Friday, January 25, 2013

In which Sara goes to Zone Conference!


Okay, y'all are so boss. Dad, thanks for all the crusie updates, and the info about Adam! That's super cute, how he proposed... what a punk :) Haha. And, dad, thanks for the picture of the Frey family (why did Danni give all her hair to Brian? (Danni's hair is adorable, by the way!) And, who's the girl with Brian?)! They're adorabs :) I didn't know Matt & Lyndzie were headed to the Temple THIS WEEK! Ah, y'all kill me. Haha. That's so great! Pictures, pictures, per favore!

So, things to say about this week! Okay, okay, okay...

First of all, again, y'all are so boss! I got your Christmas package last week, at Zone Conference! Thanks so much for the letters, and little things, and especially for the mini PMG! That's gonna be so useful :) Grazie mille! And, so, let me just tell you, last Wednesday was like the greatest Wednesday ever! Zone Conference = amazing! (It may or may not have gone a little longer than usual... aka, our whole day was shot (because we had to take a train 1 hour to get out there, then 1 hour back)... so, it was like a 5-6 hour conference. But, it was wooonderful! :) Then, we got the mail, I got the package, some letters (Thanks Adam, and Chelsea Wiser! I love y'all! And, to all my other EFY kids, I love y'all oodles, and would LOVE to hear from y'all!). Then, I got home, and I had 3 letters waiting in our mailbox! 2 from Sam Buhler (she's serving a mission now, elsewhere. But, I love her SO much!), and one from mom and Jacob! Ahhh! Jaaaaacob! :) Hahaha, it was basically the greatest Wednesday ever :)

Oh, and thanks for the CD's! davvero, they're sooo wonderful! Especially the EFY cds. I may or may not be super stoked for EFY 2014, gia (already)! :)

Oh, and, domanda: in the mini PMG there was a sticky note, with Elisabeth's name, and SS number... any reason why? Haha, do y'all just want me to shred it?

Also, I wanted to tell you! In the Liahona/Ensign, there's a picture, pg. 19 (I think) of some missionaries in the Milan Mission! And, there's an Elder, front line, blue tie... his name's Anziano Pitt. That's my ZL! Super boss :)

Also, I have no need for it now, but if y'all can find this book (I think it's a book...?), called "The Italian Mission" by Lorenzo Snow. Grazie :)

And, Sunday was great. Would you believe me if I said we taught Principi Evangelici (gospel principles) on Sunday, and I still don't feel super comfortable with the language? Yeah... hahaha. I feel way much more super comfortable, than I did, say... 3 months ago. Haha. I can speak okay, now, but there's so many words I don't know, so much vocab... so much! I just want to learn everything, so that I can speak better! Ah.

Also, dad, you would be proud. Haha. I was getting dressed the other day, and the only things I had in my closet, clean, was an orange shirt, and a blue cardigan... needless to say, I did not wear them, together. I couldn't bring myself to do it (blue and orange, together)! It's like going against everything I learned growing up! Seminoles :) Hahaha.

Also, thanks adorable grandparents for the letter! They also sent me a picture of mom when she had 3 years :) SO cute! :)

also, I dunno if I ever told y'all this, but you know how there are those yummy things called  Arrancini? Well, I ate one the other day... but, with nutella! It was just a fried rice ball, with nutella in the middle. It was strangely good :) Haha.

So, my miracle for this week is the same man from the miracle last week (si chiama Umberto)! We had a lezione with him, then set up a return appointment (new investigator!). But, he called us on Saturday (miracle - no one calls us!), telling us he couldn't do our appointment the next time, but that he was free that day (miracle!), and he also called to confirm with us that he was coming to church the next day (miracle!). So, we called everyone , to try to get a member present/female, but no one was available. Then, we had the thought to call one of our less actives/new converts, who has a strong testimony of the Gospel, but just doesn't come to church (ha 20 anni - she's great, I love her). We called her, and she said she could come with us (miracle!)! Then, the lesson went well, we gave him a bapt. date, but he declined. But, he came to church the next day, and during one of the talks, he said he almost cried (good tears). I feel like he is SO prepared, and so ready! We're gonna keep working hard with him, I'm so excited for him :) I loooove him! He's like my little Italian grandpa :) Haha.

Um, basically y'all are amazing, and I don't really have enough time today to respond to all/any of the emails today, because y'all all sent so many/such great emails this week! So... write little emails this week, then I'll respond to them all next week! Hahaha :)

Grazie grazie mille! Y'all are the bestest family in the world.

Courtney, thanks for all the pictures of Ashlee & John's wedding! They're beautiful, adorable! Ah, I love it! :) Also, hello Sherry, she's super beautiful, too (as always). Why are my friends so beautiful? Ah.
The cruise sounds like tons of fun. Have fun, be good, and... keep growing, and bettering yourselves! We gotta do that forever and ever, never stop! :)

Love y'all! Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

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