Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi! Okay, so much to write today!

Okay, first of all, I have a new companion! But, remember how I said, last week, it was Sorella Loffley (?)... it's not. President told us the wrong name on the phone the other day - I think he just got us mixed up with the other Sorelle in our district. My new companion is Sorella Mancuso! She was with me in the MTC - what?! Ha, she was in the older group who left after I was there for 3 weeks, but still. Basically, she's only one transfer ahead of me. Basically, we're probably the youngest companionship in the mission. I have two and she has three transfers. Mamma mia! But, it's great. She's spectacular, and talks to everyone, and loves to work - she's the perfect missionary! So, I'm gonna learn a lot this transfer, I'm sure!

Okay, alcune cose voglio dire (some things I wanna say). First, I hate the time change we had just recently. It gets dark, like night time dark, at 5:30pm. FIVE THIRTY! How can we do missionray work, when 3-4 hours of our day are filled with darkness? It stinks, but we just need to fill in that time with appointments! It's hard, here in Collegno, to get appointments. And then when we do, they don't always follow through. But, I guess that's not Collegno, that's just missionary life. It's rough. Ha, but we work through it!

Ah, managia (darn it)! so, I had a list of things I wanted to tell y'all, and they were written in my planner, and they were some things from last week, but that was last transfer... it's a new transfer now, and I have a new planner! So, half the things I wanted to say, I don't remember! Managia. Oh well. I'll try and use that thing called my brain. Haha. Well, I was just wondering how everyone was - Ashlee and John Paul? Lyndzie and Matt Alvarez? How are they all doing? Tell them I said hey! :)

Oh, and this is a special hello to all my EFY kids - I dunno if any of them read the blog, or whatevs, but I want them to know that I still love them, and miss them! And, for the my boys from On The Heart - what's going on with mission stuff? All of y'all can probably work on mission papers, with the age change, now! Ah! So, y'all (ALL of my EFY kids) I would love to hear from you guys!

So, it's Wednesday. It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Yesterday was the day usually where we prepped all the food for Thanksgiving, while listening to Christmas music... today, y'all head out to GoldHead... tomorrow is Thanksgiving... then Friday it becomes CHRISTMAS time! Basically, if I think about it - that I'm not there, in Florida, with my family, for the Holidays, doing our usual Holiday things - I almost start to cry. Like now. It's really hard for me to be away from y'all for the Holidays. I've never missed the Holidays with y'all! So, I just need to not think about home... at all! And, just work work work. I think that's the only thing that will keep my mind off of it. Ha. But, y'all take lots of pictures! Of camping, of Thanksgiving, of the Christmas tree, of everything and everyone!

Ma, grazie for the emails, babbo! That's so cute, Abby whispering away. Haha. She's probably grown so much. Both her and India. And, Tanner! Ah, my little babies!

Oh, okay, I remember something I wanted to say! Okay, so the package you want to send for Christmas. I dunno, it was really really stressed for us not to get packages, because it's just expensive and stressful and a hassle... I dunno. I really don't know what all has to happen, but if y'all really really want to send something, I would suggest talking to the Mission Office (do y'all have that information? Email mission president, or the mission office or something. I think you can find that info online, but if not, ask me, and I'll send it to you). I don't really need anything... okay scratch that, I do really need one thing. That's music! But, I dunno if I want cd's, or if y'all can put a zillion songs on a thumb drive, and that will work. There's an elder I talked to who said he has a bunch of songs on a thumb drive... I dunno how he listens to them - maybe through our little DVD player. Ma, I'll send that in a letter to y'all. But yes, if I can get stuff, just lots of good music - especially Christmas music! Mamma mia, if that can get here in a time, and we figure out if I should use a thumb drive or cds. Haha.

But, the missionary work, our investigators are good. We don't have many progressing, they're kinda just doing their own thing... it stinks. They love the gospel, and the LDM (libro di mormon), but I don't think they understand the importance of it all.

Um, I think that's all. I have boots and leggings. I wear all these weird things that I've never worn before. Hahaha. But, Italy is great! I love everyone here! We have a less active we try to go see, and she's so sweet, I love her. Her name is Vanessa, and she's 20. Her mom's not a member, but she comes to our English class every week, so we're tight with their family. And, we asked them if there was anything if we could do for the them the other day, and she said, "Yes! You can come to our house for dinner, the night before Christmas." We're not realy supposed to eat dinner - it's not in our schedule, cause Italian's eat such big lunches, we just eat lunch, work through dinner, and forse snack something when we come home for the evening - so, I dunno if we are techincally allowed to go there for dinner, but still, I'm just super happy that they invited us :) I love them.

Um, I think there's more that I wanted to say, but I'll have to look at my old planner for that. But I gotta go. Love you all! Vi voglio bene! Have a fun, happy, safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Sorella Willis

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