Thursday, January 10, 2013

In which Sara holds a python :)

Dad, you're a boss! :) Thanks for everything! For the story, especially, that was wonderful! It actually helped me out different than how you probably intended. Cause, it's kinda rough, here. Don't get me wrong, it's great :) and I love it, but it's hard to see people (really hard, like, number of lessons are super low), and I've been here at Collegno for 2+ transfers, and we still haven't had a baptism. But, with your story, you helped me remember, what I do right now, the little things every day, there is a reason for it. Maybe I won't see the fruits of my labors right now, that's not important. Just as long as I'm working, and putting forth the effort :)

But, that's awesome! Y'all are going on a cruise? Che divertente (how fun)! I've never been on a cruise, either! Y'all gotta take pictures, and let me know how it is! :) Give everyone my love and hugs and kisses (yes, kisses), and tell Uncle Telford to brush up on some good Italian cooking... and then I'll learn some here, too! :) Haha.

Okay, lets see, a couple things I wanted to say this week.
Elisabeth and Luke, and whoever else watched it... remember Lazy Town? Yeah, we have an investigator, with a 2 year old daughter, and she was watching it the other day. Lazy Town in Italian! Hahaha.

Oh, tell the Hines I said hi, and I love them! (Sherrryyyy!) I dunno, I was just thinking about them the other day :)

Oh! Thanks Pa Echols and the Orrocks for the Christmas cards! I'll write y'all back soon, but holy cannoli, Amanda a) you're adorable! b) McKay and Eliza are SO big! Jeez!

Some food things... I love bell peppers, now! I could just eat them forever and ever. We cook them with chicken/beef sometimes, or we'll just snack on them raw. Who knew I liked bell peppers?! Hahaha. Also, Italians eat eggs for lunch and dinner, and think it's funny that we eat them for breakfast. It's silly :)

Also also, Kaycie Foster (EFY!), so your friend from dance (? Sorella Forbes) is now in my Zone! She showed me a cute picture of y'all the other day! Small world, eh? :)

Also also... so, I've been wanting to cut my hair, as of late. A lot! Like, super short. Like, a pixie or something, short. But, I'm way too much of a chicken to do it. But, I just keep seeing a bunch of people with cute hair cuts, and I love it! It's just a hassle, hair. It just gets everywhere... scarves make it static-y. But, I probably won't cut it... yet. We'll see what happens in the summer time... apparently, it gets deathly hot! Haha.

Miracle for the week! So, we've been trying to see a riferimento for a long time, but we couldn't see him, cause he lives so far away, and no one from our ward was ever available (we need a woman). After 3-4 weeks of trying, we finally got an appointment set up, with a member! Then, when we got there, turns out, the member knows our riferimento! He went to school with her son for years, and she's friends with his mom. It was a miracle, having her at the lezione, she was just what he needed. Also, he accepted a soft bapt. invite! :)

Also, so if y'all go to PMG, chapter 11, in the back at the personal study part, there's a part that says "Have your family write letters of their testimonies on certain subjects (i.e. word of wisdom, BOM, Joseph Smith, prayer, etc.) - could y'all do that for me?! That would be wonderful! (INCLUDING JACOB, LUKE, KALEB, BEN & JESS!) Like, a FHE or something, that would be wonderful :) Thanks!
I think that's all for now, y'all are great :) Y'all are boss. Love you guys!

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

We had pranzo (lunch) with a member the other day, and... they have snakes! They have 7 snakes - I think the one I was holding was a python :)

Also, we found this adorable Disney carousel at Torino the other day!

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