Thursday, July 11, 2013

In which Sara goes to a horse race! :)

Ah! Glad all the wedding-ness, and honeymoon stuffs went well! :)

Ooh, Navajo tacos at the LaFontaines? Yum. But, I'm confused. You said they're driving to Ohio and Michigan where Adam's job is - he's working in 2 different states at the same time?

Ah, and Ben and Jess will get sealed soon! That's so awesome! :) Make sure, whenever that is, I get oodles of pictures from that, too :) That's so so so wonderful!

And, mamma mia, I'm sure glad y'all are safe too! The Lord sure does answer prayers :)

Oh! Okay, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND LUKE for the 8 luglio! Also, Happy Anniversary mom and dad for 6 luglio (giusto?). Also, Happy 4th of July, which I had actually forgotten about (I wore YELLOW that day! Dang it.) Because, we had a Blitz that day! Sorella Padulla and Sorella Lofely came as our Sister Training Leaders, and blitzed us! And, let me just tell you, it was amazing! We had about 4 lessons planned for that day. Well, a couple of those cancelled... but, with lots of work, by the end of the day we we had each gotten 5 lessons - 10 lessons in 1 day! It was a miracle, especially for us here at Siena! Then, these past couple weeks we've continued to find a lot of unplanned lessons, and find a lot of new investigators (so, there's a bunch of people from all over, here in Siena. We've recently taught a man from Croatia, a guy from Santo Domingo, a lady from Ukraine, also Romanian, also Russia... just people from all the over the place! It's the best)! The work in Siena seems to really be picking up! We're so excited for it! There's gonna be a bunch of baptisms here in the next few months, for sure :)

Oh, did I mention we're having a baptism in 3 days? Yeah! We're so excited! His name is Antony. I'll be sure to get y'all pictures next week :)

Oh, and Michael and Emma Gisclair (whoa! That's both of their last name now!), AUGURI! Oh, mamma, vi voglio tanto bene! Conratulations! :)

So, lets see. Sorella Baird is amazing! I'm 97% sure the work is picking up because of her. She's so obedient, and so organized, everything's just coming together! I'm honestly not training her, she's training me. I love her! 

Oh, also... I went to the Palio last week! Remember that? It was super fun! Okay, so we stood outside, walking around the city (with literally zillions of other people), there were all of the contrade (teams, basically) going around town, and parading around... then, we went inside the Campo, where we stood and waiting for another couple hours for them to continue/finish parading. Then, with about 8 false starts (look up how the Palio works, with rules, etc.) the race finally started! ...and it finished about 3 minutes later! Haha, they only do 3 laps around, then they've finished the race. So, we stood about 5 hours on our feet for 3 minutes. It was great, I'll send you a bunch of stuff :)

Well, keep Siena in our prayers! This little branch/area needs prayers! They've been a tiny branch for years and years, but they need to grow and become a ward! So, let's all pray for them - they're the greatest, they deserve it! :)

Okay, well I gotta run.

Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Willis


These are the horses. They're racing.

All of the Contrade (there are 17! not all 17 race every year)

Sorella Baird and I, at the Campo, waiting for the race to start!

One of my favorite things about Siena: the city cleaner people sweep with witches brooms! :)
I don't think I sent this last week, but I love how giant the slices of pizza are :)

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