Friday, July 19, 2013

In which Sara has another baptism!! :D

Babbo! And everyone! Ciao :)

So, remember how we had a baptism last week? So good! Antony, he's such a good guy :) Pictures to follow! And, what made me even happier? Sandro (the dad of the Gori family) gave the talk on the Holy Ghost! He did SO well, I just love that man so much! Antony brough 4 friends to his baptism - yeah! Also, one of our members brought a friend! Afterwards we talked to our members friend, and she said how she had never seen a baptism like this before, and how she felt something inside of her, she felt peace and happiness. Then, after talking a bit with her and her friend (the member), and explaining a little bit about the BOM, and the church, we had told her that we have the BOM in her language (Spanish), also. She turned to her friend (the member) and said, "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!" She's wonderful, and we can't wait to teach her! :) She also has a sister who I've taught before (she's just always super busy), and who is just as amazing! Oh, wonderful people her at Siena :)

Also, can I just say how much I love Sorella Baird? We're very different, but very similar in a lot of ways too, particularly in our work ethic! We just love to work, and get things done! So, as a result, a) We've had the highest numbers Siena's had for a looong time. b) These are the highest weekly numbers I've ever had in my whole mission! She's so great, I feel bad at how much I'm learning from her, cause I should know all this stuff already! But, I guess I'm not perfect! Ha. 

Also, so on Sunday we had visitors! An ex-missionario (they don't say RM here, they just say ex, haha) who I knew! He was my ZL for my first transfer! Good guy (Anz. Lendhart... it may or may not be spelled that way, ha). He also served in Siena (and found/taught some of the greatest new convert/members in the world!). So, he came back with his family to visit! So, I translated in Primary for his little sister and brother, and their mom came in, too. Well, after Primary I sat and talked with his mom for a bit... and, she's a photographer! I was so excited to hear that! I haven't thought a whole lot about photography lately, but talking to her really sparked it up in me again :) We got to  talking about a few different things, then she said I could contact he after I get home from the mission! Do you know how happy that made me? So very happy! :) There's so much I don't know, I need opinions/thoughts/advice, and she said I could get in contact with her! Hello, super felice, sono io :) She took a picture of Sorella Baird and I, and said she would send it to y'all (I gave her dad's number) and contact y'all. There's been a few people who said they would do that (members, who when they see missionaries, contact their family, and tell them that they saw them) - have y'all been contacted by anyone who said they met me? Haha.

Also, so quick question. Isn' the FJM (FL Jax Mission)'s theme 3 Nefi 5:13? Our new mission presidente had us all recite that the other day (and our ZL's had us memorize it), so I dunno if that's gonna become a IMM (Italy Milan Mission) thing, but that would be so happy! A little connection between IMM and FJM :) 

Also, mamma mia, it's such a tiny world! So, basically, remember how there are 2 Floridians in my district (not including me), and I have mutual friends with both of them? Well, I found out another connection! So, I was talking about how Elisabeth is going to Provo-Spanish speaking soon, and this Anziano says he has a friend serving there now. Because we're both from Florida, I ask what his name is, in case I happen to know him. He says, "Toren Guthrie". Do you know who that is? One of my EFY kids! Although, I also heard from another one of my EFY kids that he's serving SLC-Spanish speaking. So, maybe someone was mistaken. Either way, a) he knows another one of my EFY kids! b) Elisabeth, you might be serving with one of my EFY kids! If you ever seen an Elder Guthrie, give him a good handshake for me, and tell him I said hi :)

Well, I think that's about all. Transfers next week! Agh! I love little Siena!

Also, do you want to know basically my new favorite name in the world (I might have told you already, but my love for this name has been rekindled lately)? Ludovico (Italian for Ludwig)! I just love it! If a child doesn't get that name, or a dog or a pet sure will! :) Hahaha.

Okay, I'll finish up. I expect the lack of emails is due to the fact that Elisabeth's sta per andare al MTC (getting ready to go to the MTC)! No worries :) Take oodles of pictures! 
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

 Us, the Capeces, Antony and Simone!

Us and Antony!

Our beautiful, giant district (with 3 Floridians!) I love them :)

Anz. Ibba! He's Italian (almost... hahaha. Okay, it's a joke, but he really is Italian) He's one of my very favorite people!

So, a couple weeks a go, we had a friday night activity. The Gori's brought a 7 year old girl who they sometimes babysit (and, because she's sometimes at thier house, I already knew her). Anyway, I just talked to her, and played some games with her that night (hangman, connect the dots, tick-tack-toe), and then on Sunday the Gori's gave us these! Claudia (7 yr old girl) made us these little hair clips! (she glued a clip to the back). Isn't it/she he cutest?! I'll try to get a picture with her before I ever leave Siena!

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