Friday, August 2, 2013

In which Sara goes to bed on time! :)

My word, I just don't have enough time to respond to everyone that I would like to this week! But, this week has been great, so I just gotta update y'all on it! :)

First of all, it's very hot these days. Fun fact? We don't have AC (not many places here in Italy do. And, if they do, it's like the little AC fan we have in the garage.) So, we have a couple fans, and get to open the Windows! But, I love it! I'm used to the heat, now. Being from Florida only helped a little... because, we also have AC in Florida! And I'm was indoors a lot, or in my car. So, it was a little adjustment, being constantly hot, but I'm used to it now. It's the best :) Hahaha. I also have a happy little tanline from these sandals that I bought last transfer.

So, speaking of these sandals, there's an interesting story that goes along with them. It's actually a terrible story. Basically, this past week, my back has been KILLING me. You know how when you see an old person strain to bend over to pick up something? That was me. My lower back was in a lot of pain. Sitting, standing, laying on my back, even (one night I had to sleep with a pillow under my back, so that it wasn't strained). I thought it was just because we're constantly carrying around books (BOMs, and especially here, we sometimes carry them in different languages), because I think I've mentioned to y'all my back had hurt a little bit, in past transfers, because of my purse/backpack/whatever I was carrying. So, I just thought it was a continuation of that, just increasingly getting worse. That worried me a little bit. Then, on Sunday, I talked to Cinzia Gori (you know, the wonderful Cinzia), and she showed me some more stretches to do to re-align my back/spinal cord. She also mentioned that (looking at my feet) I have a bit of an arch in my foot, and maybe the shoes I was wearing (the sandals) were causing the pain. I started doing some of the stretches, and they helped a little bit. But, I still had the pains. Then, I decided to switch out my shoes one day (my walking shoes I bought while I was at the MTC, instead of the sandals), and see if it made a difference... and, it completely did! My back still hurts a tiny bit, but I can already feel the difference from not wearing the sandals, so I'm not super worried, now that I'm just not gonna wear the sandals anymore. 

Fun story, no? Haha. But, it should hopefully all be fixed, and worked out well, now :)

Also, if I could just tell you the blessings of going to bed on time? Okay, I'll tell you. So, 10:30 bed time has been hard for me my Whole mission (not super late, just getting to bed at maybe 10:35, or something) - just because, I can't go to bed a few minutes early, and have 4 extra minutes ticking away when there's so much stuff that I could be doing (the to-do list never ends!). So, I've Always been a few minutes late. Well, Sorella Baird said, in the MTC the MTC Presidents wife did this thing called quiet time, where everything was done by 10:15 (eating, prayers, changing clothes, other to-do's), and the last 15 minutes were for reflecting on the day/studying something/etc. DUH! How have I not done this before? Well, I started doing it, and reading the General Conf. Engisn for those last 15 minutes. And I'm in bed on time every time! And, because this has been one of the hardest rules for me to follow, now that I'm following it, there are so many blessings that follow! Honestly, we can be keeping 90 percent of the rules, but if we don't put forth some effort, and don't follow the last 10 percent of the rules, we're going to miss 90 percent of the blessings! The blessings come in that last little push, when we DO just a little bit more.

And, as a result of this exact obedience, this going to bed on time? So many things! A wonderful woman, from Brazil, who we stopped. She said she usually takes a different route, but she had for some reason chosen the route she was on that day (for a little stroll). After we met her and talked to her, she said, "I know why I took this route today." Agh! We loove her! Also, we met and taught a man named Saturday, who is Amazing! He has already talked to the missionaries before, and he loves the Bible, and wants to do what's right, and follow Christ. He's Amazing. He's read some of the BOM before, but it didn't do much/mean much to him in the past. But, now he reads, and he said he sees how it's similar to the Bible, how the teachings of Christ are the same. He WANTS to read the BOM, and he prays to ask if it's true. He's wonderful! We also met a man named Fabio who is Amazing! He basically Always sets up the return appointments for us, "When do we see each other again?" He really tries to understand everything we say. He's been reading from the BOM, and is trying to understand everything he reads, too. He's Amazing, and he has a ton of real intent to know personally if it's true! He's a super fun person, too. He came to our English class the other night, and everyone was just laughing. Amazing. Then, we knocked on the door of a wonderful girl from China, named Barbara. Basically, we love her with our Whole hearts! She became a Christian about 1 year ago. She reads the BOM and says she feels pure inside, that her heart is, slowly but surely, becoming pure. She's Amazing, and said that God send us to knock on her door. Both her and Fabio say they feel good inside when they read the BOM, a calmess or peace or good feeling. It's Amazing! The BOM has so much power. People can choose not to feel it, or ignore it, when they read, but when read with desire to know, with faith in God, the BOM changes hearts and lives!

...these are some of the 10:30 bed time miracles that are happening! And, Barbara is the greatest. She has to movie to Milan (cause she's a student, and her next course is there), but she gave us her address in Milan to find the Church closest to her! Then we invited her to baptism last night, and she told us she wouldn't be here... she would be in Milan. But, she said, "Can I do this in Milan?" ...YES! These people are Amazing, mamma mia!
Well, that's about it. We've gotta rained on (aka completely soaked) at least 3 times in the past 3 weeks. It's fun, I love it :)

Luke needs to get his papers in ASAP! Now that Elisabeth's gone, I'm curious about his papers/call/future mission life!

Well, I've written quite a bit, today.

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: Sorry I didn't respond to much, dad. I just kinda wrote away, without even responding to your email. I'll respond more next week! :)

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