Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In which Sara does NOT get transfered! :)

Babbo! The pictures are Amazing, and wonderful! Thanks so much! :)

Well, if you'd like to know what's going on, we had a really weird giovedì the other day. So, there was this person that was supposed to come to clean our water heater (some law. They have to be cleaned every year). So, we had set that up to happen Thursday morning. Well, they didn't come and the scheduled time, so we went out, and did some work. While we were out, we got a call - a man, who said they stopped by to clean, and we weren't home. He said they would be there in 30 min. Okay, so we just headed home. We were almost home, when we got another phone call - a lady, who said, she was sorry the man who was supposed to clean our water heater didn't come, but they needed to reschedule the time - for 2:30 that same day. We told her we just got a call from the man, and that he said he would be there in 30 min. Well, she said he was not part of their company. So, after talking it out with Sorella Baird, and thinking it out, we felt 100% more sure about the phone call from the woman than the man. We called Anz. Capece (the Senior couple here), and he said there have been scams going around with the missionaries, and that it was probably a scam. So, we ignored the creepy scam phone calls that afternoon, and eventually at 2:30, the man from the company came. And, everything is all great now :) Haha. The Lord protects his missionaries! It was a miracle that the woman called us not even 20 mintues after the scam man called us. If she hadn't, we would have gotten home, and let the other man into our house! Che benedizione! :)

Also, I was wondering, can y'all maybe find me Zebra pen refills? (Zebra F-402). Also, as soon as anyone gets their hands on an EFY 2013 CD, I would love that ASAP! :)

Well, would you like to hear what's going on with transfers? I'M STAYING IN SIENA! For 5 tranfers! It's so crazy, I never thought I would stay here this long! I got here in February! It's almost August (and I'll stay until mid-Sept!), but I am not complaining! I looove Siena! :)

Although, sad stuff has been/will be happening. You know my favorite Emily from England? Well, she's moving back to England! She Leaves Friday. She's the best, I love her. But, she needs to leave Italy, so that's what she's gotta do. Also, last night was super sad! So, we have an English class, and we invited Antony (our recent convert) to come, since English isn't his first Language, and we could help him learn to read, and whatnot. Well, after class, he pulled us aside, and said he needed to talk to us about something. Well, he has to move to Napoli. Today! (Wednesday). With it being really hard to have work, he is moving to Napoli to go stay with a friend. He was super down. You could tell. He said he wanted to stay at least 1 more Sunday, so that he could go to Church with us, but he couldn't wait anymore. He had to leave. I was so sad! I didn't expect it, either! It was just a miracle that we were able to teach him, that he was able to be baptized, and that his life has been changed! He told us, about a month ago, that he might have to go to Napoli soon to look for work, but it was never for sure. And, the Lord blessed us with enough time to teach him, and see him be baptized, and to help him along a little bit. He's so great, can y'all keep him in your prayers? He needs them. 

But, also, this emails kinda sad... of course, there's Always happy things that happen! We had found a Young couple with a little child on a scambio about 4-5 weeks back. Well, we had tried to call them, but they were out of town, and things like that. So, we decided to go stop by their house one day! We did, the woman was outside with her little boy, and we asked her if we could explain a little about our message right then. She said of course, and as we talked, we came to find out she and her husband are from Albania (and, miracle? We have to of the greatest members in the WORLD here in Siena, from Albania). We taught her, she was really excited to see that we had pamphlets in her Language, and that we had the BOM in her langauge. We asked if we could come back to give them the BOM, and asked when we could come back with her and her husband home, and they said within a couple of days. We set up that appointment, then came back, and they were expecting us! (which is such a great miracle!) They had both read the pamphlet we left, and they had a couple questions about the BOM, and Joseph Smith. They're Amazing! He accepted a baptismal invite (without a date), her not yet. But, the first time we had seen her (without the husband) we invited her to come to Church, and she said she would like to, but it was kinda far away for them. Well, we invited them both to Church again, and they really seem like they want to come! Before we even mentioned it, she said she's sorry that she couldn't make it to Church, but that she really wants to come and see how our Church is. They're wonderful! We feel great about them, and are so so excited to be working with them! :) A future eternal family, here :)

The work is going great. Sorella Baird and I are staying together for another transfer, and I'm super happy about that! I Always think change will be good and fun, but for this transfer I'm SO glad to be with Sorella Baird again! I've learned so so much from her, and I'm just gonna keep Learning and becoming better with her!

Well, I gotta run, but vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Willis

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