Friday, May 17, 2013

In which Sara stops eating Nutella! O_O

Helloooo! :)

Number one, caro babbo, the attachements you've been sending lately, I can't see. Well, I could if I downloaded them. Maybe I'll just download them. Anyway... ha.

Well, what's up? Long list of random things to tell y'all today!

Number one, we went to this awesome place in Chianti last week, and we stopped by this photographers shop... he has the #1 photo (international) for the year 2002, or something. That photo was great, but there was another one that I adored! I didn't want to buy it, cause I didn't want it to get crinkled in carrying it around Italy for another 9 months, but I'll probably buy one when I get home (online!). His name? I forgot. But, he gave us cookies, and we took a picture with him (I'll be sure to send it!).

Number two, CHELSEA WISER (my EFY daughter)! So, I just met Matthew Gainer the other day! He's the greatest! I saw his name was Anz. Gainer, so I walked up to him, and the first thing I mentioned was Chelsea, and he exploded. We are now best friends, cause we have this Chelsea Wiser connection :) Crazy story? He's being trained by an Anz. Fiorentino... from Miami! Who knows all of my favorite Miami people! Conclusion? My EFY worlds have combined. It's crazy. Awesome :) Haha. 

Also, I used to have this really bad problem with nutella... aka I would eat it all the time. Because, it's yummy. But, I don't want to eat it anymore. It's too addicting. So I'm not :) Haha. I set a goal, this transfer, to not eat ANY nutella, and it's really not that hard! Haha. We even have it in the house, cause Sorella Seare still loves it, but I just chose not to eat it, so I'm not. I forgot how much will power I have! Ha. 

Also, we have a BYU student in our ward, and I basically love him to pieces! Alex Luke. He served in the Rome mission, but he's studying up here, now. He's such a good help! He offered to come out with us whenever we need, and he's called one of our investigators (who he's never met) and tries to set up appointments with him, for us... he's a boss. 

Also, so... you know the greatest family ever, the Gori's (family, you already know about this, but this is for the rest of the world who wants to see a happy little missionary miracle!). Well, they're amazing, and they share the gospel with all their friends! And a few weeks ago we were leaving their house after a lesson, and they dropped us off at the train station... well, we just barely missed the train. It was pulling out as we walked up to it! So, they took us back to their house for a little while to wait for the next train. At first we thought maybe we should go out and do some finding work while we waited, but we decided to go back, because they were preparing/having dinner with a friend of theirs! We got to meet this friend, and she has a beautiful little boy. We talked for a little bit about who we are, and what we do as missionaries, and just got to know each other a little bit. She's wonderful! Then we left for our train. Then that night the Gori's did an FHE with her (focusing on Faith in Christ, I think). Long story short, this past week, the friend called us one day, and said that Cinzia (Gori) told her we wanted to meet with her, and share our message, and she said that would be wonderful, and asked if we could meet next Thursday (tomorrow)! We were floating on air after that phone call! The greatest miracle we could have ever asked for! We're so so sooo excited! :) 

Also, y'all should know, the other day on the train I watched someone pull some lunch out of a bag, and start eating it (..."I watched", that sounds way creepy. I saw it happen, okay) and it looked like a tamale... it wasn't. Then I realized I had forgotten tamales existed! Then I realized how much I missed them! Especially Rosa's! How is Rosa and her family doing? Y'all go eat some tamales for me, soon :) Haha.

Also, MOM, can you send me Michael Williamson's address? I can't write him if I don't know where I'm writing to!
Also, Magui! AUGURI! Someone tell Magui I say "Auguri/congrats", and that I had no idea she was pregnant, and to name the baby Sara! :) Hahaha. Pictures? Would be wonderful!

Also, dear Elisabeth, "Non innamorarti di un Anziano a Provo." Va bene? Hahahaha :) True story, I knew that word (to fall in love with), but I forgot I knew it. Then when I realized I knew it, it was because of the song "Estoy Enamorado" (or something like that?)... then I remembered how much I loved that song. Then I remembered how much I love spanish music! Then I put it all in the back of my mind. Haha.

So, something to think about. We've been hearing a lot lately about concecrating ourselves as missionaries, and being exactly obedient. It's great! There's this thing that I love that talks says, più o meno, 90% obedience brings 10% of the blessings. But, as we do that little 10% more, that's when we recieve the other 90% of the blessings! Don't settle for 90%! Go for the full 100%! 

Well, dad, thanks for the picture of little Tanner man and his little green smoothie moustache! I loved it! I didn't get to see the other pictures, though.

And, hey.... are you telling me that Elisabeth is getting her endowments out 8 giugno, AND Jess, AND Ben and Jess are getting sealed on that day?! That's spectacular! Take zillions of pictures! We have 8 June circled and starred up, because we're gonna try and get a baptismal date then... but, if not, I'm sure we circled and starred it because it's just such a special day, in general! :) Ha. (Do Ben & Jess have permission to have both of the girls sealed to them, too?)

Well, I don't think I have anything else to write. And I'm gonna go try to write to everyone else, too (and make sure y'all get some pictures!), so I better finish up.

Love y'all! Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

Oh, ps: It was SO much fun talking to y'all on Sunday! Be good! Be great! A natale! :)

We went to a Chinese shop today (just a shop that has a bunch of little everythings/nothing), and we found these magnets! Check it out! (I assume they just searched pictures of God/Christ online, found those, and made some magnets out of them...? Mormon-y things are NOT common out here! I can't explain it! Haha)

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