Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In which Sara prepares for another baptism! :)

Babbo! Thanks so much for the emails, and the stories, and everything! Y'all are the greatest! I can't believe Adam's married! Everything looks like it went wonderfully, though! 

So, today is 2 luglio... and we had to switch our p-day to today, because today is the Palio (the life and breath of Siena)! And, we got permission to go! I'm super excited, I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for y'all! :)
Okay, happy miracles for y'all.

27 giugno, President Wolfgramm had challenged us to place 1 BOM in the morning, in remembrance of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and their martyrdom. Well, that day we had our mind set, ready for miracles! Our plans had fallen through the night before, so we ended up having a day of finding. That morning we found, taught, and set up a return appointment with a lady at a park (and, we've seen her since then), who said she would read and pray with her whole heart to know for herself if it was true (as we left she said maybe she came to the park to eat her lunch that day to meet us). Then, that evening we talked to a younger man - didn't teach him, but set up a return appoinment (we've since taught him, and he hasn't accepted the bapt. invitation yet, but he sincerely listened to our message, and said he would read and pray [his mom passed away some time ago - Piano di Salvezza!]), and we also found, taught, and set up a return appointment with another lady at a park! It was a day full of miracles. 

Also, we're having a baptism next week! His name is Antony, he's from Ghana, and he's the greatest! I'll be sure to get y'all pictures next week! Of the Palio, of the baptism, and of the past few weeks! :)

We also switched our p-day today because of the Palio, and we did our missionary hours this morning, and we weren't exactly sure what was going to happen, if it would be a very successful morning, but we were able to find a man in a park, and teach him a lesson! It was amazing! :)

Well, I'm actually out of time, cause we gotta head out for the Palio, but I'll make sure to get a good email next week! :)
Auguri Adam and Morganne! 
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

Sorella Durfee, Sorella Hoppe and I! (we were all together in the MTC) I looove them! Sorella Hoppe and I see each other pretty normally throughout the mission, but we were just talking about the other day how we NEVER see Sorella Durfee! And then we saw her the other day! It made us terribly happy :)

Hi Courtney. That just happened (Sorella Pond - one of Courtney's friends from Cali!).

Two of my favorite Anziani from the MTC! (they were in the group after me) Anz. Locklear and Anz. Johnson

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