Thursday, November 8, 2012


Come é Novembre, gia (how is it already november)?! Where in the world does time go? Mamma mia!

Okay, boo that Obama won! Managia (dang it)! I'll pray for America for the next forever. Or, at least the next 4 years. How close was it? Babbo, thanks for the picture of the Jack-o-lantern, it was super cute. Made me think of something Elisabeth would design (la faccia - the face). Haha.

Funny- no, not funny fact. Remember how I asked for the choc. chip pumpkin cookie recipe? Yeah, they don't have canned pumpkin here. Super triste. Ha. We hadn't even thought about that. Of course, we could buy pumpkins, and cook those, but we just don't have the time for that. So, we made choc., choc. chip, zucchini muffins - like zucchini bread, but chocolate-y and muffin-y (Sorella Eaton makes them all the time, they're  yum). We've made a batch almost every week, now. Haha. And, oh my, yesterday we dropped them off at my favorite two old men! Remember my favorite two old men (fruit tree and saxophone house)? Yeah, I love them. We made some muffins, and dropped them off at the two houses, and invited them to come to my talk on Sunday! And, one of them said that he very very well may come! He said he tried to come to the Halloween party, but he couldn't find the church. He said he isn't promising anything, but that he may very well come - he said something like, '...I don't promise anything, but now I'm interested.'... tipo, in the church! In our meetings! I'm so excited. He's a doll.

Okay, ma, okay! Last Thursday we did a blitz! Not a scambio (I can't even think of the word in English, but when missionaries switch companions, and go to each others cities - trade off? Non lo so), but instead of going to each other's cities, we were all 4 in 1 city - Torino! In the city of the other sorelle. It was so much fun. a) I was with Sorella Santoro - she's Italian. Super spectacular. Also... we were on bikes! It was so much fun! Ah, I loved it. I hope I go to a bike area later in my mission. Oh, and I talked to one of the YW in their ward (we stopped by the church), and turns out, she has a friend... in Florida... in Jacksonville! (and, she's not a member of the church). Mariella Aguilara-Baca - okay, y'all go find her, now :) Haha. But, not, blitz was super fun.

Last week we taught our/my favorite, Isaac! He's so super. He's had most of the lessons. Okay, he's had basically all the lessons. We taught him Tithing/Fasting this past week. He's a baller, he's so great. He said he wants to get baptized, but there's ONE thing in his life he wants to fix, first. Ah! He's going to fast this week for a date to be baptized. Because, he's had a date before, and didn't follow through. And, he hasn't committed to a date, since. He knows it's important, but I guess there's something he has to do, first. Pray for Isaac! He's so fun, he speaks French (he's not Italian, I think French is his first language - he speaks English and Spanish, too), and he was trying to teach us some French the other day. Elisabeth & Jacob, he reminds me of Jher-bear. Ha, not really, maybe just the French part, I guess. I dunno.

Oh, and the other day we had our last normal district meeting for this transfer. Ah! Dude, missions are hard. I don't want my district to change :( I love district meeting, it's like being with my brothers! I'll send a picture! They're fun :)

Oh, and let me just say, I love the Raimondi family! They're this wonderful little family, the mom is less-active, so we visit her about once a week. She's spectacular, she's so fun/funny. And, something that Sorella Eaton pointed out, that I think is giusto (right), is that I speak best with Sorella Raimondi. I dunno why, but I'm most comfortable around her. She's like my mom, here. Besides those things, that's about it. Forse. I dunno what to say for a Christmas package. I don't really need anything. Or, that I can think of right now.

Oh, and I'm opening my mouth, more! Yay! Not tons, I'm not perfect, but I'm improving. Both me and my companion. Yay!

Grazie per being the super best famiglia, ever! I love y'all!
Jacob, Happy Birthday on Sunday! I won't be able to email on Sunday, so here it is, a bit early :)

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

PS: I'm preparing my talk for Sunday on a General Conference talk... 'What Thinks Christ if Me?'. Boom, killer talk. It's spectacular!Y'all check it out :)

Me and my companion, Sorella Eaton, and the Mission President and his wife, Pres. and Sorella Wolfgramm. They're spectacular, I love them.

At the top of the tower I talked about (last email, it's a film museum in Torino). Con mi collega and Sorella Hoppe (I was in the MTC with her I looove her!) and her companion (whose name I always forget, but she's Italian).

My district :) they're so fun, I love them!! 

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