Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In which Sara can now send emails to everyone!!!

Whaa?! Hello, first of all, I have no idea where to start!

Okay, we got an email that said the mission policy worldwide has been changed, and we can email family, friends, mission leaders, as long as they're not in the mission boundaries! So, whoever wants to email me, feel free to! (and even though we get an extra 30 minutes of email, there still never seems to be enough time. So, I will respond much better through written, snail mail, but if I get emails, I'll surely respond through email!)



Well, I have 60478329x things to say today! First of all, thanks y'all for the wonderful emails this week! They just made my day! Every couple minutes I'm gasping, or laughing, or smiling... y'all are the best! :) And thanks Lyndzie &  Matt Alvarez for the darling email! I love them :)

Okay, well lets get started. Actually dad, it's funny that you mentioned Ramirez in your email, I was just thinking about them the other day, and wanted you to tell them all hi for me! (both Ramirez families! I looove them!) :) How are they doing?

Also, we did a Blitz in Firenze (Florence) last week, and it was so much fun :) Also also, we have the amazing member, named Enrique (from Colombia) who is the greatest missionary ever! He just goes around talking to his friends about the church, and he gave us this beautiful referral the other day, who is amazing! Iooove her! She has met with the missionaries before, too. And she said (we didn't even ask her) "Whenever I meet with you missionaries, and even the missionaries in the past, I always just feel peace in my heart..." Ah! I love her! She's from Colombia, too. The only thing is she works all the time, but she is hoping to come to our BAPTISM this weekend! Remember how we're having a baptism? Holy cannoli, I love this little family oodles. So, the mom, Cinzia, is the greatest person EVER! And, origionally it was just her and her daughter getting baptized, and their dad was just super busy, preoccupied with other things. He loves the church, but when we had talked to him, he wasn't ready, it wasn't his time. BUT, there has been a change! He was talking to Cinzia one day, and just up and said, "I feel like I need to get baptized too." AGHHHHH! Are you kidding?! My word! It's amazing, especially because that's what he was missing, the feeling. He knew it was all true, he just didn't feel like it was his time. Then, we stepped back, the Lord stepped in and did his part, and BOOM! So, we did a review of all the commandments the other day, and he is SO golden, so prepared, I just looove him! He used to smoke, but since he decided he wanted to get baptized, he hasn't smoked once. He doesn't have cigarettes in the house, anymore. He's just the best! BUT, Chiara (the daughter) changed her mind, and needs time. It's not that she doens't want to, she knows it's true, and says she will get baptized, but just not this weekend. We tried to talk to her about it, but it won't be this weekend. We don't know exactly why (she said she just had a feeling that she needed to wait), but if EVERYONE could keep Chiara in their prayers (also, the whole Gori family, to keep them strong during this week of the baptism, where satan's gonna try to do everything to stop them!) ...although, there's nothing in the world that could stop them, they're so wonderful! :) Basically, that's my giant schpeel of one of the greatest families in the world, getting baptized this Friday :) SO EXCITED!

Also, hey Coby Fabrizio, do you know a Capece family? They're serving here (a Senior couple) in Siena, and they're from Sandy, UT, and told me they know a Fabrizio family. Small world! Also, I ate a balsamic vinegar choclate the other day - holy cannoli, delish! There was a giant chocolate, I would say Festival/display/sale, in my favorite campo the other day. It was way cool, and delicious :) Haha.

Also, oh babbo, do you know a Brother Little? From Orlando? He works in the Orlando Temple? He came to church in Siena on Sunday! Him and his brother were just vacationing here in Italy with their wives, and they ended up here in Siena on Sunday! Then after we talked a bit, we figured out we were both from FL, & he was a temple worker! (I'm pretty sure I recognize him from when we  would go on Temple trips as youth, because he said he's been a temple worker for 9 years). Did you know him when you were a temple worker? He said he worked Saturdays. Well, they were super nice, and awesome :)

Oh, and we saw and taught this member the other day. His name's Luca. Dearest brothers, you would love him to bits and pieces. He's Italian Military, and this was actually the first time I had ever met him, cause he's always out on mission trips (i.e., running around forrests/mountains/whatevs, living in caves, surviving off of berries, and getting water from plants). Basically, he's a beast. At the end we asked him if there was something we could do for him, and said, "Well, if you want to clean my gun..." Hahahah! Oh, I love... everything! :)

Also, we stopped by our favorite cheese store again the other day (I love it, and the owner, Luigi! So great) and we bought this delish cheese called Burrata - it's like a creamy, delicious cheese covered in mozzarella! It was super yum! :)

Also, we taught my favorite person, ever, Rosanna the other day! On skype! I loooove her soo much, she loves the gospel already, we just need to figure out her living situation/where she should get baptized! And, her friends, Bianka and Lorena (the greatest members EVER), are just that... the greatest members ever. I loove them, so much! While we waited for Rosanna to get on skype, we read the scriptures together... sitting in a circle, on the floor. It was SO wonderful, I could have just stayed there all day.

Well, I'm running out of time.
I looove y'all! Be good! Keep the Gori's in your prayers!
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

PS: Happy Birthday Clay! AND KELSEY! And Katharine Fabrizio, coming up soon, too! :) Love you kids! :)

Our Blitz, in Firenze, with Sorella Beus and Sorella Santoro! :)

Simone, Davide, Cinzia & Tina! I loove them :)

Friday night activity in church! :)

Us with Emily (member from England) with melted chocolate :)

Chocolate festival thing!

We ran into the Anziani di Firenze! (From England, and from Australia! They're fun!)

In Italy, at Ponte Vecchio, in Firenze (Florence)

Noi :)

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