Saturday, February 1, 2014

Only 3 more weeks!!! AUGH!!!!!!

Dude, dad, that driving the car analogy is the bomb! I love it, thanks :)

Well, here's some things to talk about this week. Sorella Lyman taught me this super awesome thing. Are you ready? Okay, just say "boots n' cats" over and over again, and YOU'RE BEAT BOXING! I died when she told me that :)

Also, remember my best friend who we found last week, and who was gonna get baptized? Well, she moved back to Romania... my little heart broke. There's no work here, so she had to go back. What made my little heart break? The fact that we had no idea that she went back to Romania, because she didn't have a phone (with an Italian number), because she couldn't pay that bill, because she doesn't have a job, so she couldn't call us, and we had to find out from her neighbor that she left. So sad. But, I had some awesome little personal revelation the other day! Basically, that day that we found out she wasn't in Italy anymore was a super hard day... everything that could have gone wrong went wrong... and, it was so hard, cause the week before we were SO PUMPED, and were having so much success, and then everything seemed to go wrong. I remember, I was just riding my bike, just talking to Heavenly Father, like normal, and I was just saying, "Heavenly Father, what is going on? I'm giving MY ALL to the work, to Gina (my BFF in Romania), to these last few weeks of my mission... and it's breaking my heart!", and then Heavenly Father, through that still small voice told me, "Allora, this is what it means to give your 'heart, might, mind and strength'... even if it breaks your heart." Dang it. Haha. Allora, I'll just never get married... my hearts been broken too many times on the mission! Haha, just kidding... my heart hasn't been broken that many times. Haha.

Also, so I had to write 4 short essays for the BYU application... and it was so fun! Slightly stressful, because, what kind of missionary has time to write essays? But, I loved writing essays again! I'm stoked to get back to school... eventually! Ha.

Also, so I've been trying to eat healthy at the house this transfer, so that I don't come home super grassa, but the other day I was just dying... so I made cookies! But, I had no chocolate, or anything disgustingly yummy... all I had were blueberries... so I made blueberry cookies! And, they were so yummy! Okay, they were kinda yummy. The idea was GREAT, the cookies recipe I had wasn't all that great... but, I'll get it all figured out, and have an awesome bluberry cookie recipe one day :)

Also, I bought 10 bellpeppers today... I basically use them in every single one of my meals... I love bellpeppers! :)

And, I'm so sure there was something else I wanted to tell you, but I can't remember it for the life of me. So, if it comes to mind, expect another email! :) Haha.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Nise! Tanti auguri! :)

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