Friday, June 21, 2013

In which Sara continues to see many miracles! :)

That's cool that Jacob's almost a little fireman, and is saving people. That just seems perfect for him (to me) :) 
Hahaha, don't you even apologize about raising me as y'all did... I love it! I love the fact that I grew up learning how to camp, shoot guns, work outside, and hold my own around a bunch of guys! :) Seriously, I could not have grown up doing girly things... just not possible. Haha.

Please, please, please take too many pictures at Adam and Morganne's wedding! The official photographer won't have the pictures ready for at least a little while (editing, picking and choosing, etc.), so get whatever phone pictures you can, and send them to me! :) Ha.

Mom is so cute. The fact that she did that for Steph is adorable :)

Thanks for all the info on everything! Y'all are the GREATEST little family in the whole wide world! :)
So, number 1 (I'm the worst daughter ever, sorry that I missed this last week): HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAY, Babbo! Seriously, you're the greatest dad in the whole wide world, and I love you oodles. No one in the world measure's up! Keep being great, you! :)

Also, I love transfers. It's just fun, seeing everyone :) I saw my favorite Sorella Hoppe (we're both training, again! We've had just about the exact same mission experience so far, same time and everything). I love her. We've decided we're gonna serve together. She's so much fun :)

Oh, so I haven't even told you! Haha, whoops! So, my new companion (daugherr #2) is Sorella Danica Baird! From Utah :) (she broke my no comp. from Utah streak!) I'll be sure to send a picture. She's awesome :) We saw about 478329x little miracles the other day, thanks to her (I'm 100% certain it's because she's magical, and has the greeny fire. The same thing happened the first week I had Sorella Seare). Our second day here at Siena, we had a ton of little miracles! We ran into a man who we had taught before, and he told us to call him this week. We met a man who had met with the missionaries before, and we had a lesson with him. We called a referral from a lady we met in the park, and he had met with the missionaries before, and we have an appointment with him and his FAMILY tonight! And, we met a wonderful lady who was looking for hope, and she was very interested when we talked to her about the BOM and how it can bring hope. Lots of little miracles that will lead to even bigger miracles! And, not to mention there's a man from Ghana (Antony), who we're teaching, who can't wait to get baptized! (after we invited him to baptism, and explained to him what it was, and now that's all he talks about; how he can't wait to get baptized, and make this change in his life. There are a couple things we have to work out before he's baptized, but he's such a little miracle, he's amazing!) 

So, the work's picking up a lot here at Siena, lately! Finally! It has it's slow days (...weeks/transfers), but it looks like it's picking up again!

Also, we had... 30+ visitors in church on sunday! Hahaha. Here in Siena, a tourist city, and now that it's the summer time, we're gonna have a lot of visitors coming in and out. We had 5 different families this past Sunday. It was so fun. That was the MOST packed I've ever seen our little chapel :) ...looks like we're gonna be doing a lot of translating this transfer! Ha. (I alreayd had to translate a talk in sacrament, and the youth class this past Sunday... Agh!) It's fun, though. Almost. I'm getting to the point (hopefully) where I can translate pretty well. I don't do word for word (it's rough. Because, italians phrase things differently), but I can translate the ideas pretty well.

Well, Italy's been super hot lately! The heat just came in immediatelly! I am not going to wear a cardigan/sweater/anything così for the next 5 months! We're going to the market today, and I'm gonna buy a bunch of short sleeved shirts, and some sandals! :) Yay! I'm SO excited, y'all have no idea :) Haha.

Well, I gotta go. Love y'all! Vi voglio troppo bene!

Sorella Willis

Me and Sorella Baird! :)

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