Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ciao tutti! Happy Halloween!

Okay, so this week has been kinda slow, so I'll try to answer questions/what not.

Okay, here's what Italy's like. It's adorbs. Haha. I'm pretty used to it, now. I know my way around our city, pretty well. But, our area is more than just our city... so, I don't have it all down, yet. Haha. We take the bus, a lot. A volte (sometimes) we take the metro. And, when we need to get to Milan or somewhere far we take the train. Basically, all these modes of transportation that I've never/rarely ever used in my life. It's fun.

The food is delicious! Not how I thought it would be, but so good. It's all just very simple. We eat bread all the time. There's a little bakery/shop below our apartment, and every evening/morning/whenever we stop by, they give us bread/left overs, for free! So... I'm eating lots of bread. Haha. But, I'm also walking a lot, and my clothes still fit fine, so I think I'm good where that's concerned! Haha. Typical Italian meal (what I've been able to see): main course (pasta, a lot of the time), then vegetables and some type of meat, then breads and cheeses and meats (but, really, you eat bread throughout the whole meal.), then fruit, then a volte dessert. It's yummy :)

What other questions were there? It's gotten super cold, lately. I haven't bought any boots or thick legging type things yet, so we're doing that today. I need to. Every time I go to church, or we go visit someone, they always mention my legs, how they must be freezing, how I haven't bought those things yet. It's funny. Yesterday a member of the bishopric just looked a me, looked down at my legs, then back up a me. Didn't even say a word. Ha, but he's hilarious, anyway. He speaks Italian with a silly accent, a volte. Like, an american with a thick country accent. He's so funny.

Last p-day we went to this high tower (I can't remember it's name), but you can see a bunch of Torino at the top, and there's a film museum inside. We went there, and went to the top. It was so nice. I'll attach some pictures, today. I honestly haven't taken that many pictures since I've been here.

Oh, okay. Hold on. Aaron Moss, did you serve with an Elder Raimondi? Stefano Raimondi? He served in Provo, not long ago. He's our ward mission leader! He showed us these little bookmark things that were Disney, but related to the gospel, and at the top was Elder Moss and another Elder. He said he was from Florida, and I think he even said Jacksonville. Crazy!

I'm trying to think of crazy awesome things that happened this week. We had the ward halloween party, and that was fun. Lots of people came, lots of less actives/non-members! We had a couple people/families from our English Class come, and they loooved it! They wanted to make a donation to the church! It was fun, there was a timed pumpkin carving contest - so fun! Oh, and the other day we were doing palazzi (knocking doors), and we got to this one door, and I asked a question, and she answered, and was super super sweet, and we talked to her for a good bit. She said she was Catholic, but she didn't try to send us away or anything (as many people do), she just stood and talked to us for a good bit about religion, Christ, scriptures, etc. In the end we gave her a LDM, and she was legitimately grateful for it, and hugged us, and we had a prayer with her, and it was wonderful. We didn't ask for a return appointment, I don't know why. But, she has our number/the church address, and we told her we would stop by another time, and she said sure. But, nothing specific. Ma, what's done is done. We can't go back in time and make a return appointment. We'll just have to stop by, soon! :)

Well, I need to go write my letter to Pres. The language is coming along, better. I still struggle with tenses/conjugations, ma I'm doing better.

Jacob, I'm giving a talk on your birthday! Wish me luck! :) Haha.
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

PS: I dunno if it's because I'm a missionary, or because this is Italy, or because it's me, but people give me stuff. All the time (members/meno-attivi). I've gotten a scarf, 2 jackets, a coat, a sweater (that she made), and a little bag (that she made). And, I think there's something more, but I can't think of it. Ha. I must look cold and homely (?), or something!
PPS: Here's what's up. There's emails that I haven't responded to, I know, but I can't remember which ones I haven't responded to. I want to talk to everyone, and respond to everyone, but it's hard when I only have so much time of the computer to read and write everyone. Hand written letters would make things easier! It's more expensive, so maybe not a ton, but I'd be able to respond better. ...also, I haven't gotten any mail since I've been in Italy. I'm just saying. Haha, I'm not bothered by it, cause I always have emails, but it's harder to manage my emails/email time, and I can never get it all done.

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