Thursday, May 2, 2013

In which Sara doesn't get transferred! Not yet...

Okay, well I have no time to write today! (I'll respond to all the other emails next week! I promise!)
Really quickly, things to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (THIS PAST WEEK), BABBO! :) And, HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Ben and Jess! :)

So, we just got transfer calls - I'm staying in Siena with Sorella Seare! Wonderful. I know I haven't learned everything from training/Sorella Seare that I need to. Also, I just have a lot more work to be doing in Siena. Oh buddy.

Well, this week wasn't all that crazy. We had 1 day full of lessons this past week! I haven't hardly had that at all here at Siena! So, hopefully we're doing something right with the work here! Haha. We taught this awesome part-member family who I ADORE! And they have the most adorable little 5 year old boy, Ludovico (like Ludwig). And the two greatest daughters. They were just honestly the most wonderful family in the world, and it makes me sad that they're not sealed in the Temple. Maybe on day. But, we asked them for a referral (is that how you spell it in English?), and they thought of everyone they knew, and then gave us one, right then and there! That's more than anyone has ever done! Everyone is usually like "Hm... I dunno, I'd have to think about it. I'll let you know if anyone comes to mind." But this wonderful, non-member mom, sat for a second, thought about everyone, and gave us a name, and directions to her house right then and there! It was wonderful! Oh buddy, I can't wait to give riferimenti to the missionaries when I get home! Haha. Missionary work just goes so much better with riferimenti/a member contact. Then we went and contacted them (the referrals) another day, and they weren't home. So, we went and knocked some doors, then a little while later tried to stop by again, before going to make some phone calls, and at that moment a lady and her little son were walking up to the door. She asked us if we were looking for someone, and I told her who, and turns out, it was her! We talked a little bit at the door, and we asked if we could come in and share a message with them, but they were getting home late, about to eat dinner, but she said any other day, and the afternoon would be good, too. Ah! So, we're super stoked to meet up with them! :)

Then we taught Laura, from Australia, the other day! I love her! She's sooo sweet, and we just laugh and have fun when we're together. Sometimes I wonder if I have too much fun with people... if I'm acting more like Sara instead of Sorella Willis. But, aren't we suppoesd to make strong relationships? And let people see that we, although  missionaries, are normal people? But also, as we get super comfortable with people, they don't see us as missionaries (aka, servants of the Lord) and things get too casual. Agh! The hardships of finding the middle ground of everything in life. That's so hard for me. Cause I like things to be specific, exact... you know? Agh. Oh well.

So, the reason we don't have a lot of time today is because we went to San Giminiano today! An adorable town. And, we went with the Dean family! Now, who is the Dean family? I didn't know until today! Haha. So, there's an Anziano who served here a year ago, and he was visiting Italy with his family. And, we met him on Sunday (Stake Conference). Then, him and his family invited us to go to San Giminiano with them on p-day! And, they're wonderful! Turns out, they have a beach house in St. Augustine! And, Sister Dean is the sister of Sister Pielstick (not in our Stake, but in one of the Jax Stakes). And, they're related to Esther Piestick, one of my EFY girls! Agh! Craziest smallest world ever, right? Well, they took us around all day, and kept paying for us, and giving us stuff... and I didn't know what to do! Obviously I was grateful, but I wanted to do something for them! And, all I could say was thank you! They were the wonderfulest!

Well, I'm running out of time. Sorry, it's super short today, but I'll send some pictures! :)
Vi voglio tanto bene! I'll write more/respond more next week!

Sorella Willis

Sorella Seare and I at Monteriggioni (I think is how you spell it)

Me and my best friend, Luca! We weren't sure if I was getting transferred, and he was leaving for a week to go visit his family, so we weren't sure if we'd see each other again. So, we got a photo!

Me and Gabriele - Sorella Bush served in his ward, then he happened to be visiting Tuscany this week, and came to our Stake Conference, and he walked up to me and said, "You're Sorella Willis, yeah? I know Sorella Bush, I read her blog..!" ...quindi, he knows me! Haha. It was fun :)

Me, Sorella Seare, and ex-Anziano Dean! (aka Chris) (cousin to Esther Pielstick? Tell Esther I said hi, and I love her!) :)

He was quoting some awesome Dante stuff, with some nice harp accompaniment. You know, the usual.

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