Thursday, May 23, 2013

In which Sara becomes one of the OLDER missionaries - she's passed the half way mark!!!


number one, thanks SO much for the picture of Magui and her little baby! Why is Magui the most beautiful person in the world? Not fair. I love her hair. Haha. Anyway, thanks for that! :) And, yes, dad I was able to see the other pictures of little Tanner and GIANT Abby (she's not even a little kid anymore, she's a NORMAL kid! What?! Weird.)

Well, things to tell you for this week? I love kumquats! They're so yummy :) Also, I love eating (thanks to Sorella Bush) a bowl of greens, and throwing a ball of mozzarella on top... delicious! I eat it almost every night when I come home. Yum :) Haha.

Also, last Wednesday we had a picnic! I'll send a picture of that. Just a few of us from the branch. It was so fun. It wasn't super "fun", but it was just so nice to eat with all of them, and chill with them for a couple hours! :)
Also, we had our lesson with our referral the other day! It went pretty well! The only thing is, we don't know when we can see her again, cause she works a lot! But, our member said she was really content after the lesson, really happy, SO if y'all could keep Alexandra in your prayers, that would be wonderful! Grazie!
Thanks for all the pictures, and updates, and everything.

Tonight we're headed to Rimini (I've never been!) for a Blitz! I'm excited, I've never been there! You know what's the wierdest?! Sorella Seare and I are going to work over there with the Sorella at Rimini. The Sorelle at Rimini are a sister who came out with Sorella Seare (2nd transfer) and her TRAINEE. She's already training. That's not even the weird part. The weird part is that I'm the boss. I'm the senior companion out of all of them. I'm the oldest in the mission! When in the world did that happen!? I find myself in a lot of situations like that now, though. That I'm one of the older missionaries/the oldest. It's so weird. I so don't feel like an old misisonary. We just did a blitz with some of our training sister leaders (like, ZL sisters!) and it made me realize how much I still have to grow! How much more I still have to learn! How can I be one of the older missionaries, be the one others look up to, when I'm no where near where these wonderful sister training leaders are?! Then I remember I'm not supposed to compare. So I don't. So, no worries, I'm not comparing! I'm just realizing where I need to grow :) (PS: Kaycie Foster, Sorella Forbes is the greatest. She's one of our sister training leaders, and I adore her! I'm so sad she's finishing this transfer.)

What are y'all up to these days? Missions, weddings, temples... y'all are busy people! I'm so excited for all these changes :)

Babbo, good luck with your talk! And mom! And Elisabeth! Are those the thoughts you've had lately, or are those your topics? Those are quite the topics! Haha.

Well, I dunno if I told you (I thought I did) that we're planning a Hoe-Down, Western Night activity! We (Sorella Seare and I) just made invitations, and we're super excited to get them around to all of our members, and have people start inviting! Next Friday! Keep the Siena branch in your prayers, that this activity goes well! :)
Oh! And, I got that package from the Youth (and the achievement days/little scouts? Or, are they all just growing up?! Weird). Thanks so much! Y'all are the best! :)

Oh, one of the most amazing things is there's an excomunicated member (ex-ed for a misunderstanding,  he really shouldn't have been), and we talked to him the other day,and he wants to have lessons with us to help him out, and then he called us the other day and said, "I was just reading my scriptures, and I was thinking about how I need to quit smoking/how I've tried in the past, but I just can't do it. Then I thought maybe y'all could say a prayer for me." Ah! Of course! So great, I love him. So keep him in your prayers, too! So many prayers! Also, we taught the most adorable lady the other day - from Ethiopia, who I adore to bits and pieces, and would LOVE to teach her more, only she works a lot. But, she's the sweetest most beautiful person, she looks like she's 25, but she's actually 35, and I love her. Keep  her in your prayers, too.

Mom, thanks for the address of Michael Williamson! I'll definitelly shoot a letter out to him! :)

Well, I think that's all I got for y'all today. It's been strangly cold, lately (strange for me, I dunno if it's normal for Italy), just cause it's been so nice and warm lately, so the temperature dropping so much is just oodles of cold. Haha. That makes no sense. 

Anyway, that's about all. When does Sam Buhler finish her misison? I thought she told me June... and I haven't gotten a letter back from her in a little while, so I just dunno. Quindi, if she gets home next month, tell her how much I love her! 

Well, y'all are the greatest!
Thanks for all the support, and prayers, and packages, and everything! 
Vi voglio tanto bene!

Okay! Picnic from last week! Sorella Seare, Anziano and Sorella Capece, me, Chiara, Sandro, Alex (the BYU student who I told you about last week), Simone and Luca! :)

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