Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In which Sara gets transferred to Siena, Italy!

Hi, I love y'all oodles.
Let me just go crazy for a second. Not really. My language might be really weird for the next 6 weeks, because Sorella Bush is the darlingest, and talks in... her own way. She's wonderful, and it's rubbing off on me (i.e. oodles, darlingest, etc.). 

So, let me just tell you about my last week at Collegno. I did not cry. Yeah! When I was still at Collegno, we went to il Museo Egizio - apparently it's the 2nd best Egypt museum in the world. It was cool, there were mummies, and a few bodies... crazy! Then, that same day, we were at Torino (cause, that's where the museum is) and we were just walking down the street, and my heart might have skipped a beat! Because, there was a man. ...on the corner of the street, with a guitar, singing a song. A wonderful, beautiful song... by the name of "Horse With No Name". I wanted to stop, and go sing along with him, so bad! But I decided against it. 

Oh, quick question, if y'all do send me something for my birthday (you don't have to, but dad mentioned it, soo... hey there), could y'all go in my boxes (I think they're in the boxes in the girls room) and find and send me my Herucles sandals (my $5 sandals from Miami, that remind me of Hercules/Nefi)? Because, we can wear sandals in the summer time, just as long as they got a strap in the back, and my sandals at home do! So, if y'all would be so kind as to find them, and send them to me? I would be so so terribly grateful :)

Thanks Kelsey, and Vescovo Marchand (I dunno if I ever thanked him?) for the letters! Kelsey is all the way out at Virginia! Ah! Oh, Orange Park is gonna be a whole new world when I get home.

Also, I dunno if I ever told y'all, but one Sunday (at Collegno) we watched a short film in Sunday School called "The Butterfly Circus". Y'all should watch it, and try not to cry. It's wonderful! I loove it :) 

I actually don't have too much to say about Collegno right now... I have pictures, so I'll send those. Oh! But, one of my favorite people ever, (si chiama Vanessa) is just wonderful. She's a less active, but not because she doubts the gospel or anything (she actually has a way strong testimony, and came out to a few lessons with us), but she just doesn't come to church. So, we were trying to help her come back. Anyway, she's one of my favorite people ever, and she gave me a letter the night before I left... ahh, I loove her! She's the darlingest! 

But, now I'm here. At Siena. And, let me tell you, it's beauuutiful. This is how I imagined Italy to be like. It's super hilly, so I'm tired lately, but I'll get used to it. We went into old Siena (?), or just proprio the city of Siena (where it's all old and darling), and we went to this one place where they do Polio. Do y'all know what that is? I had no idea what it was until I got here. But, I love it now. And, there are different parts of the city, and each part has their own team, and it's kinda religious (not religious literally, but it's like their life). And, I want to learn more, and pick a team for myself! Minus the fact that there are 17 teams, it reminds me of Harry Potter (just because of the different teams/colors/animals). I loooove it :)

Also, another request for if this birthday package will exist - two cd's, I would like! One is called "Nearer, A Collection of Hymns" and another is a band called "Lower Lights" - both you can find at Deseret, I've been told. They're lovely, I would die of happiness with these cds! :) 

Also, holy cannoli, I could just DIE! Sorella Bush... has a CD... an EFY CD... from 2012... IN ITALIAN! Oh mamma mia, it was lovely. Granted, the vocals are probably better on the English CD, but it was just all in Italian, and lovely, and I want it! She said we could try to burn a copy, but I don't think we can. She said she got it because in another area, she knew the main person guy in charge of EFY in Italy. Quindi, I dunno if y'all can get your hands on one of those (for any year, I don't care. 2011, 2012, 2013?!), but EFY music in Italian would make me utterly happy! :)

And then, let me just tell you a little bit of revelation that came to me, today. I have always always always struggled with the differences between Faith and Hope. I know they're two different things, and so on, but they're always talked ab out together in the scriptures, and they're just so close in meaning (secondo me), and it's always been hard for me to separate the two. Then, this morning (or was it yesterday?) I got it. Well, at least, it makes sense for me. Faith = actions. Hope = attitude. Ah! Life makes sense now! :) Hahaha. 

But, let me just tell you quickly. This branch is tiny. As in, there were 10 members in church on Sunday. It was weird at first, but each one of them is so wonderful, it doesn't even matter how small the branch is... it's soo great! :) Haha. Then, also we had  6 investigators in church! And, one of our investigating families has a daughter (18), and she brought a friend to church! Even more wonderful, she didn't even invite her friend... she asked if she could come, just because of how much her and her family have been talking about church! Wonderful! I'm super excited for the work here!

But, y'all are spectacular! I love y'all! Gotta go! Keep being wonderful!
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: Dad, in case you were wondering, I pulled out 40 euro the other day, then I bought something for 19,00 euro and something for 14,99 euro. Just in case you needed that. I don't use my card, a lot.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job and learning as much as you are teaching. Take your time and enjoy where you are. Love, Ellen@>---