Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy birthday Sara!!!! :)

Hellooo everyone!

No, I have't gotten the birthday package yet, but if you send it to Milano, I'll get it by next weekend. So, no worries! :)

How's everything going? Good? Good. :) Well, some random thoughts for this week. We went and explored a castle last p-day, and it was cool. They had some super old pistols hanging up, and they explained them a little bit. Then we talked about how maybe some of the first pistols in the world were made in Pistoia, Italy (a city pretty close to Siena - Anziani in our district are out at Pistoia), and that's maybe how pistols got their name. Cool huh?

Also, basically, I've never EVER noticed this before, but apparently I mumble? Or I've started too? Or, maybe it's just I talk too fast, and slur words together (ps, I mean when I speak in english). Haha. A lot/maybe all of my companions have to ask me to repeat things, sometimes... a lot of the time. I thought it was weird, cause I've never been told that I mumble! Just that I speak fast. But, people understood me when I spoke fast, anyway. But, nope. Weird. We'll see if I speak more clearly when I come home :) Hahaha.

Also, Sunday was full of miracles. One of the biggest, that we have been struggling, trying to figure out how teach our investigator, whose from China - because we can understand each other well enough (he speaks a bit of Italian and English, well), but there are still some times where we don't understand each other. Well, just before the Priesthood session of General Conference started, a young man walked in the door. After talking, and getting to know him, his name is Chihuwee, from China, member of 3 years, baptized in Ukraine and will be in Siena for a while, studying Italian (and he speaks English really well)! Che miracolo! Also, one of our excomunicated members (long story, but he's still a good guy) sent an SMS to Anz. Capece at the end of Conference, saying that he found his testimony again. What?! Awesome :)

Also, so as a missionary, yes you notice your zillions of weaknesses, but you also notice your strengths, cause each companion points them out, and they're always the same! Ha. So, my first few comps have all told me that I'm super patient, and calm, put together, kind, loving, etc. But then lately, my last two comps have pointed out that I have no physical disabilites - overall, that I'm never hungry and never tired. I'm never starving, but I'm always up for eating. And, I'm just not tired (thanks, dad, for those genes!). But, as long as I'm up, working, on my feet, I could go all day. It's just funny that both of my last couple comps have pointed that out. Hahaha.

Also, lately I make vegetable soup, with vegetables I used to hate (zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc.)... on purpose! It's funny, my tastebuds are gonna be so different :)

Oh, also, so my comp. now, Sorella Seare, studies the music - specifically the violin. So, the other day at our Zone Conference, we did a musical number! I played the piano and she played the violin. It was super nice :) We played "Nearer My God To Thee".

Oh... Ashley Kay Sant (if she doens't read these, someone get her attention for me) - you have/had a relative serve in Italy, yes? I feel like you told me that one time. Well, there's a lady in my ward who has a bunch of nametags of old missionaries (she's great, I love her), and she has an Anziano Sant... relative of yours?! If you do have a family member who served here, ask him if he knows Santina (or just, Tina)! Hahaha :)

Also, so Chiara Gori (the greatest NC ever!) just called me... to wish me a happy birthday, on behalf of her family (adorbs) and on behlaf of MOM. Haha. Apparently, they're bffs on facebook! Haha, so thanks mom, and y'all just keep being best friends with Chiara, and the Gori's - they're the best! :)

Also, General Conference. Oh man, the best, right!? Talks that are my favorite: I loved Elder Bednar's talk about Chastity - BOOM. SO good! Elder L. Whitney Clayton's talk... I had never wanted to be/get married more in my whole life. Man! But, then I was reassured that I needed to be on my mission. Then, I went into Conference with the question "What can I do to become a better misisonary, and to contiue to  become a better person throughout my whole life, even after the mission..?" Answered? Yes. I heard a lot, a lot about l'obbedienza! Obedience! So simple! SO important! It also made me think of my Patriarchal Blessing, things it says there to me. Basically, confrerence is wonderful. Everyone be obedient! Rules/laws/COVENANTS/commandments! All of it! It only will make you happier :)

Well, that's about it. Y'all are the greatest! I'll let you know how our lesson with Roberta goes - we met her, and talked to her for a bit, but she had other things to do, but she asked if she could see us again before we even did anything. Ah, yeah! I have great feelings/lots of hope for this woman! Keep her in your prayers, everyone! And also, just missionary work in Siena as a whole... and in the mission, as a whole.

Okay, I'm out. Love y'all!
Vi volgio bene!

Sorella Willis 

Me and Sorella Seare!

My zone!
One of my favorite people, Emily! :)

Our district!

The greatest district leader, who made cinnamon rolls for my birthday! :)

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