Friday, November 15, 2013

In which Sara has some reunions :)


So this week hasn't been super crazy.

Oh, first of all, TANTI AUGURI GIACOBBE! :) (Happy Birthday Jacob!) He's the cutest, isn't he? :) Haha.

Also, the other day I bought new boots. Because the zippers were tired, and died on my old boots... BUT, these boots were only €18,00! And they're the cutest brown you ever did see, AND they have a tiny little heel! And my shoes "clack" whenever I walk now! Do you know how much I've missed hearing that clacking sound? Remember how I had never worn flats until my mission, and how much I love high heels? Yeah, I'm content with these boots :) Haha.

Also, silly/random question. How do you know what kind of toothbrush you're supposed to use? Basically, my old toothbrush was a SUPER hard bristled one. And, I just opened up a new toothbrush the other day and it was the softest bristles I have ever brushed my teeth with! How in the world can I figure out which type of bristles works best with my teeth/gums? I dunno if these soft bristles are what my little mouth needs!

Also, on a different note, MOM, remember how you and Chiara Gori are best friends, and y'all talk on facebook? Can you please tell her I said hi, and I love them, and could you tell her that I tried to write them a couple months back, but I don't think it sent, seeing as how I never got a response (maybe I got the email address written wrong?). Grazie :)

Also, basically we did the greatest little exchange the other day, where we exchanged with Sorella Smart and Sorella SEARE! Yeah, remember my daughter, Sorella Seare? She's near our zone, and we're her Sister Training Leaders! So good :) But, I went with Sorella Smart, who is insanely amazing! I honestly honestly love her like a little sister, she's the sweetest person ever! :)

Also, crazy miracle story? Okay. Sorella Lyman's mom served a mission in Italy about 30 years ago. She also happened to serve here in Verona! So, she basically gave us a bunch of referrals the other day, and we've been trying to go around and find them, but we've had little success. Well, she gave us the name of this one person, and her address, but no phone number. So, we just had to go with the hopes of finding SOMEONE there. Well, we went, we rang her citofono, and she asked who was there, and we said, "Siamo le sorella missioanrie dalla Chiesa di Gesù Cristo... oppure, la chiesa Mormone..?", to which she replied, "Avanti, terzo piano!" (which is like, "come on in, 3rd floor!") She's super cute, and we were able to teach a great lesson with her! Her husband died a little while ago, and her little family is so so important for her. Che miracolo! It was insane! We were on cloud 9.

Well, that's about it for now. Sorry, it's kinda short this week. Courtney mentioned something to me about instead of Skype this year, doing a Google Chat thing... we should plan that soon, so that when Christmas comes around we missionaries won't be scrambling around.

Sorry, I feel like this is a lame email, but I'm out of time!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

Sorella Smart and I - I just love her soo so much! :)

Elder and Sister Teixeira and I :)

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