Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In which Sara becomes a tour guide!

Okay. What in the world to say today!

First of all, I love cherry jam. It's the yummiest! :) Also, babbo, Sorella Baird and I were talking the other day, and she mentioned something that I hadn't realized. For college stuff, could you look at dates for transfer student applications? Cause it will be different for me, because I'm transfering from FSCJ! (I don't really need to know now, but if you could just look that up for me - grazie) (...weird. Going back to school...)

Well, on a very happy note, Sorella Baird were out the other day, and this cute little family (Asian) stopped us, and showed us a picture of a Fortress that they were trying to get to. Well, we were headed in that direction, so we just told them (motioned with them) to walk with us, and we would show them. They didn't speak any Italian or English. But, we eventually figured out that they were from Japan! They were adorable, and when we got them to their destination, they thanked us in adorable Japonese, and gave us each a pen! But, not just any pen... it's a pen that I've been wanting for so long! You know those BIC multi color pens? Well, it wasn't that exact onel... but it's even better! It has 4 colors, and a clicky pencil part! Honestly, I love that pen so much. It's silly, but I do. And, it writes SO well! Tender mercy of the Lord! He knew I've been wanting one of those pens! Agh :) I'll send you a picture later :) Hahaha.

Also, basically, these weeks are great/are going to continue to be great! Fabio, però, is not the famous Fabio from Disney World. I wish! I still intend to find him some day. But, this Fabio is from Sicilia, and he's an older man. But, he's Amazing! He's progressing towards his baptismal date amazingly! We taught him the Word of Wisdom, and he commited to live it! He's just Amazing! Also, this Friday is going to be so so wonderful. So, we have an activity in Church about every/every other Friday night. Well, Fabio (and Barbara, our best friend we're teaching from China) came last week, and they both offered to cook something for the next Friday! So, this Friday we're gonna have Sicilian eggplant parmesian (AGH! So good), and a Chinese dish! THEN, Fabio was at our English Class, and there's a lady who comes sometimes, who knows a good bit about the Church (her sister was baptized some years ago)... she's from Peru. Well, she heard about this activity, and we invited her, and she said she would come and bring a chicken and rice dish! So, we'll have an activity with food from: Peru, China and Sicilia! Mamma mia, I'm so excited for this activity!

Also, oooh my word. Do you know how Amazed I am? Just Amazed! So, there's this one Young man in our ward named Davide (14ish). He's a boss. He sometimes brings his friend, Luigi, to Church activities. I've met Luigi before, great kid. Well, they had a Youth Temple Trip the other day, and non-members were invited to come, too! (I think the leaders set up some kind of activity for those who couldn't go inside of the Temple). So, Luigi went with Davide! Well, long story short, Luigi wants to get baptized now! We're so so excited!
Well, I basically am out of time, but I just wanted to include those happy Amazing stories.The lavoro missionario here at Siena is exploding!

I'll send a couple pictures, and I'll try to write more next week!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

Goodbye Emily day :( She headed back to England! (I look rough. Don't worry about it)

Sorella Baird and I with our pens from Japan! We loooove them :)

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