Thursday, August 22, 2013

In which Sara gets to teach in Spanish! :)


Life is great lately. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY, BEN WILLIS (p-day was supposed to be Yesterday, so I thought to be able to say auguri on his actual birthday, but we had to change p-day, so I'm late!)! Also, Happy Birthday Jess Willis soon, also! Happy August birthdays! What a great month, for my little family :)

Congrats to Sarah Moss! Panama City? Didn't Tyler Curtis serve there? Or, am I way off? Hahaha. I don't remember. Courtney's headed out to England... and she's going to meet my favorite, Emily! You know, the famous Emily I Always mention in my emails? They're gonna meet and become best friends! I'm so excited to hear about this! Yeah, I just realized that the other day... all of the Willis girls will be out of the house! Weird!

Ha, glad you got that picture/text! There's Always such nice, wonderful visitors from the states, on Sunday. They all say, "Let me take a picture of you, and send it to your parents!" It's cute, I love it :)

Well, things to say, lately. Have you read/heard the talk from the Priesthood session "Your Sacred Duty to Minister" by Elder David C. Beck? I fell in love with that talk! It was Amazing! Not only for the Priesthood, but everyone should read it! (maybe because I read it in the mindset of a missionary? ...but still, everyone read it!)

Also, so you know how much I love Italy/Italian? I love it. Oodles! But, lately, my love for the Spanish Language and South America has been creeping back in! Maybe it's because of Elisabeth's emails, maybe it's because there are a lot of South American's here in Italy, that we talk to... sometimes Sorella Baird and I will read the pamphlets (about the Restoration or the Plan of Salvation) in Spanish... at the beginning it was terrible, and I didn't remember how to pronounce anything in Spanish! But, now, we've actually done it a few times (just joking around), and I think I've almost got my Spanish accent back! I read a tiny bit to our Columbian member, Enrique, the other day, and he didn't correct me, or anything... he just said, "Wow, you read good in Spansih!". That made me happy :) I really really want to learn Spanish when I get home! And, I think it'll be a lot easier, now that I have 1 latin based Language.

Also, someone give Mike Mulligan and Corrine a hug for me! I thought about them the other day, and how they were the last people to see me, the night of my farewell... how, they came over after everyone had left. And, I just love them, and wanted that they know I said Hi :)

Also, if you ALL could keep Fabio in your prayers. So, he's the most amazing person I've ever met, we've already taught him everything, and he's started obeying all of the commandments already - he's Amazing!) He decided he needed to resolve some personal issues, before he saw us again/made it back to church... we told him to keep reading the BOM and praying, and he responded by saying he definitely not quit reading the BOM, because it helps him too much, and it strengthens him. Agh! He's so Amazing. So, if y'all could you keep this mister Fabio in your prayers? Grazie mille.

But, we did have an AMAZING activity as a Ramo (branch) out at the park, last weekend. It was so fun. And, it was also kinda zoo-like! There were monkeys, a bear, an ostrich (I dunno how you spell that), a buffalo, and other things. It was great. We were able to have some good lessons while we were there. I played some hardcore frisbee for a while, with some members... out in the sun. I got a teeny bit red. Haha. And, by the end of the day I was SORE! Playing frisbee, I was jumping around, bending, using a lot of muscles that I really honestly haven't used in a while! Haha. But, it was oodles of fun. You know the great Bianka and Lorena? Well, Lorena's husband is my new best friend (he doesn't know, though!) Haha. He's the funnest, he reminds me of my brothers! He's just super sarcastic. Like, SUPER sarcastic. I love it.
Well, Siena missionary work is still going magically! I can't believe, I've seen the lowest numbers out of my Whole mission here at Siena, and the highest numbers on my mission here! It's Amazing. A city, and it's reputation mean nothing. The people, and the work that goes on, the effort that's put forth in that city is all that matters. Siena is magical! I love it! :) Hopefully transfers don't come...! Haha, just kidding. They'll come, and it'll be at the right time.

Well, vi voglio un sacco di bene! We're headed to Firenze today to look around the town a bit, and all the historical things, so dad there might be some transactions made on my card, for travel and whatnot. (Ps, I have withdrawn some money here and there these past little whiles, and haven't told you. Whoops!)

Vi voglio bene, ciao!

Sorella Willis

Willis chocoalte! No, I didn't eat any. ...yet.

A little bright, but still good! :)

So, this little statue thing is all over the place in a city called Poggibonsi. Lovely, no? :)


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