Friday, November 8, 2013

In which Sara gets interviewed by a General Authority!

Whoa! Okay, Tanner is a giant! He's a toddler, he's not even a baby anymore! Remember when I left, and he was 1 MONTH old? Yeah. Me too.

Basically, how are y'all doing? Things are doing super good here at Verona! Lots and lots of little miracles!

Let see, first of all, we had a Zone Conference yesterday! So good! Anziano Teixeira, of the Seventy, came and talked to us! The bomb? Yes :) Afterwards I guess he interviewed the missionaries serving in the Verona city (because that's where we had the Conference), and guess what? I'm serving here! So, before I knew it, I was being pulled into an office for an interview with Anziano Teixeira! Basically, it was super fun. He's the greatest! He's just full of the spirit, and the love of God, he just made me feel so GOOD! He talked to me about my family (I talk about y'all ALL the time, btdubs), and he asked me what I'm doing after the mission, seeing as how I'm finishing soon. I told him all of my "maybes", and I mentioned accounting, and babbo, how you're a CPA, and he said that's a great course to take, and that he's also a CPA :) Haha. Then he asked me if I had any questions, because it's not everyday that you get interviewed by a General Authority... and I didn't! I had 0 questions! I was pulled in for the interview last second, so I had no idea I was being interviewed until that moment, and I had 0 questions in mind! So sad. Then, he told me to thank my parents, especially (you guys have been doubly thanked this past few weeks! People just love you two!), and to tell you two he says hello :)

Oh, also, can someone send me some Adam and Morganne wedding pictures? I've only seen the cell phone fotos y'all took the day of, but the photographer has to have finished with the fotos by now, SO I'd love to see the professional ones! Not all, just a couple! :)

Also, miracles from the last few days? Okay.

1. Go to teach our less active and her family (whose husband is not a member). He typically leaves the house, or goes to another room when the missionaries come over, BUT this day, HE grabbed a chair, and brought it in the room to be with us, and no one told him to do it! Then during the lesson, he just asked a bunch of questions about our church, and everything! It was super wonderful :) I could see, he was more open to listening, he had a light about him this time :)

2. We went to pass by a potential who didn't seem super interested when we talked to her on the street (didn't give us her number or anything)... well, when we met her, she was pregnant, and when we passed by (a few weeks after the fact) she had had her baby, and she was so much different! We had a great lesson, got 2 new investigators (her and her husband), and they both said that in the past they weren't super believing, but now that they have a little baby they believe much much more! Che perfetto! :)

3. Go to teach our other less actives - we set up the appointment, but they were running late. Well, we sat and talked to/taught their son (SO good, he has so many questions about religion and life... he's 15!), and uncle (he's exactly where Joseph Smith was - seeing all the confusion in religion these days...)! It was amazing! The family came home too late, we had to leave to catch our bus, BUT they invited us back over immediately! They were sad we couldn't stay, they said, "Come back again, whenever you want!".

Aren't miracles the best? :) Well, I'll leave it there, I guess. Try to send y'all some pictures :)

Happy belated Halloween! I totally forgot to say that last week - whoops! Haha! Can you belive Thanksgiving is coming up? Basically, transfers are on Thanksgiving! But, Sorella Lyman and I think we're staying together for 2 transfers. We'll see! :)

Well, vi voglio un mondo, e un eternità, di bene! :)
Sorella Willis

(I dunno if I ever sent this one) Sorella Gomez and I on top of Verona! I've been on top of every single one of my cities so far :)

Sometimes we wrap up our members like mummies for Halloween :)

Sorella Lyman and I by Juliet's balcony! :)

I'm on a bike. And I'm in Italy. And I'm a missionary. Che divertente, no?! :)

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