Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 weeks: less than a month now!!! :D

Holla. Can I just tell you about this insane, wonderfully, sick week we've had? Okay :)

So, last Thursday we were doing casa (knocking doors), and this family from India opened up, invited us in, we taught a lesson, and we got a return appointment! 4 new investigators, YES (almost 5, the dad had to leave). They're adorable and amazing, and I love them.

Then we had interviews! Super awesome. I love President Dibb, he's the greatest. I asked him for a blessing (long story short, this past week [cioè, 2 weeks ago] I was basically crying off and on all day [/for an hour or so] because satan was putting all these evil thoughts in my head, basically of all the things that I HAVEN'T accomplished on my mission, and all of the people that COULD HAVE been baptized, but WEREN'T, because of me, and all of the things I still HAVEN'T learned/skills I HAVEN'T developed... he was being super mean to me. But, I was able to shrug it off, and then the next day I got a blessing from Pres. Dibb), and it was super simple, but super awesome just the same. You know how Satan tries to make you fall just before wonderful, great things happen? Well, he tried to do it to me, but I didn't let him! Yeah! Haha. Because, do you know what great, amazing miracle was waiting for us on Sunday? Let me just tell you.

Basically, I haven't really seen lots of work/success here in Verona, and it makes me a little... not happy. So, I fasted last Saturday so that we can have a baptism this transfer. Well, going to church, a member walked in to Relief Society with a young woman who I've never seen before. After RS we were able to get to know her a little bit, and another long story short, she's the cousin of an ELECT man we found a month ago (he calls us his angels), who we gave to the Anziani to teach (because he's a single man). Then, going throughout church, sitting in Sacrament Meeting (the last hour) I realized... SHE'S THE ANSWER TO MY FAST! Okay, honestly, I don't know if she will 100% get baptized, I feel like that was Heavenly Father answering my fast and prayers with someone prepared to hear the message. So, upon realizing this, I started thinking and hoping (because we had a lunch appointment with a member family that day), "It would be perfect if [that memeber family] also invited her [potential investigator] over to lunch with us...". "Also, I would love to be able to get her on track to baptism, ASAP, and teach her soon... even tomorrow (monday)!", "And, I would love to be able to see her frequently... it's so hard make appointments with people through work, and family, and school..."

ALL OF THESE THOUGHTS/TINY PRAYERS OF MINE WERE ANSWERED! Our member invited her over to lunch, where we had a little lesson. We were able to set up an appointment with her for the next day (monday), and she doesn't have work right now, or school, or family! Long story short (I'm pretty sure I've used that phrase 3 times in this email now) she's Romanian, she just got to Italy ONE WEEK ago (although, she alreadys speaks Italian pretty well), her family is all back in Romania, and she's not working right now (which is not necessarily a great thing, but we can see her often! So good!)

Then, we went to see her on Monday, and basically we're best friends. Honestly, I love her with my whole heart. I know I say that about a lot of people, but I honestly love this girl SO much! You have no idea. She's only 23, and has a husband and daughter back in Romania... and is so wonderful! Basically, we set a baptismal date with her (for 16 febbraio... my last Sunday in the mission!), and hey, we need ALL OF Y'ALL'S prayers for this girl! I'm praying for her like my life depended on it, also pray that she finds a job, specifically where she won't have to work on Sunday (lets be specific in our prayers! When we pray specifically, God will give us specific answers!). Pray that all will go well, and that her baptism will happen successfully... I honestly may cry if it does, because also her cousin (the man whose door we knocked on, who calls us his angels) is also getting baptized on that day... seeing them both get baptized? My last Sunday in the mission? I'm gonna be a mess!

But, honestly, seriously, pray for this girl with your whole hearts! She needs it! I love her so much! Allora, if you love me, you'll pray for her.

Well, on a lighter note, two things:
1) I saw my new favorite last name the other day. They're called la famiglia Bellebarbe... do you know what that translates to? The Beautifulbeards! I love them. Hahahahaha.
2) I wear plastic bags in my boots sometimes (when it rains), because they're maybe coming apart a little bit, and I'm too indicisive to go out and buy a pair of boots. I only have so many p-days left, and I don't want to waste a single minute, going shopping, just to decide that I don't even really need boots! Ha.

Well, that's about all, famiglia mia.
Ci sentiamo fra un pò, eh? :)
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Sara Willis

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