Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Last email home: T-minus 2 days!!!!

Well, hello.

Yeah, I know, it's weird... I never cry! But, I did! But, don't worry, that was the only time. I told you, because I cried so much that week, my final goodbyes were going to be so anti-climatic... and they were just like that! Anti-climatic! Haha, which I'm fine with. Sunday was just a normal Sunday (with lots of running around and taking pictures), but I didn't cry... I didn't even come close to crying. Then these past few days I've been sayign goodbye to everyone, investigators and members and less actives... everyone! And, I've not yet cried! I expected it be this way. In the moment I don't ever get really sad. Dad, it's totally that CORPORATE mindset... that's not the right word, but using it in the way you and Elisabeth joke about it, I just realize there are things that need to get done, important things, that if they get messed up, everything gets messed up, so I don't really have time to cry... which I'm totally fine with! Haha.

And, oh my word babbo, you are such a sappy-love person! You cutie-pie. Sleepless in Seattle. Sounds like the cutest Valentines Day ever!

Well, I'm actually pretty good these days. Obviously, I'm fine, because my "to-do list" mindset has come out, because I have zillions of things to do (pack, clean, get rid of lots of things I'm not taking home, area book, leave info for the 2 new sisters... - oh, PS, Sorella Lyman and I are getting white washed, we're both leaving! So we have to leave everything in PERFECT condition so that the two new sisters can walk right into our area, and jump right into work)... so I have no time for crying! Haha :)

Well, just thinking the other day, I've been super blessed! God let me be in Siena for summer time (I got to go to the Palio!), and he let me be in Verona for Valentines Day (which there was nothing crazy big, just a couple hearts thrown everywhere, and a happy chocoalte market)... Verona's totes the city of love/Romeo and Giulietta! Yeah :) And I was blessed to be in Collegno for our awesome Halloween, and Christmas parties we had! I was just super blessed throughout my mission! :)

Also, the other day we had a missionary musical! Because between the 2 wards here at Verona, there are 6 companionships of missionaries, many of who are musical... so we had basically a concert of missionaries doing their thang! It was so much fun, I didn't do anything personally, cause lets face it, I can't sing alone in public, and I haven't practiced much piano over these past months/years... BUT, at the very end we all (missionaries) got up on stange and sang "Barbara Ann", and we changed the words to make it missionary-y... it was SO much fun, I loved it! Then we all, along with the audience, sang "Fratellli d'Italia" which is the Italian National Anthem... I WAS SO HAPPY! Anz. Burton (the one who was on Am. Idol threw it all together... mostly him, him and his comp, and ward) I got a couple videos to show y'all when I get home :) Haha.

Also, I pretty much already told you, but Sorella Lyman AND I are both leaving Verona! We're being white washed. They're taking the Sister Training Leaders out of Verona, and are moving them to another city. Whoa! And another sister is getting transfererd in our apartment... so, we're gonna be dealing with a lot of luggage tomorrow... AGH! Haha.

Also, basically my favorite thing lately, and throughout my mission has been obedience. Just the principle of obedience. It's so great! We've been going around teaching a short lesson of obedience to our members, and the other day we were leaving, and our member was saying the prayer, and she said, "Heavenly Father, we thank you for the commandments..." WHAT AN AMAZING PRAYER! I love the commandments! Did you know that Heavenly Father gave us commandments because he LOVES us? And he wants us to be happy? Allora, if we just obey the commandments we'll be happy! Punto! It's so simple. It doesn't mean life will be easy, but we'll be HAPPY. We'll be able to get over the difficolties and the trials with peace in our hearts! Ij ust loved that prayer, it's so great, we should be so thankful for the commandments!

Also, just this morning I read D&C 71:3... I don't have to freak out. God will give me another mission after this one! My 18 month mission in Italy was just for a season, but other missions I'll have later on :)

Also, oh my word, do you know what last weekend and this weekend represent!? ONE YEAR FOR THE GORI FAMILY BEING BAPTIZED! Can you belive it? I can't! I just love them so so so so much, and now they've already been baptized for a whole year! They're so amazing :)

Also, 1 Corinzi 6:19 is so funny... I imagine him straight-up yelling, "What!?", in a really exasperated tone. Oh, I love the scriptures :)

Well, I gotta run. I'm not gonna send you any pictures, because I don't have anymore time, and I'll just show you the picurse in a few days anyway...

Vi voglio bene!
Ci vediamo fra alcuni giorni!

Sorella Sara Willis

PS: For reals, though. Pray for me and my little heart that it doesn't break into a zillion pieces when I leave... grazie :)

I almost cried the other day. Not because they threw me this goodbye festa (completely unbeknownst to me, I was not expecting it AT ALL), but because I took a picture like this, and then looking through my fotos that night... I DELETED IT. My heart litterally broke into a zillion pieces... you know how much pictures mean to me, all of these families mean so much to me, one of my last nights in Italy... and I DELETED the picture! I almost cried. I moped around for a second, then Sorella Lyman said she would let me have the picture she took. So, here is the happiest picture that ever was, thanks to Sorella Lyman! :)

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