Saturday, February 8, 2014

Countdown: 2 weeks!!!! :)

Hey, lets tell you about life!

So, I wanted to tell y'all last week, but I forgot. Mormon 3:2-3... I fell in love with those verses! As I was reading it, I totally thought, because the Lord straight-up said to GO BACK (aka, he had already tried once) and tell them to repent, that it was going to be like Samual the Lamanite where, EVENTUALLY, bunches of people believe on his words, or something like that... but, no! It says that they were still hardended in their hearts, and didn't listen, and stayed evil (something along those lines). And, I was like, "Man, why did the Lord tell him to turn around and go back if nothing happened... no one listened to him...?", and then my question was answered. Sometimes the Lord tells us to do things because he wants us to show our obedience! I'm sure he thought, "But, these people are so hard heartened, they'll never listen!"... but, that didn't stop him. He went right back and preached repentance! I wrote in my scriptures (something along the lines of), "It's not always a matter of who's ready to hear the gospel/what WE think is the right thing to do, but sometimes it's just a matter of obedience." Just that. I explained this way better in my scriptures... sorry if this doesn't make sense! Haha.

I also said something the other day to some Sorelle that made me realize, even more... my english is SHOT! I don't know how to speak any language anymore (when I try to think). I was trying to say that phrase, "Get my feet on the ground", but I mixed it with "Get my head on straight", and said, something likeunto, "I need to get my feet on straight!"... honestly, I thought it was the funniest thing ("Get my head on the ground" would be better, though. Haha). Oh mamma.

Also, you should know, I'm not sleeping all that great! Haha. I don't know why. Just kidding, I do know why. So, I'm dead tired, right? And, after we eat lunch we do language study... which is always super hard to stay awake during... so, I almost always take a 10 minute nap during language study or the lunch hour... which 10 minutes RUIN my sleep during the night. Even if I nap for 5 minutes during the day, it messes up my nighttime. So, I either have to drag my body throughout the day, or take 1-2 hours to fall asleep at night... whatevs. I'm fine, I'm not really dying, it just takes me a while to fall asleep... but, I still feel rested when I wake up.

Also, mom, I totally know Anziano May! He served here in my ward at Verona with me about 3 transfers ago! And then he went home. It's a small, small world!

Also, so I have a little nipotina (Sorella Seare's trainee)... who I did a scambio with the other day... and I love her so much! Sorella Reni. She's so goofy, she just kills me. And, she's a boss of a missionary. I love her, oooodles! :)

Well, I don't know what else to write about. We got a new investigator who we set a bapt. date with! She's super sweet, I love her :)

Well, I'm gonna run.
(did y'all realize that next week when I do email I'll basically only have 1 week left... AGH!)

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Sara Willis

One time the primary made all of the missionaries little dolci. I loved them! Like mini tiramisu, without chocolate... yum :)

Italy Milan Mission Sorelle... it rains for a whole month (slight exaggeration... but, almost not an exaggeration), and we still go out on our bikes every day! :) Me, Sorella Lyman, Sorella Reichert, and Sorella Haslem :)

Scambio! Sorelle Carter, Roth, me, and Lyman :) They're soo goood, I love them :)

Today these wonderful women took me out shopping... (and I bought stuff! Courtney, you would be so proud of me!) I love them! Sorella Mistura, and her daughter Elena :)

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