Thursday, April 18, 2013

In which Sara translates in a meeting! :D

Hello hello hello!

Basically, I have no time today! We're gonna go have lunch with some of my favorite people in the world (Bianka and Lorena!), then we're gonna go play basketball! Can I tell you how excited I am?! SO excited! I haven't played a sport since the MTC! Ah, I can't wait. And to make it even better, it's basically spring time here! As in, we walked around all day the other day, and I came  home a little pink. YES! I can't wait for summer time, and to get some color again :) Haha. So, we have to make it to the bus stop pretty soon, so I don't have too much time. But, hey, thanks for the emails!

Okay, okay... this week. Well, Sorella Seare and I want to plan a little Western Activity for our branch. We don't know if/how it will turn out, but we're hoping and planning! So, anyone who has ever thrown things like that together, thoughts/advice please! (Like, Hootenanny style!) But, remember... I'm in Italy. Where I have no idea where to find a cowboy hat or bandana. Haha.

Also, Sorella Seare and I were just talking the other day, and a thought came to me. We were talking about promised blessings, then I had a thought: that with every blessings comes a trial, no? (and vice versa) So, if with every blessing we have a trial, and we have promised blessings, then we must also have promised trials! Which, strangely enough, does not worry/scare/bother me in the least. Because, we know that we were not sent to this earth to fail. We were sent to succeed. Chirst has done everything for us so that we can succeed, and everything leads us/points us/helps us to succeed (except for all the natural man-ness going on around us). So, basically, all of these promised trials (that we WILL have) we can overcome. Because, we weren't sent to fail. It actually kinda makes me happy to think about it. "Yeah, I'm gonna have a trial. And I'm gonna overcome it." Haha. Overly confident? No, no, no. Faith! Trust! Ha :) So, that was a happy little thought I had the other day :)

Oh, and here's a little crazy bit! So, the coppia Capece (our Sr. couple) their daughter and her family came to visit this week. And, they asked their daughter and her family to give talks. Aka, they wrote them in English... and had to be translated! It was a daughter, son, then the husband and wife who gave talks. Luckily, there's a guy in our ward who speaks a good bit of English. So, he translated the guys talks, and I translated the girls talks! AH! It went pretty well. Hopefully. Haha. I didn't see these talks until I walked up to the podium to translate as they spoke. And, it wasn't super easy. Because things are phrased differently in Italian, so there were a couple points of awkward silence, where I had to work it all our in my mind before translating, but it happen! But, a lot of it was pretty easy. Just a couple parts were really rough. I translated! It was insane! Haha. At the end, I didn't feel super great about how I translated (just the one little part where I had gotten stuck, killed me!), then after wards I talked to some members, and especially Sandro (the new convert who baptized his daughter) is one of the greatest people in the world! He made me feel so good! We were talking, and he said something along the lines of "I understood everything, you did a great job.", and I kinda was like, "Well, I'm glad/hope you understood most of it", to which he responds, "Everything. I understood it all, it was wonderful." Ah! I kinda feel like he's just being the wonderful dad that he is, and making me feel better, but still, he's a wonderful dad, and did make me feel better :) Haha. And other people told me I did a great job, too. I LOOOOVE this branch here at Siena. They're amazing! Oh, and a funny bit. So, I was ready the talk in English and translating it into Italian. Then, when I went home to do some studies later on, I picked up an english BOM (that I've been trying to finish since Oct! I'm almost done!), and started reading... and I started instantly translating in my mind to Italian! Haha, I was just used to doing that that morning (reading the talk and translating) that my mind continued to do that throughout the day! Haha.

Also, so yeah, we walked around ALL day the other day! Well, first of all, they are going to start having sisters in leadership in the missions now (like a ZL, but a sister), so one of the sisters at Firenze had to go to that meeting, and her companion couldn't go... so, she came to be a trio with us for a day! And that was fun - Sorella Bucco, I loove her! (PS: crazy thought, she is friends with one of my roommates from the MTC! Small, small world). So, we picked her up, then the next day we had to take my compaion to the Questura (legal papers/fingerprints/etc.) and we had to go to two different ones. So, we found the first one easy, no problem. Then they tell us to go to this second one, and they tell us it's beside the Duomo, and there's an address on the paper. Okay, so we walk towards the Dumo. Nothing. We asked someone, and he looked at the address and tells us it's a ways away. The address is the street where we live on. So, we walk all the way out (a good 45 min. walk) back to the street we live on, then we start looking for this building. Well, this adorable little old man stops us and says, "No, the library is that way.", I guess thinking we were students. Then we told him/showed him where we needed to, and he was befuddled (isn't befuddled a word? Do you spell it that way? Who knows!) too! He basically walked the whole street with us, trying to help us find it. Super sweet. He's an ex-police officer. Then, after talking with him for a little bit, he said he had met with the guy missionaries before! Ah! Awesome! He wasn't super interested to meet up again, but we gave him our number :) Then we headed all the way back to the duomo, and asked a few more people, and eventually found the second questura! Yeah! So, we walked a lot a lot that day (more than it seems) - okay, from 8am-1pm. Non-stop. I was fine, I love walking, but my companion sometimes has leg problems? They hurt her, sometimes. And her hip. Agh. Then, after this long fun day of walking we went to take Sorella Bucco back home to Firenze, and then to do a Blitz the next day! (We work in Firenze with them) It was super fun! I was with Sorella Bucco, and Sorella Seare was with the wonderful Sorella Santoro (Italian. Boss. I love her! Haha) And, we had a pretty rough morning. Then, we had an appointment that night that the Anz. at Firenze were going to give to the Sorella - they found these people, but they live in the Sorelle's area, so they were gonna teach them, and have us there in the lesson to get to know them/pass them off. But, turns out, things fell through with the Anz. (their member couldn't come, so they couldn't even enter the house without a man), so they came to the door with us introduced us, and left, and we taught the lesson! PS, all this we figured out like 15 minutes before the lesson! Haha. We hadn't planned on teaching that lesson! But, it went really well! They're an adorable family from Peru (the man wasn't home, though. That's why the Anz. couldn't stay). It was crazy, but really really fun :) I looove Sorella Bucco. We had a good bit of fun together :) 

And, that's basically it! No, I have't gotten the package yet, but I assume I'll get it tomorrow (we have a zone training, and they bring the mail). Thanks for whatever it is! Haha :) 

Well, for not having a lot of time, I sure wrote oodles today! Dad, thanks so much for answering my questions! Dearest everyone else, I am out of time, but I'll respond next week! :)

Love y'all oodles and oodles! Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis 

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