Friday, June 7, 2013

In which Sara has an American Western party! :)


Can I explain my happiness right now? No, not at all! Emails from the family, Kelsey Ross, Taylor Parker, and some of my very favorite people down in Miami?! Honestly, I was laughing, grinning from ear to ear, and just utterly over-joyed! Thanks so much for the emails this week, y'all! :) So so so much! :)

Okay! Well, there's lots of pictures to send to y'all this week! I'll try to get all that done... haha. Lets see - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYRUM KALEB WILLIS, last Wednesday! :) My little "babe" is growing up! Weird, weird.
Wanna hear something interesting? Remember when I couldn't teach or pray in English? (just cause I've been doing it in Italian for so long, I have to translate things from Italian to English)... well, that's passed! Haha. We taught a less active on Sunday (who I love!), who's from Nigeria, and so we taught her in English. And it was so fun! (PS: I don't speak Italian like an Italian, or anything - anzi, I still speak Italian like an American, but certain things that I do only in Italian [i.e. pray, teach, etc.] it's just habit to speak in Italian. Ha)

Well, if you would like to hear some miracles, let me just tell you!

So, we had dropped this one lady we were teaching a couple months back - she wasn't making much progress. Well, we may or may not have seen her on the street the other day walking (we're not sure, because she said she doesn't remember seeing us, and we weren't sure if it was her), but ever since we thought we had seen her we had thought we should go see her. We stopped by a couple times, and she wasn't home. Well, we had a day where all of our plans fell through... we had only taught 1 lesson, and we were doing casa. Then before we went up to a door, I just stopped, and told Sorella Seare we should call this lady, and try to see her that night (mind you, we only had about 1-2 hours left in the day). So, we called her. She answered! She said we could stop by that night! We came, we taught, the lesson went wonderfully (she likes to talk A LOT, and sometimes our lessons get out of control with her, and they just go all directions), but we said before we went to teach her we would take control, we would tell her we couldn't only be there for 1 hour, and we would teach what we went to teach. Well, the lesson actually went REALLY well, the spirit was really strong, then at the end she prayed! ...and, after she finished the prayer she started crying! We let her cry/compose herself a little bit, then after a bit she said, "√®  tornato." (like, "He came back."), as in SHE COULD FEEL THE HOLY GHOST/HEAVENLY FATHER'S PRESENCE IN HER LIFE AGAIN! Hello, miracle!? Holy cannoli. She told us thanks. She said she would come to church the next day, and she did! And it was testimony meeting, and she was just crying throughout that whole meeting, too! It was just the greatest! We set a baptismal date with her, so keep her in your prayers!

Also, on a very unimportant note, the other day it rained... a lot. It was a giant rain/thunder storm. And, I loved it SO MUCH! I miss the rain. And, especially the thunder. I just loved hearing it, for some reason... I'm strange, I guess. Haha. 

Also, we did a surprise second (techinically third) Blitz this transfer! With the Sorelle from Firenze, again (Sorella Forbes and Padulla). They're the most amazing Sorelle I've ever met, I adore them! Sorella Forbes is a good friend of Kaycie Foster - and she (Forbes) finishes this transfer! I'm so sad! I look up to her oodles. And, Sorella Padulla is the sweetest, most boss-like ARGENTINE missionary in the world (yes, she's from Argentina)! I loove her! :) 

We had some crazy happy miracles from working with them the other day... as in, a lesson in the park, getting a return appointment, and setting a baptismal date... all in the first visit! Like I said, these Sorelle are amazing!
Well, that's about it for miracles! Our Western activity was really really fun! A bunch of our investigators that we invited didn't come, but we had 6 non-members there (which is really good!), and a bunch of our members came! It was a great activity, they had lots of fun! :) We taught them some dances (Anz. Capece taught a square dance, Sorella Seare and I taught a line dance [we got permisison to dance, haha], and then we showed them the Hokey-Pokey which they LOVED!).

Basically, I'm the HAPPIEST here at Siena. It's so great. So hard. After this Blitz, I realized how much I'm still not doing. I need to improve SO much! It's the craziest, humbling experience... the whole mission. I love my comfort zone. I love getting into a "norm". Well, that's a bad idea. We (...I) need to be constantly changing, and getting better! Oh, the rollercoaster of mission life...

Well, that's about all. Now I need to send a bazillion pictures! :) Thanks, again EVERYONE for all the emails! :) Sounds like y'all had fun at the beach :)

Vi voglio tanto bene!

Sorella Willis

PS: I may or may not get around to emailing everyone this week, so if you don't get an email back from me, I WILL respond next week! :)

Sorella Seare and I in front of the Duomo (at Siena)

Zone Conference! :) I LOVE zone conferences! So so much!

Sorella Forbes and I :)

My least favorite picture in the whole wide world, but this is all four of us during the blitz! Me, Forbes, Seare, and Padulla! :)

Getting ready for the party! :)

Anziano Capece teaching square dancing! (so much fun!)

Yay, the activity! :)

Simone and Luca - I loove them! :)

Lorena and Chiara - love them!

Sorella Seare and I! :)

The majority of the people (some left early, and I think we're missing Anz. Capece... haha) - I'm so sad it's blurry! :(

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