Thursday, January 31, 2013

In which Sara reaches her 6 month mark!!! :D

Ciaooo tuttiiiii! :)

Haha, if you wanna send me a Seminoles shirt, that's fine, but I haven't worn regular clothes, since... the MTC. So, I might not wear it too often. Haha. About the cash, they didn't ask for anything for the package, so I dunno. I haven't exchanged the money yet, but I don't really need to, right now. I'm fine with cash, and it would just take time away from us... but, if/when I need to exchange money, I have it, so thanks! :) It's great to hear the cruise went well! Mom told me they met an Italian lady on the cruise, from Milan - so cool! :) Haha, that stinks that Elisabeth's papers aren't in yet. Oh well, they'll get in eventually! :) Patience, patience. :)

Okay, random things - who wants to get scared? Especially mom? My backs been hurting me this past week. Ha, but it's probably nothing to worry about. Just cause my purse died, so I bought a little backpack. When I don't wear it on my back (just carry it) my back doesn't hurt, so it's just the little ziano (backpack). But, Courtney, can you send me some of your stretches? To help me un-kink my back? Grazie! :)

Um, we made a yummy, delish broccoli cheese soup this week, that lasted for... the whole week! It was great. I can totally make it when I get home, for y'all :)

Jacob, I have a question for you! Did you meet/teach a lot of Rasta's on your mission? We talked to a kid the other day, and he was Rasta, and he said in that religion, they believe that every church, or spiritual way, will lead you back to God, just as long as your at peace with yourself. did you teach them? Advice, thoughts? Grazie!

Also, let me just tell you. We have bikes here at Collegno, but we never used them, because the tires were flat, and we just took the bus, anyway. But, we got them fixed the other day! And, we decided to take them out that afternoon! Oh my word, let me tell you, that was a rough day. One of the bikes is stupid, and it's super hard (aka, troppo easy) to pedal (peddle?). And, we were going up this evil hill for 10 minutes? Yeah, rough. When I get to a bike city, where I have to use the bike, I'm sure I'll die (aka, gain a great love for biking).

Haha, yes, mom and Courtney, 1 Febbraio is my 6 month mark! Crazy, huh? I definitely cannot believe I've been out almost 6 months.

Also, quick miracle! Sorella Mancuso and I were talking, and had said we wanted to find a family to teach, because neither of us have taught a family. So, that night, we were doing casa, and about halfway down the palazzo we knocked a door - a little girl answered. We asked if we could talk to her mom, and the mom came over. We talked to the mom for a bit, and she said she knew a good bit about the Mormon's, because she had met with the missionaries before! She has another daughter (that we saw - ha 11ish anni, and the other daughter 8ish). We talked, and she said we could come back Thursday! We don't know if there's a husband, but they're just a beautiful little family, and we're so excited to go back tomorrow! :) 

Okay, well today is pretty sure, but I gotta go. Y'all are the best! Thanks for all the emails!

Love you! Vi voglio bene!

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