Thursday, January 3, 2013

Capo d'Anno


So... so cute! Thanks for the pictures (of the Willis/Davis reunion, and the Krasno Christmas card!) - just tons of amounts of happiness from those pictures :)

Okay, so the random things to say today:
Luke has a twin in the Conference Liahona/Ensign (pg. 8) - except that kid has a bigger head than Luke. But still, the EXACT same rosy red cheeks :) Haha.

Also, I never, in my life, been shocked before... until now! Where was shocked twice in one week! I dunno what it is... but, Italian sockets just hate me, now. Haha. But, I'm all good:)

Oh, okay, and if anyone's wondering, the splinter is okay. I think it rubbed away, or something, because it's gone. Yay! :)

Also, dad/anyone, can you email me Mikal Fulp's home address? She emailed me, and I can't email her back, but I wanna write them! :)

Also also, so y'all should (next Christmas) eat pandoro/panetone in remembrance of me. It's kinda a Christmas staple, here. It's delish. I love it.

Harker's Island sounds wonderful! I forgot y'all were going! Che felice :) I sure hope you gave all my islanders my love, hugs and kisses from me! :)

Oh, John Frey.... remember how you gave me those pages of advice that someone gave to you (Keys To Staying Sane)? Well, the first thing they wrote was "2nd Nephi 2:33-36", and how it's super uplifting... the thing is, that scripture doesn' exist! I would love to know this super uplifting scripture, whatever they're referencing! Haha.

So, let me just tell you a bit of what's gone on, lately.

Oh, dad! So, there was this little carnival-ish thing in a nearby town that we were in, and there was a little stand that said, "Churros"! So, I was like, "oooh, everyone always talks about them, and I've never eaten them...", so I was looking around it, trying to figure out if I wanted to go over, then I saw a flag... an Argentine flag! So, basically, we totally went. We talked to the guy there for a bit - he was Italian, but his boss was from Argentina. But, we just talked a bit, and he might come to our English Class, but I just wanted to tell you about Argentina showing up in my mission :) It was fun.

Also, okay, so New Years Eve... Capo d'Anno, we had to be in our apartment by 7:00pm. ...and we couldn't leave the house New Years Day until 6pm! Almost indoors for 24 hours! Che crazy! Haha, but it's all good, we did some good cleaning/studying that day :) Then, we went outside, and there was no one outside... it was nothing for a good while. Then, it was about 8:00pm, and no one was out on the street, and doing casa made people angry, so we were deciding if we wanted to go back and do area book/phone calls, or stay out and try to find people. We decided to stay out, although there was no one on the street... then, after a good while of no success, we were on our way headed back to our apartment, after not finding anyone, we stopped and talked to a man, for a good 20 minutes! He has a family (loro sono in 4), and we got a return appointment! We were so surprised, because a) we were headed home, and then... miracle! b) It was really easy getting a return appointment with him, he was really open, and just said yes. Super miracle!

Also, the other day we were headed over to this park - we weren't sure why, cause a) it's cold outside, and no one's at the park, and b) because it was almost dark outside, which means really no one would be at the park! But, we just felt like we needed to go there. Then, when we were just at the crosswalk to get to the park, we were getting ready to cross, but a man and his son were crossing the street headed towards us, so, we kinda awkwardly waited for them to come to us... and we talked to them, and they're so cute! They were so nice, his son is 9 years old, and is the cutest kid in the world! And, we got a return appointment with them, also! I'm SO excited to teach them! They were so happy, and knew so many things that were right. He said something that made me SO happy, he said: "We need to thank God for everything, everything that we have is from him! And, we even have to thank him for the hard times, and the difficulties, because they help us grow." I wanted to hug him when he said that! Because, ALL of the Italian's say, "If there was a God, he wouldn' t allow so much suffering...". I'm so excited! :)

But, I gotta go!
Vi voglio bene! Love you all, be good!

Sorella Willis

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