can't believe it's already here! That's so crazy! So y'all are having crazy fun adventures in Texas/Mexaco. Awesome :)

Well, number one, let me let y'all know before hand that we're switching our p-day to Tuesday next week, because... next week is the Palio (the Siena horse race, that's basically like a religion!) So, basically no one will listen to us that day, because EVERYONE will be watching the Palio. So, we're gonna make p-day that day, and work on Wednesday. Haha.

Also, can I just tell you HOW happy I was the other day! My word. So, we were heading to a new missionary training meeting (for Sorella Baird), and there were some other missionaries headed to that church, too. I started talking to one of the Sorelle I didn't know very well (she's Italian!), and we talked for a little bit, then after a little while she asked me, "Were you trained by an Italian?" and I said "No." and she asks, "Where you trained by someone who was trained by an Italian?", and I said "Yes!", and she proceeds to tell me that I don't have an accent hardly at all, but that she said I speak like an Italian! AGH! :) :) That may or may not have made me terribly happy! Okay, I did talk to her a bit, but she didn't hear me say words/phrases I struggle with... she just heard me speak the things I'm comfortable with. Just the other day I was talking with someone in church and I mentioned how I would love to, one day, just speak like an Italiana, and they said, "That does take time." (aka, you're not there yet) - which didn't bother me at all, I know I'm not there yet. But, just hearing that someone (an Italian!) thinks I have a really good Italian accent completely made my day! :)

Well, so this past week we've been teaching this one guy quite a bit... like, every other day, almost! He's from Ghana. Such a good guy! All he wants to do is get baptized. He has a date: 13 luglio! So, hopefully you'll be getting pictures from that soon! :) The only the is, a comunication barrier. He speaks Twi (and a little bit of Italian and a little bit of English), so we're just trying to make sure he understands everything we're teaching.
Also, babbo, just so you know, I took out €60,00 the other day (I needed some summer shirts, and some sandals).

Also, oh my, do you want to hear the happinest little miracle? Well, we had talked to a lady from Romania the other day, who told us to come back (and bring her a BOM in Romanian). Well, we had tried to come back twice to see her, but she hasn't answered. So, we decided to go knock a couple of doors close by. We knocked on a door with a very old lady, and she invited us in. We talked to her for a bit, but she wasn't understanding much of what we were saying. Then shortly after her bidante (I think is how you spell it? - the lady who basically lives with her, and takes care of her, because she's super old, and can't take care of herself - a care-taker, basically.) came in. She kinda gave us the heads up that the lady was too old to understand much, but then we began talking to her, taught her a tiny Restaurazione lesson, the spirit was strong. And, she happened to be from Romania! And we had our BOM in Romanian right there with us that day! We gave it to her, she asked us for our phone number, and we're going to see her next week! She's wonderful, I love her!

We also just had our last meeting with President and Sorella Wolfgramm (our mission president)! It's the craziest! But our new mission president (Pres. Dibb) and Pres. Wolfgramm were actually companions twice, as they served missions here in Italy... years ago! Haha. We'll get to meet him next week, I'm super excited!
Well, I got a lot of pictures to send to y'all, so I'll start sending!

Sorry, I feel like my emails get shorter and shorter every week!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

Pres. and Sorella Wolfgramm!

Sorella Seare and I on our last day together!

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