Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In which Sara has an early Pday! :)

Hi! Early p-day again - we have a Zone Conference on Thursday, which is when we usually see some other people, so we moved them to Wednesday, so we moved p-day to Tuesday!

So, here I am, Tuesday p-day... but this time I had a few emails! Yay! Y'all are super :)
So, how's life in the 32073? Haha. That was probably the dumbest thing I've said in 10 months (...no, I'm sure I've said dumber.)

SO, this past week we did a Blitz over at Rimini with the sisters over there! Sorella Acerson and Sorella Alley - they're so great! I love them :) I was with Sorella Acerson, and she's a boss. Her parents were the mission presidents of one of the Italy missions (I can't remember) a few years ago, so she lived here for a while... and she says she didn't learn anything while she lived here, but she's in her 2nd transfer (training!), and already speaks like a boss. She's fabulous! Love her :)

Also, I should tell you, I have a new FAVORITE evening snack. Slice up a ball of mozzarella and a tomato, a little salt and pepper, and eat them! It's delicous! Seriously, I'm gonna come home a whole new person! Remember when I used to not like tomatos? Well, I love them. Also zucchini, and peppers, and onions, and mushrooms, and everything that I grew up hating, I basically eat all the time now :) Hahaha.

Also, Sorella Seare and I were talking during lunch the other day, and she was asking me about what I wanted to study/major in/what I liked to do/etc., and I mentioned photography... then I went off on that for a little while. I had comletelly forgotten how much I love photography! It hasn't even crossed my mind (the want of  my big camera here in Italy, sure, has crossed my mind, but the fun happiness part, I get when I take pictures, I hadn't thought of in a while). It was great :) I forget there are things waiting for me at home sometimes. Haha.

Also, dad, you should know... I'm like you. Haha. My body has adjusted to my sleeping pattern, so that it just wakes up around 6:30am every day... except, I wake up about 5 minutes BEFORE 6:30 every day! Ha, I dunno why, but I do! But, it doesn't bother me. I'm more awake when I actually do wake up :)

Also, so would you like to hear what happened yesterday? Let me just tell you.

So, we're having our big Cowboy/western/Hoe Down activity this Friday, and there were some people who didn't show up at church/investigators/less actives that we wanted to get the invitations out to! So, Sorella Seare and I (yesterday) went around ALL afternoon finding these people (LA/investigators/etc.), and personally handing them an invitation/leaving one at their house. Well, there are about 5 little happy miracles that I can count just from doing that! 1) we stopped to invite investigators who we haven't been able to see in a LONG time (we've thought about dropping them), and they were super nice, and still really wanted to see us (they're just busy with work)! 2) We stopped by a LA who said he WILL be coming! Yeah! 3) As we were walking all day, we stopped this one girl and talked to her, and she said she's seen the BOM before - she has it at her house (her roommate talked with the missionaries before), and we got her number & address, and she said we could see her this weekend, or next week! :) 4) We dropped one by a referral who we taught once, but I had thought to drop (because, from what I heard her lesson didn't go well - they taught her on a blitz), but she said she wants to come, and bring her family (and her adorable children!), and said that she wants us to come back, cause she wants to talk to us about what she read in the BOM (SHE READ!). 5) We were wondering how/when we were going to invite certain other investigators, because they live farther away, and we don't really have time this week to go out just to drop off an invite... then, maybe 10 minutes later I thought that, we saw one of these investigators walking down the street (talk about tender mercy!) I stopped him, we talked for a bit, I gave him an invite, and he said "Okay, see you Friday!" - agh! What a miraculous day! :) So so happy. We're super excited :) We had members on Sunday asking for MULTIPLE handouts, so they could invite their friends! :) Oh, mamma mia, PLEASE pray that this activity will go well, this weekend! My hopes are really high for this, I feel like a bunch of people will come, and we're super excited for everything... we hope it all goes well! ...anzi, stupendously! :)

Oh, so this investigator who wants to bring her family, we were telling her goodbye, and I said "Ci sentiamo!", and she said "E una bicchiere d'acqua e un pezzo di frutta!" (glass of water, and a piece of fruit), and I was kinda confused, so I asked her, and she said down south whenever someone says "Ci sentiamo" (which means, we'll hear from you later) they always respond "E un caffè" (and a coffee), but she said since we don't drink coffee, she told us "a glass of water and a fruit." Hahahaha, I loved it! :)

Well, our weeks have been weird, lately. We've been struggling getting lessons... but, we're gonna get them! :) Especially with this activity coming up this weekend, we'll get lets of referrals/potentials! :)

How's life back in Florida? ...and Utah? And where ever else us Willis' are dispersed! Haha.

Well, not much else to say for this week. I bought a purse! I needed one. I'll be sure to take pictures of the activity this weekend :)

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

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