Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In which Sara listens to Christmas music and drinks soda! O_O

Helloooo y'all!

How are the lovely states doing? Well, it's great over here in Italia! :)
Let me just tell y'all some of the stuff that's been going on. 

So, last p-day we went with the copia Capece (there's a Senior couple here in Siena - he's the branch president, and they're the greatest people in the world! They always take us around on p-day, it's so fun) to a town called Volterra - sound familiar anyone? Haha. It's famous for Twilight. In the book, when they go to Italy, they go to Volterra! (although, in the movie it's a different place... that's still here in Italy, though. Close by, too, but we haven't gone. Yet.) It was fun. Just a cute little town :)

Also, okay, let me just say, I met one of the greatest people in the world last week! Her name's Rosanna, and she's the best friend of one of our recent converts. She is from the south, but came up north to take an exam. Basically, we became best friends, and I love her with all my heart! Our recent convert (Bianka, and her sister Lorena) are the greatest people in the WORLD, and they have talked to her about the gospel a lot, already. And, Rosanna says she sees and feels a difference about us. Even, just at our little activities. We have an activity every Friday night, and the night she came we were talking about geneology, and she said even just that night, even when it wasn't an official "church meeting" she still felt "something" more there, than she has ever felt at any other church. But, then she had to leave, and go back down south. Ahh! She's so prepared! We read 3 Nefi 11 with her, and Bianka and Lorena, and it was basically one of my favorite nights on the mission :) Ha.

Also, holy cannoli! Remember my favorite BFF, back at Collegno, Isaac?! Well... I talked to Collegno the other day, and ISAAC'S GETTING BAPTIZED! I'm SO excited! Seriously, I could have exploded when I heard the news! He's the greatest, and I'm SOO excited for him! 17 Marzo! :) It stinks, though, I wish I could be there to see it! But, I don't matter. This work is what matters. And now, everything is just blossoming! Ah, it's craaazy beautiful! All he was waiting on was his school schedule to clear up, and now it has. And HE announced it in church, before even telling le Sorelle about it. And, he wore a green suit, apparently. Can it get any better than that? Hahaha.

Also, I read another killer talk, called "The Pathway of Discipleship" by Neal A. Maxwell, the other day, and it's basically isanely good. But, one of my favorite lines from it, "We need not let yesterday hold tomorrow hostage." Boom. Punto.
Also, "our active avoidance of wickedness must be followed by our active engagement in righteousness". 
Also, "How much sin occurs because people momentarily forget who they really are?"
Also, "Today's small inflection for good adds to what becomes tomorrows mountain of character."
Basically I could just quote this talk all day. But, I won't. Hahah.

Oh, is Ashlie Buchman still in OP? Cause, Lanard Tisdale's basically been on my mind my whole mission, and she (or someone else whose good friends with him) needs to go get back in contact with him (unless y'all have already done that... in which case, ben fatto, haha). But, last I remember he wasn't coming to church or Institute. But, he needs to! Ah. So, someone get in contact with him, give him a hug from me, then get him to Institute! :) Thanks :) Hahaha.

Also, sometimes I feel like I'm in The Best Two Years. And, my comp. is Elder Vannpelt (sp?), and I'm Elder Johnson. And... sometimes, she gets lots of letters from everyone. And I'll just leave it there. Hahaha. 
Also, Courtney or Elisabet or anyone, can y'all get me Fabi's address? I want to write her! Please and thank you :)

Also, sometimes I break Sara Life Rules. Like, listening to Christmas music when it's not Christmas, or drinking soda/carbonation. It's weird. Italian's just live off of carbonation (seriously, they don't even always have natural water in their homes/churches, sometimes all they have is carbonated water. So, it's kinda hard to get around.).

Also, Sunday was the most beautiful Sunday in the world! We picked up our simpatizzante, Marisa, who came and stayed for all 3 hours! Then, when we got there, our favorite Emily (LA, from England) was there, and stayed for all 3 hours! Then in the middle of the second hour, a LA (who apparently hasn't come to church for over 5 years) popped her head in, and joined! Then, during sacrament meeting, another LA (who we had gone to see that week, and invited her back to church) came, and bore her testimony! She's got a really rough life, right now, and I just love her to bits and pieces. 

Basically, Sorella Bush and I just see miracles left and right here.
Oh, also, I think I mentioned last week that a guy (Maurizio) from our English class asked about the BOM last week, so we gave him one. Well, we asked him about it last night, and he said he had read 10+/- pages. And he said something along the lines of, "I'm not convinced. Yet. But, I'll keep reading." Like, he knows he'll be convinced, and he wants to be convinced, so he's keeping on reading! Ah! I love him, he's so funny :)

Well, I need to run, we're headed to Firenze (Florence) for a Blitz! I'll make sure to get lots of pictures :)
Love you guys! Be good!
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

Ancora (still), the beautiful Siena!

The Campo!

The Duomo in Siena! :)

 ......Siena. Isn't it the most beautiful place in the world?!

Me, S.lla Bush, and her recent convert, Luca! He's grrreat! :)

Me and S.lla Bush! :)

My favorite place in the world! (the Campo, where they do the Palio)

Hi, Italy just reminds me of Harry Potter/HPWorld. Punto!


Bianka! That is what we call a crepe on the ground. Hahaha! :)

Lorena, S.lla Bush, me, Rosanna! :)

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