Thursday, March 28, 2013

In which Sara has a baptism!!!!!!!

Ah! So, I found out Monday morning, the Capece couple told me about Elisabeth's call - awesome! That's perfect for Elisabeth - Utah + Spanish = basically her whole life. Hahaha. Awesome :)

And, I love all the little pictures of Tanner you send. Basically, I can't wait to come home and play with him! Ooh, Tanner man :) Haha.

Hahaha, and tell Isa, I know! I would LOVE to find Fabio eventually! I just have no idea where he's from... all I remember is the alps. And, I'm not near the Alps right now. Haha. That's awesome that everyone was there for her mission call! :) Did she cry? ;) Haha.

Thanks for the package! I haven't gotten it yet, but thanks in advance! :) Ha.

So, training is great :) My collega's name is Sorella Seare, she's from Idaho. Which means - yes! I still have a streak going of no companions from Utah (Idaho x2, NY, Wisconson, and FL)! Ha. Don't get me wrong, y'all know I love Utah, but there are just a lot of missionaries from UT, and the fact that I haven't had a comp. from there is pretty cool, I think! :) Ha.

Well, let's see. On our way home to Siena (after I had picked up S.lla Seare from Milano) we were on the train, and started talking to this lady on the train. She was awesome, I loved her. Her name was Simona, she's a contemporary dancer, and is basically the cutest person in the world. And, she spoke english! She went to school in the UK for a few years. We talked to her for a gooood long while, and eventually gave her a BOM (my comp. bought one at the MTC, and wanted to give it away on the plane, but never did) - the BOM was in English, but crazy enough, Simona spoke English - right timing, right everything. Awesome. Anyway, she had a lot of interesting thoughts about life, and about everything. She didn't accept everything that we talked to her about, but I think we at least sparked something, or planted a seed.

Then, our first night doing finding work we got 3 awesome potentials! 1 lady on the street, and 2 we found doing casa! And, one was an awesome girl who was rushing out the door, but told us to come in for a second, she had talked a little bit with the missionaries before, said she had to go to work, but we switched phone numbers, and she said (we didn't even ask) "I can't come to church this week, cause it's Easter Sunday, and I'll be with the fam., but I'll come to church next week." Ah! She's one of my favorite miracles, thus far :) Ha. And, we just have a lot of little miracles, lately. We talk to a lot of people who know of the church, or who have friends who are members. We talked to an awesome guy from Germany the other day who was only in Italy visiting a friend, and he said "But back home in Germany we were actually meaning to go to the Mormon church", because they have LDS friends, and the church is close to their house. And, he spoke english too. He was awesome. Anyway, so we just continue to see a bunch of little miracles everyday! :)

Also, the other day, a group of American girls stopped us and asked us for directions, and they were awesome. They're teaching English in Spain, but during the school break, they came to Italy! There were 2 girls from FL (one from Miami area) and one girl from JAX! We didn't get to talk a whole lot, but she was super nice :) And, one of them has LDS friends that she just loves and admires and thinks they're the greatest family in the world! They were awesome :)

Also, Elisabeth, remember this town/city for your mission - Ridgefield/Richfield (I don't know how it's spelled, I only heard it). Basically, that's where the Sr. Couple (Capece) are from! And, they go home in a few months! So, they'll be back at their home in Utah shortly! So, keep an eye out for them in the field! :) When is Elisabeth's departure date?

Also, you know the promise that there is about the BOM? How, if you read it (For 20 min?) in a specific language, then you'll learn that language. So, where did that promise come from? I can't find it anywhere. Did a Prophet say it? Could y'all do some research for me? Thanks! :)

Also, so we had the baptism of Chiara (the daughter of the fam. who just got baptized), and she's the BEST! I looove her to death. The baptism was basically the most beautiful thing ever, especially since her dad baptized her. And, it all went really well. I was talking to her afterwards, and she told me that she's going to start working on her own mission papers ASAP! Obviously she can't go yet, but she can put her availability date as when she's been a member 1+ year. She's the greatest! I loove her! I'll send some pictures of that :)

But, I gotta go. Y'all are the best! Be good! Happy Easter! Can you believe it's almost General Conference? My first Sunday in Italy was GC October 2012! 6 months have already gone by?! Woooow.

Okay. Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

Me and Sorella Seare!

Chaira's baptism! And a bunch of wonderful people :)

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