Thursday, May 9, 2013

In which Sara has an early Pday!

Good and bad things about doing p-day early - bad: I have zero emails from anyone! good: I can catch up on all my emails I need to respond to! Hahaha. So, we had to switch p-day, because we were just getting lessons fortomorrow. So, here I am, on a Tuesday. What's up? Haha.

Well, this week, it's been goood :) I think/hope the work is gonna start picking up here in Siena! Me and Sorella Seare are really excited! :) So, I've realized that less-active work is some of my favorite missionary work to do! I dunno why, but back at Collegno, and also here, I just love working with the less actives. So, OP, just you wait till I get home! :) Haha. We went to go see a less active this past Sunday, and she was so sweet, she's just had a lot of problems happen in the last few years, and is having a hard time getting by. She said she wants to come back to church, but not just to fill a seat, but to be there because she feels the spirit, feels like she needs to be there. We told her to pray for that desire to come to church this sunday, and we told her we would pray every day for her to have the desire to come to church (specifically this sunday), so we'll just keep praying! :)

Then, we also stopped by a referral, and she's wonderful! She has an adorable little beautiful family, and told us we could come back! True story: I literally accidentally let our LDM (BOM) there, with a Family: A Proclamation to the World. I had brought it to give to them, but I forgot to give it to them, but turns out I forgot a lot of stuff! I dunno how I forgot it, cause I carry the LDM basically everywhere I go... it's like putting on my shoes, or something. It's weird when I don't have it in my hand. Anyway, I set it down on their counter, while the mom showed us the view, and completely forgot it was there! Haha... maybe something will come out of that! :)

Then yesterday, oh, it was great! Our member present lesson (we don't have a lot of those, by the way - so,  a member present lesson was already a miracle!)! We have an investigator who is from China who has been seeing the missionaries for a good while (almost a year), but still struggles with believing Joseph Smith's account - he says it's like a fairy tail, not real. So, we decided to take a different route with him, and talk to him about Christ, and see his thoughts/feelings about Christ. And, we also had one of our members with us, who's a recent convert of 3-4 years, who's from China! I looove him, he's the best! So, they were able to talk, and relate, not having the Christian background... it was amazing having our member there! He got through to him in ways we couldn't. Everything isn't picture perfect now, but we're making progress! Yay! :) 

Well, this week I gotta keep short. I was trying to respond to other emails, then it came time to write this email, and I didn't have much time left!

Give Harkers Island my love - Aunt Phyllis is at peace now, and we have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation :)

Oh, and, I have no idea what we're doing for Mothers Day skype calls - they'll tell us on Thursday, I assume. 
So, my comp has to call her family at a certain time, 4pm our time, which is 8am their time... aka 10am y'alls time. Will y'all be in the middle of church? Well, I maybe have to call in the middle of church. Or, if we can get permission to do skype twice, but a little later, I might call around 12noon? I have no idea. So, just expect a morning/afternoon call from me (isn't Mothers Day this Sunday?) Just cause, no one has mentioned anything about it to us, so I really have no idea. But, we have a training meeting on Thursday, so they'll inform us then. Haha.

Okay, vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

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