Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a quick hello!

Okay, oggi, veramente, I don't have a lot of time. Ma, I must say, thanks for the letters and the emails!

Seriously. Okay, I got your letter yesterday, 13 Nov., so I guess it takes about 2 weeks to get here?
a) I can't believe I've been here 6 weeks - a transfer already! 
b) companion/TRAINER is getting transferred! Che triste. 
Okay, usually the trainer is with the trainee for 12 weeks - 2 transfers. But, nope. So, basically I'm super nervous, and kinda excited. But mostly nervous. Cause, my new companion (S.lla Loffly ?) will obviously be the Sr. Comp, but I have the responsibility of knowing the city, the bus stops, the streets, the members, the investigators... everything! Super nervous. But, I know this is what I need to help me step it up. Obviously, it's what I need - the Mission Pres. does what he's directed to do by the spirit, but what I mean is, I think I can understand, at least a little bit, of how this change will help me already. 
Ma, devo andare, veramente (I really gotta go), today is crazy, since Sorella Eaton's leaving tomorrow. 
I will write much more un altro giorno (another day). Ma, mamma mia, the photo y'all sent... KALEB'S AS TALL AS COURTNEY! What in the world? Y'all are wonderful. Keep being wonderful :)
I feel terrible that I can't write more, but I gotta go.
Vi voglio bene! Ciao!

- Sorella Willis

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