Saturday, November 23, 2013

In which Sara is in a Christmasy mood :)

Ciao! How are y'all? We're just doing dandy, over here in Verona :)

Babbo, thanks for the emails, glad everything's going super duper :)

Basically, I just listened to Manheimm Steamroller the other day. Yes, I broke my rule of not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but in my defence, there's really no Thanksgiving here in Italy, so I have no way to gauge when it's actually Christmas time! Haha. Also, we've been listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack, a lot. I looooove it! Super adorbs :) Haha.

Well, first of all, remember my mission parents, the Capece's, back in Siena? They finished their mission back in October. Can someone please tell them hello, and I love them and miss them, and hope things are going super great for them back home!? Thanks :)

Also, dear Courtney, remember how one time, for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or something, we tried to make something with Persimmins (I dunno if they're spelled like that... haha)? And, they weren't ripe, and we tried eating them, and they tasted like chalk? Basically, those fruit are ALL over Italy. They're called Kaki :) And, Sorella Mackay (mission parents #2) made a little persimmin pudding/cake for us today. It was delish! You should make it :) (ps, they have to be ripe to the point that they're so squishy, you want to barf, and you think they're going bad... but they're not.) Haha.

Also, dear Lyndzie Frey/NOT Frey, I had a dream the other day that I was taking pregnancy photos of you. Crazy! I can't wait to take pictures of y'all at the Temple one day, okay :) Haha.

Also, basically, we had TWO zone trainings the other day! So, as sister training leaders, we sometimes travel. There aren't sister training leaders in every zone. SO, we were able to go to the Verone Zone Training, and the Bergamo Zone Training! And PRESENT a training (on Adjusting to Missionary Life - this awesome new booklet we have, it's adorbs, and I love it). Remember me, how I'm super shy, and hate being in front of people? Well I'm slightly like that, but not really anymore. Haha. I still kinda get a little nervous right before I get in front of people. but doing all these presentations/trainings is actually really fun :)

Basically, I looove zone meetings! I love just seeing other missionaries, and talking with them! I have so much love for them all, honestly. It makes me so happy seeing a big group of missionaries... just brings a giant smile to my face, seeing a big missionary force. Then I remember I'm a part of that force, and feel super blessed/cool :) Hahaha.

Well, I'm basically out of ALL time today, sorry our time was cut short today, but I love y'all OODLES, and I'll see you soon at Christmas time! :)

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: Sorry, it's a lame-ly short email! :(

Sometimes I sleep on really tiny beds when we do exchanges :)

Some of my besties! Okay, not really, I love them oodles, but it's whatevs. Haha. Basically, they're all dying/going home at the end of this transfer. Anz. Collins has been in every single one of my zones with me (he's basically been in half of my mission). Then Anz. Sanacuore and Modugno are both Italian, and I got to know them these past 2 trasnfers, and I love them too! Such good people :)
One time I went to the Bergamo Zone Training and found my DAUGHTER! I love her oooooodles! :) Sorella Seare and I :)

Okay, but really, some of my besties! :) Haha. Anziano Howell and Sloan - I love them oodles! They're like little fratellini! :)

Best little District ever :)

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