Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy General Conference Weekend! :)

Well, hello!

This week has not been the craziest of weeks. But, as always, great! :) Easter Sunday we had lunch with the coppia Capece, and it was delish! And then, before we were about to leave, Sorella Capece put something in front of me... OREOS! I had mentioned to them how much I used to love oreos back home... how they're basically my favorite cookie (next to a soft, chocolate chip, of course), and you can find oreos at maybe 1 supermercato here... and they go shopping there, sometimes. So, they bought me some! They're the greatest! :) I loooove them!

Also, lets see, there was an American in church on Sunday! Actually, there were a lot! (Pres. Wolfgramm and his family were in Siena for Easter, also another couple from the states, and then this other guy who I am about to talk about). Basically, his name's Michael. From Washington (or D.C. - I don't remember), and he studied opera? So he sang some awesome song during sacrament meeting. Speaks Italian like a boss. But, didn't serve a mission here (served in Scottland), but this kid still speaks Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French... I may have made up a couple of those, but basically a zillion latin-based languages... and he didn't even serve a mission in any of those places! What talent, right? Maybe when I get off my mission I'll be able to pick up languages like that... :) Haha.

Also, we've gotten a zillion potentials this week. We'll see how they all turn out! :)
Also also, sometimes I forget that there's life after the mission... as in, "You mean I won't wake up at 6:30, and go to bed by 10:30 every day for the rest of my life...? Che cosa?" It's weird, that missions eventually end. But then I remember that I have my "Il Volo" cd waiting for me at home, and everything's just great :) Hahaha.

Soo... here's a miracle for this week! So, last week we stumbled upon this older couple during casa (Addriana e Vinicio), they were very nice, they let us in, and we started talking to them for a little bit. We found out that their daughter had given them a BOM some years ago (the daughter isn't LDS, but she went to the USA a while back, and she came back to Italy with a BOM, which she gave to her parents). Well, the older couple wasn't super excited to learn about the gospel, so we didn't get a return appointment, but they said we could come back whenever we wanted to stop by. Well, we decided to stop by the other day, and they were more than happy to see us. Then they said they had talked to their daughter, about how they had met us, and then they told us that the daughter wants to meet us (figlia: Roberta - good name, right dad? Haha)! They called her up right then and there (she lives close by), but she was already winding down for the day, in her PJs, but we set up a day to come back, and meet with all 3 of them! I don't know exactly what kind of contact their daughter had with the church/how she got a BOM, but we are crazy excited to meet with all of them! :) How awesome?

Also, who's excited for General Conference coming up!? Oh man, I can't wait! The only bummer is, here in Italy we can't ever watch the 4th session (it plays here about 10pm). We could always go back and watch it, and we can always read about it, but we don't watch it live. Oofa. But, it's whatevs. Haha :)

Also, we saw our member Luca again, the other day! He's a boss, he's becoming one of my favorite people here! He's super sarcastic sometimes - talking about il Piano di Salvezza, and how we all chose to come here, to which he responds, "No I didn't choose to come here, I was tricked. Someone told me, "Hey look down there!", then they pushed me..." Haha.

Well, there's really not a ton to talk about for this week. We're going to an old castle, that's supposedly haunted today with the coppia Capece! I'l be sure to get pictures of that :)

Also, Sorella Seare and I are very unhealthy eaters. Hahaha, not really, we're pretty good. But, sugar/chocolate... bad idea. Easter, we got a chocolate pie type thing (delish), oreos, and chocolate eggs... all of which are already gone! Haha. Whoops!

And, well, I can't think of much more. Sorry, this is super short this week.

Oh! We knocked the door of this awesome Australian girl, and taught her! It was funny, at first she said where she was from, but I heard Austria, so we just kept speaking Italian. Then halfway through, she mentioned something about English, and we realized she was Australian! Haha. So, we spoke in and out of Italian/English. She's awesome, we haven't been able to go back and see her yet, but we hope to soon!

And, I'm just super excited for this weekend - Zone Training! I looove trainings, meetings, all of it! You just learn oodles. Well, y'all are great. Watch the last session of Conference thinking of me... haha.

Thanks for the updates dad, and always for the little pictures of Tanner-man. Take zillions of pictures at Adam's wedding! Punch Elisabeth for already being pretty fluent in the Spanish language, for me... I would love to be 100% fluent! Ah, it kills me that I don't speak Italian perfectly. Oh well. Most Italians don't either. Hahaha.

Oh, hey, dad, remember how this month is the greatest month of the year? April birthdays are where it's at :) Haha.
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

So, in the MTC there were 10 of us who came to Milan. And, 5 of us are training this transfer! I loooove these people! :) Sorella Hoppe, me, then Anz. Dowling, Klemm and Day.

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