Thursday, April 25, 2013

In which Sara gets kicked out of an apartment!

Hello hello!

Okay, so we couldn't do p-day yesterday, because we had lessons! :) So, we're doing p-day today!
Thanks for the emails, sounds like everyone's doing great! :)

Sol, I got the package a couple days ago! Thanks so much, I loove it (the shirt, and the cds, and the letters, and everything)! Also, so I've never known ice cream (gelato) to have a smell... but, here in Italy, it does. And you walk past, and want to eat it. It's great. Haha.

Also, we saw one of our less actives the other day (who I love! She just works a lot), and she told us, "You girls are so great, you're parents must be so proud." I sure dunno what she's talking about, but I figured I'd pass it along to y'all, you great parents, you :)

Also, y'all NEED to go listen to my favorite talk in the world! I dunno if/where you can find it, because it was a BYU devotional, I think, but it's called "Will You?" by V. Dallas Merrell. It's my favorite! I've listened to it 3 times in these past 2 transfers :)

Also, so let me just tell you, funny thing that happened these past few days. We were doing a blitz here a Siena, with the Sorelle from Firenze, and I was with Sorella Bucco again (love her!), and this guy driving by did some strange cat call (don't worry, doesn't happen a lot. Ha), and we just kept walking, then we heard a giant "boom!"... and he had slammed into the car in front of him! Ha. Sorella Bucco said, "That's what you get when you mess with the Lord's missionaries." Haha.
Also, someone tell Britany Stephens/Anderson to tell Andre I said hi :) Or, anyone just tell Andre Meyers I said hi :)

And, let me just tell you the crazy wonderful miracle that happened this week!

We were doing casa one evening, and we knocked a door, and a girl answered. We talked for a bit, but her dog kept trying to escape, so she said, "Come over to the window" and we talked there for a bit. Her and a friend were studying, then they eventually said "Do y'all want to come inside, instead of just standing at the window?" So we got in, got to know them a little bit, then another guy from another room walked in and joined us, then another friend drove up to the window, and he eventually came in. So, these are all college students, living together (1 girl, 3 guys), and we were able to teach all of them the Restoration! You could tell the spirit was definitely there, and they were all really interested in the Book of Mormon. It's interesting, they all have different needs and we need to teach them separately, but they all seemed really interested. And, they wanted us to come back! But, they're all going down south for an Italian holiday, so we set up a day at the beginning of May! They're awesome, and I'm so excited to teach them! I HOPE I don't get transferred! I would be so sad, I would love to teach them :) I love them, we instantly became really good friends.

Then, we went to see a family last night who likes to travel a lot, and has actually been to Utah, and seen the SLC temple! They were the nicest family in the world, I love them! But, they're just that. Super super nice. I dunno how interested they are in learning. But, we'll see! :)

So, this week was just not super crazy. Work is really really slow. It's hard. But, we keep doing it! :)
Basketball was SO much fun last week! I wish I could do it every week! But, my companion isn't big into basketball, so we gotta even things out, and take turns. Haha.

We also got kicked out of an apartment the other day. But, it's okay, because just before that we talked to some people, and got a phone number! :) Yeah!

Well, this week was kinda slow. Transfers are next week! I'll let you know what's happening! It's crazy, because there are 17 new sister missionaries coming in next transfer! That's a TON! So, we have no idea what's going to happen.

So, this weeks email is kinda scatter-brained, but I'm just scatter brained lately.
Well, I gotta go.
Vi voglio bene! Ciao!

Sorella Willis

Me and Siena! I loooooove Siena!

Me and Sorella Bucco and Siena!

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