Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now it's Christmastime :)

Ciao tutti! Merry Christmas! Hahaha, it's after Thanksgiving, so clearly it's Christmas time now! :) Have y'all gotten/decorated a Christmas tree yet? Pictures! Sorry I don't send a lot of pictures, but I just don't take a whole lot! We're only supposed to on p-day, so not a ton of pictures get taken. Ha. But, thanks for the pictures from Thanksgiving! And, mamma mia, Jher-bear came to Thanksgiving? Agh, how fun! And, wow, sorry I was a complete whiner in my last email! Thanksgiving day came and went, and I didn't worry much about it.

Oh, so about the Christmas tree, here in Italy there's a Holiday... the official start of Christmas is 8 Dec. I really dunno the exact meaning of that Holiday, but I just know school's out, and it's when Christmas time officialy has begun, and everyone puts up their Christmas trees on that day... and it's a big thing. We were invited to one of our less-actives for the setting up of the tree. Super exciting. Hope we can go! And, Courtney, you said Carla's getting married on that day? Ah, I'll keep her in my thoughts :) Oh Carla, love that girl :) Haha.

Okay, alcune (some) things I wanted to say!
So, I just realized that David Frey is in the MTC! But, he get to the MTC a while ago, so will he be in the field soon? Mamma mia, time flies! Speaking Armenian... pazzo! Have fun/good luck to Elder Frey!

Oh, I mentioned that I was giving a talk on Jacob's birthday (11th), and my favorite older gentleman came! "Beppe". He's the best. Except that he doesn't want to learn, or talk much about the gospel. He loves to chiachiarrare (? I think I spelled it right - it means chit chat). He loves to just talk to us, and he's super sweet, but he's super set in his religion. Managia (darn it)! Oh well.

Oh, and I had this really yummy food the other day... it's not Italian. It's called Kebap. It's super yummy and delish, but apparently it's not healthy (because the meat sits out all day... just hanging... I dunno exactly), and I think it's illegal in the U.S.? I've heard. But I loved it.

Um, okay, so everyone EVERYONE thinks we're Jehovah's Witnesses. It stinks. People usually do all that they can to avoid us at all costs. Ugh.

Oh, and about a Christmas package, unless it's something that I can't really buy here, you don't really need to send stuff. President told me that people send packages of candy and what-not that costs $10, or qualcosa (something), but with customs we would have to pay $40 (euro). So, only if they're things that I really can't buy here. And, I guess, the only thing I really need, that I said earlier, is music. Cds. EFY. MoTab. Christmas (church christmas). You know. Haha.

Oh! And, so this is the first time this happened to me! I haven't had anything really crazy happen to me in Collegno, yet, but the other day, we still had a little bit of time left to do some "finding", so we went to this one palazzo (apartment building) to knock doors, and we always start at the top. So, this one guy let us in, and we went up to that floor (10th), and he was there, waiting for us. And he said, "Y'all don't need to be doing this at this hour. It's too late. It's time for you to go.", and we resisted a bit, but he was super tall and kinda scary. And, it was kinda late - the time when people usually eat dinner. So, we started walking down the stairs... and he did, too! He walked with us down 5 flights of stairs before he stopped following us (to make sure we left the building, and didn't talk to anyone else)! Ma, dai (come on)! So, S.lla Mancuso said we definitaly have to go back to that building, because there's someone elect there! :) Ha.

We had Stake Conference last Sunday, and that was so good! One of our investigators came! He's so great. I wish he would pick a baptism date, though. Ugh. Haha.

What's going on at home, eh? I'll try to email y'all back ASAP! So, I was just thinking about Michelle Bajalia the other day, and I havn't talked to her in a good while... I don't even know if she knows I'm on a mission! So, if someone could tell her I said hello, and I love her! :) Ha.

Um... I'm trying to think of what else to say. We're talking to people, and setting up appointments, and teaching more and more! I feel like I can't speak a lick of Italian still, but when I look at where I was when I was in the MTC, I can see the improvement. So, I just need to take it easy on myself.

We're gonna set up our Christmas tree soon, so I'll send y'all a picture of that/us probably next week!
Jeez, time flies when you're on the internet. I wish I had enough time to write and respond to everything!
Kelsey Lyn Ross, hello! Grazie mille per the email! So wonderful :) Ha.

But, I need to write a letter to mission president. I looooove y'all! Be good! I will not whine to y'all for Christmas... sorry I did that for Thanksgiving! It's so great to hear all the things happening at home! :) Thanks for everything! Y'all are the best family in the whole whole wide wide world! :)

Sorry it's kinda short this week, but today was kinda crazy.
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis!

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